How to use the keyword arguments in Flask-RESTless

Me and a buddy have been reading through the docs for Flask-RESTless and it says: The arguments to the preprocessor and postprocessor functions will be provided as keyword arguments, so you should always add **kw as the final argument when

WGET ignoring --content-disposition?

I am trying to run a command to download 3000 files in parallel. I am using Cygwin + Windows. Downloading a single file via WGET in terminal : wget --no-check-certificate --content-disposition --load-cookies cookies.txt \ -p https://usernam

Spring factory-method=“aspectOf” is not working when we deploy the application from RAD

We are using AspectJ with Spring support. I have declared my aspect in my ApplicationContext.xml as below.

Django ManyToManyField error object has no attribute 'location_set'

This seems like a really trivial question, but it is killing me.models.pyclass Location(models.Model): place = models.CharField(Location, max_length=30) [...]class Person(models.Model): first = models.CharField(First Name, max_leng

How to scale a particular point in a video in QML?

I am using Video QML type to show a recorded video. want to implement zoom feature there such that the user clicks on an area of the video display area, then that point becomes the center o

Posting a list of view models in a model in ASP.NET MVC 4

So I am trying to post a view with a model that contains a list of models, but when posting, only the first model in the list of models show their Id. I am using the editorFor to show my models through the editor template. Notice in the tem

Replace Entity Framework object

In MVC app, I am having this big object that is used in classic view/edit/create pattern.When user edits the object I save it as: public bool SetMyObject(MyObject newObject) { MyObject current = GetObjectById(newObject.Id); current

Change height of an iframe on hover?

How do i change the height of an iFrame, on hover, using jQuery? I've tried this: My i

Processing certain form elements to build objects

All,I have a section of a form where the user can add elements dynamically. They are able to add rows containing 3 input fields at a time. Note that I am not binding these dynamic elements to the model - I will handle in the HTTP POST proce

How can I center a button inside a div vertically

I want to display a button centered inside a div. I did it with the following:transformation:translateY(25%);but this is is not allowed for older version of browsers. This is the follwing CSS code for the div and the button:#buttonSwap.swap

Hibernate. Foreign key mapping by id

I want to create @ManyToOne mapping between Acount and Record. One account can have a lot of records. But i don't want to add Account field in Record class or vice versa. Could you please help me to describe this in annotations?@Entitypubli

Click event from Adapter to Activity or Fragment in Android

I have customized expandable list view showing in Navigation Drawer. I have a click listener in Adapter I would like to send click event from adapter to my activity or fragment.Is this possible if so how do I go about doing it?Here is a sni

Request and session in Servlet

I have very simple question with request and session in web. When I requested a same page page for multiple time from same browser with different tabs or through new window, session ID and session creation time was same.This I have done fr

Prepend/Append don't Work (Opera, Safari, Chrome)

Comarades,I tried using the append and prepend (), but none of the controls work. Could anyone help me? In Internet Explorer and Firefox works.The Code:

Menu items doesn't show up on the actionbar using Android Studio 1.4

The previous stackoverflow questions on this exact title are old.Android Studio 1.4API Level've created an empty activity and added the following menu.

Getting Restkit tutorial code to work

I am relatively new to development on iOS and trying to get familiarized with RestKit, so bear with me if I am missing something obvious.We are developing an iOS 5 application that will receive and map JSON to objects (ARC is enabled, if it

Angular: Dependency Injection with prototypal inheritance

According to Todd Motto's styleguide, Controllers chapter: Inheritance: Use prototypal inheritance when extending controller classesI try to implement it in my controllers:function BaseController(){ 'use strict'; this._path = '';

Limiting the number of categories on facets in a facet plot

I'm making a facet_grid plot using the following approach:sample <- read.csv('sample.csv')ggplot(sample, aes(category, count)) + geom_bar() + facet_grid(. ~ parent_id)My data is structured in the following way:id,parent_id, category, count1

NumberPicker with negative and possitive values [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to create a negative NumberPicker 4 answers I am trying to use a set of numbers for my NumberPicker that

Generate a dynamic ul li List from DB

I don't arrived to create a dynamic Menu from a DB>

Grabbing the list item TextView value when ContextMenu is opened

On a ListView single/short click, I can do this:protected void onListItemClick(ListView listView, View v, int position, long id) { tvInt = reviews.get(position);}How would I do this for a ContextMenu? My ListView simply contains a

SET_NLS fails over Oracle

I try to execute the follwing statement from a c# program with ODP.NET:string sql = BEGIN dbms_session.set_nls('NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS','''.,'''); END;; using (OracleConnection connection = new OracleConnection(Data Source=db;User Id

How to make a small image move from one side of the screen to the other with js or jquery?

I have a small animated plane which has the sign that says Welcome to the site and I want it to move in a loop from left screen to the right. Just come out, then disappear. Now, I know this can been done with JS, but I have no idea. Is it

WordPress child nav a:current styling

I'm currently working on a site for a client - It is all working fine but within the navigation I have setup of for the child links using the following code

Do not unselect rows when clicking on another rows in Primefaces datatable

I'm working with Primefaces 3.5 Data Table. The table is with multiselection mode enabled. Basically, the table is the same as the last one from [this showcase][1]. So the table is defined like this

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