Netty 4 : Configure client certificates in SslContextBuilder

:I have a p12 format client ssl certificates.How can I configure it in Netty in SslContextBuilder class? 1:Convert the .p12 to a Java Keystore.When starting your application, make sure you set the following system properties with the path to your Java

try catch for Scanner

:I am using Scanner to get user input. If the user inputs a name, I add that to the ArrayList. If the user does not enter a name then I want to throw an exception, but I want to continue the loop that gets the answer. for(int i = 0; i < totalLanes; i++){

How to analyze a string in java to make sure that it has both letters and numbers? [closed]

:I need to analyze a string in JAVA to find out if it has both letters and numbers. So this is what I have so far.The variable pass is a String of maximum 8 characters/numbers that is inputted by the user. if(pass.matches("[^A-Za-z0-9]")){System.out.pri

How to fix WCF error: Request for the permission of type 'System.Security.Permissions.Environme

:I am hosting a netTcpBinding WCF server in a Windows service. I am able to successfully connect to its remote calls via my own client without issue, so I know that it works well.However, I generate the exception Request for the permission of type 'Syste

C# application not running on startup

:I can't for the life of me figure this one out. I have created a fairly large C# application that basically runs a bunch of separate components and reboots the machine periodically. The idea of this application is basically to automate a process that we

UpdatePanel Timer causes all panels to update

:I have an ASP.NET web form with several UpdatePanels and I would like to have a timer that triggers only one of these UpdatePanels to update. I then want a separate UpdatePanel to update on the OnSelectedIndexChanged event of a DropDownList. The code I h

StackOverflowException serializing STE EF object graph

:We have a .NET 4, WPF, WCF, EF 4, SQL 2008 application. One of our EF models is highly relational and in the case I'm describing could and probably does contain cycles. I've been asked to troubleshoot a case in the field where all of a sudden data from

How to display data of objects in JSP

:I have stored some user details through a register form into db (hibernate and spring). I want to display the user details of all users in a separate JSP page.Could anyone please tell me how to do that? Below is my code of controller@Controllerpublic cla

When does conversion between unsigned and signed character pointer becomes unsafe in C?

:If I do this in both clang and Visual Studio: unsigned char *a = 0; char * b = 0; char x = '3'; a = & x; b = (unsigned char*) a;I get the warning that I am trying to convert between signed and unsigned character pointer but the code sure works. Th

java polymorphism late binding rules

:I am trying to do some polymorphism exercises and I cannot figure out how this kind of polymorphism works. I did not find any deep information about this kind of exercised. I hope you guys could give me some explanation.exercise 1:class Top { public v

Tables trouble. I need help to make them

:I want to make a list going to n numbers depending on user input. I then want to put a second number in each place and print the entire table. As for testing I have tried with a length 4 and numbers 1,2,3,4 but I get a error: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds. I wan

JTable only displaying 1 row

:I am trying to display part of a resultset in a JTable (Two columns), I can only manage to see one row.The JTable is in an existing GUI and the resultset is passed to a method in the GUI class.When I do a Vector size() it is returning one.This is telling

How to search for a file or directory in Linux Ubuntu machine

:I created an EC2 instance (Ubuntu 64 bit) and attached a volume from a publicly available snapshot to the instance. I successfully mounted the volume. I am supposed to be able to run a script from this attached volume using the following steps as explain

FsUnit: Unable to test portable library due to it and test project having different F#.Core versions

:I have a Portable Library, for which the FSharp.Core version is Installing (in the Unit Test project) FsUnit installs, as a dependency, FSharp.Core version to this, using the portable library's functions in my Unit Test project, for

MATLAB differentiation when the derivative of a function is numerically known

:I want to differentiate the following function wrt in MATLAB:T(e(x(t),t)⁄p(t))My problem is that I know the derivatives of x numerically (I am inside a kind of odefun).I want to use diff to make my code generalizeable for high order derivatives,but the d

How to set app to trigger service/alarm at a specific time every day?

:So I want my app to send a notification at 8:00 a.m. everyday subjected to whether there is an event on that day or not.I have a SQLlite DB which stores the dates on which notification is to be sent. What I want from my app, is this- Everyday at 8 in the

Thread-pool friendly approach to Sleep?

:I want to insert a sleep (aka throttle, delay, tarpit, dwell) in an application (imagine something like failed logon attempt escalating delay).protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){ Int32 sleepyTime = GetSleepyTime(Request);

Why my Jar doesn't run unless I extract files?

:Every time I run the exported .jar file, that contains a JFrame with an image as its icon, the file doesn't run, unless I extract the file. In the compiler it is running. I dont want to make a launcher that saves both, the resources package and the jar

How to compile C++ Code using CppCodeProvider in C#

:I tried to compile C++ code in C# using CodeDomProvider but program is giving errors. I dont know exactly how to use CppClassProvider I cant find any reference material on Internet regarding CppCodeProvider, all the websites have CSharpCodeProvider or Co

How can I show a button when all views are viewed in viewpager?

:Right now I have a save button that I want to show only if all the views inside a viewpager are shown. That means that when the user swipes between views and have seen all views inside a viewpager, then show a save button. I want to show the save button

Use a thread to wait until the user has picked a file

:I have a mainClass in Java, that starts a GUI in swing. I ask the user to open a file using a JFileChooser. I want the main to wait until the user has finished picking the file and then continue with the rest of the code in main. How do I do this using t

How to see specific error information when server throws “Server Error in '/' Application.

:I'm getting a runtime error on one of my web pages. The error tells me to set customErrors mode="Off" in the web.config file. Which makes no difference. (I assume the server is configured not to throw specific errors)My config file looks like this.<

How to add Node to an existing Angular 2 Typescript ASP.NET Core project

:I downloaded a github project I would like to learn TypeScript and Angular 2 with in a ASP.NET Core project on a machine with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 .I can initially compile my project after installing Microsoft.TypeScript.MSBuild 1.8.11 nuget packa

How to use curl in java and parse json response

:I have a curl command that gives a JSON response. I want to use this curl command in java & parse the JSON response in java. Is it possible to do so??EDIT:When I do the following: public static void main(String[] args) throws Throwable { try {

NHibernate inner join master-detail on a column other than the id

:Assume the following mapping entries:  4880    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next Last