Add to an uploaded images table the choice of dele

Question:I have a page where I can upload some images, see the list of images loaded in a table. I want to add the chance to delete one of the images in the list from the server. I tried but something in this code is not working. Any help?

Android how to write the query with a proper proje

Question:I have a sqlite table called TermTable with id, selected, term and type columns:static final String TermTable = "Terms";static final String ID = "id";static final String Selected = "selected";static final String Term = "term";static final

Cannot figure out Seg Fault, lots of detail provided

:I asked this question about a half hour ago, but the code had typos and I wasn't being very clear, so I've deleted and I'm trying again with a better format.I'm getting a Segmentation Fault in my code, the problem seems to be at the function call if(

How to insert a new field into a table which related to another table?

:I have two tables in MS Access 2013. There are some conditions:1. Part can only be withdrawn after serviced.2. After certain time, part will be returned for service again.3. Part can be recycled.tblService:(ID is the primary key)ID PART_ID SERV_DATE1

Processing a Warc File using Logstash, ElasticSearch, and Kibana

:I would like to parse a WARC file using LogStash. I want to feed the input to ElasticSearch, so that I can visualize it using Kibana. I have tried this:input { file { path => "/tmp/access_log" start_position => "beginning" }}filter { if [pat

How to read editor text before cursor position to match specific words?

:I am trying to detect when the cursor has moved somewhere immediately after a specific strings ... I can do it only for I have one string , But when I have more than one I cant't matched ... If I have one string like : "color:" then the code to match

jQuery Show/Hide nested divs

:I have awkward problem I cannot resolve.I have a nested divs, which I want to show / hide when user clicks on a link. All divs at once. I cannot assign ID's to my divs, so I will need to do it wiht classes.Show more

Read fields from text file and store them in a structure

:I am trying to read a file that looks as follows:Data Sampling Rate: 256 Hz*************************Channels in EDF Files:**********************Channel 1: FP1-F7Channel 2: F7-T7Channel 3: T7-P7Channel 4: P7-O1File Name: chb01_02.edfFile Start Time: 12:42

Get list of top friends for facebook app

:I am Creating A facebook that Retrieves 10 Random friends.But I need some code to Retrieve Top friends using comment and like ativity.I used Following code but i get below errorInvalid argument supplied for foreach() below is the code i tried so far.$sta

Bound Drop Down List changes to first item in list

:I have two drop down list on a page. The first one list projects and the second list users. The userlist is populated with an object datasourse that pulls a list of users for the selected Project.Whenever the Project list selection changes the second d

How can I concatinate a ng-model value with a value from a ng-repeat

:I want to loop through an array of objects that I receive from a REST service and create a dynamic form using the ng-repeat directive. This is my form with a rating directive (taken for the UI Bootstrap library)

Coffescript Callbacks & Functions

:I have this function and I am trying to use two large functions made up of smaller ones and one while loops. One for when it's the players turn, one when it's the opponent's turn, and a while loop when the player has won. When I run it in the browser,

Android ListView how to populate with dynamic information retrieved from a google spreadsheet

:I'm working on an android app that takes information from a google spreadsheet and puts in on a list view. However, I'm unable to come up with a solution for this.Any help would greatly be appreciated.For spreadsheet integration I use the Google Sheets

Change div's height and set absolute position break Bootstrap responsiveness

:Bootstrap 3.x framework and jQuery 2.x library are been used.I have four divs in three different rows. I am using jQuery to change the div height when mouse hover. Use of z-index and absolute position break Bootstrap responsivness.Using z-index and absol

Android: scrollview and recyclerview

:I want to make an app that will list the books of every Writer.The screen has two cardview: The first one with information about the writer and it will have always the same height. The second one will have the list of his books. I want the second card to

Shared Preferences not working for storing/receiving data

:Here I have a block of code that sends information from the current activity to another one: @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.tutorial); pre

how to store value returned by a business service in a variable in spring web flow?

:Situation : I am developing a spring mvc web flow app , in that i have two tables customer and customerAdress and two corresponding models : customerModel and customerAdressModel , now following is my flow.xml :

Restore webview scroll position?

:I want to save the state of my webView with its page scroll position when user leaves the app and restore them when user opens the app again. So that, user can continue reading the restored webview content scrolled down to the restored position.Here are

Positioning elements within a page in Drupal 7

:I've got a set of divs in my page with some images inside of them. I would like them to be arranged horizontally instead of vertically ie: X X X X X X X X X XInstead of XXX...XI've tried using the float, position:absolute properties but when using them

groovy inside ant: how to access refids from grooy that are defined by ant tags

:I'm using a groovy code snippet in an ant build file. Inside the groovy code I'm trying to reference a fileset that has been defined outside of the groovy part, like this:

Access to many-to-many relation in array format, symfony2

:in symfony we can access many-to-many relations with getter functions which return objects of ArrayCollection type.for example for getting Alex's students we can call $alex->getStudens(), then i have access to ale's studens object. now my question is h

ZF2 - Doctrine ORM, Simple Table Join

:I am currently learning how to use Doctrine ORM with ZF2 and currently my goal is to retrieve data from a simple table join and display it to screen.I have read the documents and it looks pretty simple to do. These are my tables:user---------------------

How to translate this SQL Query to DQL?

:I have a lot of difficulties in trying to translate this SQL query to a DQL one (I am using Symfony2). SELECT d.* FROM Document d JOIN DocumentType dt ON = d.document_type_id WHERE (d.dateFinal - INTERVAL dt.renewal SECOND) > NOW();"Thanks a

Do you know why it appears “Property [registrationType] does not exist on this collection instance”?

:Do you know why the " @if ($nextRegistration->participants->registration_type->contains('certificate_available', 'Y')) [ " shows "Property [registrationType] does not exist on this collection instance"?I want to show for each registration a link

JavaScript: flatten an array without using reduce library

:I have a nested array named $scope.instruments, its contents are:collapsed:expanded:I also have an object:This object contains 2 arrays: AttributeID and SPAttributeRefID.Currently I am flattening the $scope.instruments array using reduce function:$scope.

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