How to give permission to access phone Addressbook in ios 10.0?

: This app has crashed because it attempted to access privacy-sensitive data without a usage description. The app's Info.plist must contain an NSContactsUsageDescription key with a string value explaining to the user how the app uses this data.I added

How to simulate a blocking send() using WSASend() and IOCP?

:Edit:This question is not necessary, as the WSASend() function can inherently be used in a blocking mode, even if the socket has the overlapped attribute and is associated with a completion port. To use it in a blocking mode: just don't supply an overla

Usage of Parallel.For

:How can I make the code below parallel, without locksList l = new List(); foreach (var item in sourceCollection){ L.Add(Process(item));}I prefer answers for c# 3.5, but 4.0 will be also ok 1:Here's an example of taking a sequence of numbers

AS3 Smooth Jumping

:I would like to know how to make a smooth jump in my game. Its a 2D game and the code is really simple but I would want to know how to make it better for it to slow down when it gets to the max height and then smooth drop. This is all I have for jumping:

SQL Server cast varchar to int

:I have a table that has a column 'Value' that is a varchar. One row puts a '10' in this column. This "number" will need to be added and substracted to, but I can do so directly b/c its a varchar.So, the following gives an error:update Fields set

Stucture values not staying, values changed to -858993460

:I'm clearly doing something wrong or forgetting something. I have defined a structure in a header file with four variables. I then assign values to those variables in a function located in a different .cpp then I try and take the new values from the str

Why am I getting this error ? “unresolved external symbol” [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: What is an undefined reference/unresolved external symbol error and how do I fix it? 30 answers This is the error I have been getti

Endorsement Epson TM-h6000IV Java Printing

:I need to print to an Epson Endorsement TM-h6000iv printer (usb version) with Java. However, I read the manual without hope to find sth can help. I change in printer preferences without hope also! I try with this code of java which TextPrinter class in j

How to define string parameters in C++ header file - Bridged with Swift?

:I have a Xcode project with Swift and C++ (with bridging header), and I am trying to create a function in C++ with 2 string parameters, and returning an array of integers back to Swift:.cpp file:int* example(string one, string two){ int test[3] = {7,2

How to find a specific value after a specific word in Java?

:I got a text from a BufferedReader and I need to get a specific value in a specific string.This is the text: aimtolerance = 1024; model = Araarrow; name = Bow and Arrows; range = 450; reloadtime = 3; soundhitclass = arrow; type = Bal

Threads inside a qt class

:I have this class inside a qt application that has some data defined:class TableView:public QWidget { Q_OBJECT public:TableView (QWidget * parent = 0); std::vector arr;and some class functions and so on.. Now I want to add a socket server i

Find the length of the longest increasing subsequence using only one auxiliary recursion function

:I need to find the length of the longest monotonically increasing subsequence using only a single recursion function.For example given an arr={45 1 21 3 33 6 53 9 18} it need to give back 5. I have started to write the code but i'm stuck, and i don't k

Create square 1:1 thumbnail in PHP

:How can I set this code to return images in 1:1 (square)?The purpose is to create a square (non stretched) thumbnail.I've tried making changes in the 'if section'. I get a square image but stretched. I want it to be cropped.define('THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_M

Iteral fibonacci java code returns 0 when fibonacci sequence > 2

:the code below interates from Fibonacci 0 to 100. However after the Fibonacci number reaches 2 and moves on to 3, the resulting numbers are 0. when they should be 3, 5, 8 etc. by everything I see it should work and I am not sure why.However you will noti

EditText in Google Android

:I want to create the EditText which allow Numeric Values, Comma and Delete and other values are ignore.So How I can achieve this by programming code ?Thanks. 1:I achieved same thing using follwing code, hope you will also find help from it.editText.a

Extended TYPE_NAME function that includes datalength

:I'm thinking of creating a function of the format FULL_TYPE_NAME(type_id, max_length)that returns both the datatype and length in string format eg.:FULL_TYPE_NAME (231,-1) would return:nvarchar(max)Before I do this I wanted to check if tsql already has

When does conversion between unsigned and signed character pointer becomes unsafe in C?

:If I do this in both clang and Visual Studio: unsigned char *a = 0; char * b = 0; char x = '3'; a = & x; b = (unsigned char*) a;I get the warning that I am trying to convert between signed and unsigned character pointer but the code sure works. Th

Solving linear eqn by efficient-java-matrix-library

:I am using the following library for solving linear equation . The link of that library is as follows : efficient-java-matrix-libraryI have downloaded the library file and imported in the eclipse . Then I have written the following code to solve a set o

EntityManager remove throws Object: null is not a known entity type

:I am trying to delete a record in the database using EntityManager. I am using EJB JPA.It produces the error : Object: null is not a known entity type.Here is my code:public void deleteAppointment(int staffID, int appointmentID) { try { StaffAp

PyGTK TreeColumns all exact duplicates

:I wrote a simple PyGTK script to show some basic process information in a TreeView:import gtkimport osimport pwdimport grpclass ProcParser: """ Parses the status file of a particular process """ def __init__(self, fname):

How to remove item in JTable also remove from Database?

:I am pretty basic to link from Java to Database.I link item from Database (I use MS.Access) to Java table (JTable)but when I delete in JTable using this codeint numRows = tblweng.getSelectedRows().length;for(int i=0; i

JTable only displaying 1 row

:I am trying to display part of a resultset in a JTable (Two columns), I can only manage to see one row.The JTable is in an existing GUI and the resultset is passed to a method in the GUI class.When I do a Vector size() it is returning one.This is telling

How to add/remove some filters to graph at runtime?

:I want to add Compressor, Avi Muxer, and File Writer to my graph, at runtime.I`ve added an InfTee to my graph like this: IBaseFilter sourceTee = (IBaseFilter)new InfTee(); graphBuilder.AddFilter(sourceTee, "Infinite Tee");

How to build \\external\\mmc-util\\ and execute it in Android?

:I have a RK3288 SOC platform and its all AOSP source code(Andorid SDK, NDK, Linux kernel, U-boot).There is \external\mmc-util\mmc.c in AOSP.That seems to use ioctl function to test eMMC device by different eMMC commandI want to build and execute it in

How do I implement this generic Java interface with a Clojure record?

:I'm trying to implement org.joda.time.ReadableInstant. It inherits from a generic interface, but apparently that shouldn't matter. The interface is:public interface ReadableInstant extends Comparable { long getMillis(); Chronolog

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