Jenkins getting test results from docker slave

Question:We have a jenkins setup with docker slaves, but somehow not all artifacts are available from within jenkins. Our setup:Jenkins Master running on a single VM multiple Docker hosts setup on different VM'sWe are using php-template Docker containers

RTSP stream will not play with VideoView; No conte

Question:I want to open RTSP link in my android application. I used video view for it but when I run the application I receive the error "no content provider". I've read the mass of threads and tuturials but nowhere can I find the answer why. Everythin

How to query row with lowest value, and also to kn

Question:Consider these two queries:SELECT *, 'b' AS b FROM someTable ORDER BY a ASC LIMIT 1;SELECT *, MAX(a) AS maxA FROM someTable ORDER BY a ASC LIMIT 1;The former query returns the row with the lowest value of a, as expected. The latter query

Any refinerycms compatibale version with devise &#

Question:Guys i'm not an expert just a beginner i'm working on a rails project(rails 3.2.8) i want to integrate refinery with this existing project but the problem is when i writegem 'refinerycms', '~> 2.0.8' and run bundle update it gives an error

Different behavior between ref and pointer

:This is just an oddity I ran into and can't quite understand what's main(){ int i{ 5 }; void* v = &i; int* t = reinterpret_cast(v); int u = reinterpret_cast(v); int i2 = *t;}t is correctly 5 and u is garbage.Wha

Java: wait for thread result without blocking UI?

:Let me post some code before I ask question. public Object returnSomeResult() { Object o = new Object(); Thread thread = new Thread(this); thread.start(); return o;}public void run() { // Modify o.}So, the method returnSomeResult is called

Can I get Open Graph page with feed from the API

:What I am trying to do is programmatically create a yammer page based on other website URL (Open Graph Page) and feed information to that OG page. Which I have found out how to do. But now I want to retrieve the OG page feed programatically, is that poss

Running a Java program that connects to a localhost database on a different computer

:I've connected my really basic Java application to the Wamp server on my computer using the following codetry { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:mysq

Concatenated Text in TextBlock DataTrigger

:I try to work with a concatenated text in the setter of a textblock.textblock looks like that: