mod redirect and rewrites ( Part 2 )

:Further to my previous questions i am getting my self into a mess, so i will try and lay my problem/s out as best as i can here.I am tidying up my URL structure but have the problem that my urls are well indexed in Search engines, so i need to rewrite my

Top of Page Slightly Cutoff When Using Hashtag/Anchor Links (FF Only)

:This is part 2 of this question: Hash(#) Link Causes Content To Jump - Why?.The root issue is actually something that's only occurring in FireFox (my apologies for not bringing this up in the original question). When I put together the Fiddle, I thought

Loading indicator with dojo XHR requests

:I only recently started using dojo and I am doing numerous ajax calls using dojo xhrGet, xhrPost,..etc. Now I have an animated gif image which i want to use to indicate "loading" to the user. I am not too sure how this can be done. Can someone please a

How to add data to the solr's schema

:I try to add new data to the solandra according to the solr's schema but I can't find any example about this. My ultimate goal is to integrate solandra with django-solr. What I understand about the insert and updating in the solr based on the original

How to get a field of a foreign key Model appear in a Django-Serializer?

:I am building a Django application that exposes a REST API by which users can query 2 of my application's models. I'm following the instructions here.My two models are:The Django User model from django.contrib.authThe model shown below.class Profile(mo

Getting wrong PDF page on 64-bit iOS device only

:I have an iOS app that only has a problem on 64 devices. The function where the problem is, is here:- (NSMutableData *)getPage:(NSInteger)pageNumber{ NSLog(@"%ld",(long)pageNumber); CGPDFDocumentRef SourcePDFDocument = CGPDFDocumentCreateWithURL(

WAMP: Cannot Connect To Localhost

:I'm just stuck on one little thing here but here is what I've done so far using websites and video tutorials (Note: I'm Running on Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge as a browser for WAMP).Disabled SkypeI went into the little WAMP menu/apache/httpd.c

Replacing HTML within an iframe jquery

:I have an iframed page and I'm trying to replace the only within the iframe so that it links to a specific urlHere's my code:$("#custom-iframe").contents().find("p").replaceWith("blah blah blah.");W

Unwanted backslash added to file saved by java method

:In my spring project, one of my service classes has this method to save a file named in disk:public void create_properties(String maquina, String usuario, String senha) { System.out.println("create_properties"); Properties pro

Auto adjust background image using css

:I have the following code for uploading background image.The script I'm using is:function readURL(input) { if (input.files && input.files[0]) { var reader = new FileReader();

HTTP post with image and data

:I am using apache HTTP Client for callin rest endpoints.I want to call a POST request with image and some more form data as parameters. I can do them separately with to requests like first for the form data and the other for the image alone.Is there any

GWT/GAE(Java): when combined with GAE, app.yaml / web.xml user authentication and login/logout not r

:I'm writing a web app using GWT and GAE (Java). I know GAE pretty well, especially the Python version; I'm new to GWT and the Java version of GAE.I tried to set up my app so that the user had to be logged in to access; from app.yaml.application: myapp

Django: Migrating from MEDIA_URL to STATIC_URL

:Since Django 1.3 the concept of STATIC_URL has been introduced to separate use media files from css and js files.I have set my STATIC_ROOT = '/home/user/project/static/' and STATIC_URL = '/static/'.In my base.html, i have changed the path like this:<

Creating an ActionLink and MapRoute that there is a constant name in it

:In my MVC 5 (C#) project I want to create some links by @Html.ActionLink or every you know is better like: /Tags/Linq /Tags/SqlServer /Tags/MVCThat Tags is constant name and after that in the URL is tag name.For example like ScottGu's Blo

Issue trying to use PhantomJS to process a web page

:I'm trying to make a crawler for SEO purposes, and I can't seem to get PhantomJS to at least download this particular page: I use cURL it works fine (but obviously doesn't process the javascript):✓ 1344:0 /cherryte

Case Insensitive URLs for wso2 Request URL

:I created an api with context MyStudents in wso2 publisher. So the Request URL is MyStudents/v1. When I publish this api, I have resource /Students/{name}. In the wso2 store, when I try out the feature, the URL is

How to set targeted Modules for specific URL in AppEngine + Java

:In Backends base app engine project(Java) i was doing Queue queue = QueueFactory.getQueue("userou-queue");TaskOptions objTskOptions = TaskOptions.Builder.withUrl("/backendsURL/").countdownMillis(2000).header("Host", BackendServiceFactory.getBackend

image to base64 conversion

:I want to convert a images to base64 format for my chrome extension.CODE:var img_src = $('#elementId').attr('src');converImgToBase64(img_src)function convertImgToBase64(url){ var canvas = document.createElement('CANVAS'); ctx = canvas.getCont

Googlebot vs “Google Plus +1 Share Button bot”?

:Site SetupI have a fully client-side one page webapp that is dynamically updated and routed on the client side. I redirect any #! requests to a headless server that renders the request with javascript executed and returns the final html to the bot. The h

jQuery UI Sortable with Laravel will not submit

:After a lot of trial and error I finally got a sortable list to allow you to drag and drop to resort, but I cannot get the list to save.My guess is that it is an issue with the JS portion of the code, because from what it looks like, the controller never

date format and converting that date to JodaTime

:I want to use date as a parameter with a url call in the following format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.When i checked java Date it is in how can i do that in java ? or i have to give time manually using the below code?public static long start_date=20140423101010L;the

Start/Stop methods for embeded Windows Media Player via VBScript

:I have following code working fine.

Displaying DIV inside a Canvas clipping path

:I have a DIV container that I want to place inside a Canvas element, how do I set the clipping path of the #canvasContents to the Canvas shape?

Media Queries to load resource?

:I am wanting to break apart my rather large CSS file into separate, specialised, stylesheets - one for mobile, tablet and desktop. The purpose being I want to reduce the amount of data being downloaded on mobile (why download 600kb css file containing mo

How to embed a link in a Facebook post through the Graph API

:I want to post in behalf of the user a message that contains a link to another Facebook page. Something that is easily achievable through Facebook interface by choosing an autocompleted name of the page:I use Ruby with the koala gem. I tried to do someth

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