Silverlight Programmatically select text

Question:I am playing with a Silverlight control that has a TextBox and Button. When I click the button (which calls SelectText below), I want to select all the text in the textbox.Here's my code: private void SelectText() { TextBox tb = thi

php multiple dropdown menu with same name can't get the value

:okay, im new in this site also new in php and can't get the logic on this,i have a product page that shows the name, quantity and an add to cart button in each row of producti made this just cutted of some code while($showProducts = mysql_fetch_array

jq: count nest object values which satisfy condition

:json data:{testId: '1' studentId:{'s1':{score: 20} 's2':{score: 80}}}{testId: '2' studentId:{'s1':{score: 60} 's2':{score: 70}}}{testId: '3' studentId:{'s5':{score: 40} 's7':{score: 30}}}...I would like to use JQ to tell me how many stu

win32 api edit control can't be selected or edited

:I created an edit control using win32 api like this: CreateWindow("edit", "", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, 0, m_position, CONTROLS_WIDTH, EDITBOX_HEIGHT, m_editorWindow, (HMENU)GetNextComponentID(), m_instance, NULL)I can change the text from it usin

Bound Drop Down List changes to first item in list

:I have two drop down list on a page. The first one list projects and the second list users. The userlist is populated with an object datasourse that pulls a list of users for the selected Project.Whenever the Project list selection changes the second d

Spring Security: Running the webapp causes an exception IncompatibleClassChangeError and an error 40

:I create a simple Spring Security WebApp for learning purpose, but when I am running it, I get an error 404. Follow my config files:web.xml?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Coffescript Callbacks & Functions

:I have this function and I am trying to use two large functions made up of smaller ones and one while loops. One for when it's the players turn, one when it's the opponent's turn, and a while loop when the player has won. When I run it in the browser,

PHP - Why while(mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query())) loops?

:So I have the code:$sql = "SELECT * from users WHERE level = 2";$result = mysql_query($sql);while($write = mysql_fetch_array($result)){ echo ''.$write['username'].'';}I want to make it more simple so I do:while($write = mysql_fetch_array(mysql

Extend(wide) or Narrow titles by listing them in SSRS 2008

:I have a table in SSRS 2008 like:Zone NumOfPeopleZone1 50Zone2 30Zone3 20What I want is to change the table into: Zone NumOfPeople+ AllZones 100When I click + sign, I expect to see something like: Zone NumOfPeople- A

Extract data from Excel workbook with specific procedure to report sheet

:Here is the problem in my situation:My workbook counts from the first of the month till the 15th. (sheet 1-15)Sometimes it happens that there are 3 weeks-counts in half a month.The weeks are counted from Monday till Sunday in de excell cels.NOTE: I have

Excel VBA paste from external program

:I need to paste into Excel from an external program them move onto the next line. I have this code so far that works when I manually run it.Sub Paste_From_External() ActiveCell.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues ActiveCell.Offset(1).SelectEnd SubMy

How can we fill a drop down list to cascade in jqgrid

:How can we fill a drop down list to cascade in jqgrid??? exampleI have a drop down list of countries and a drop down list of cities. How can to Select a country in DropDownList Country Fill Only the cities in the City dropDownlist 1:Look at the answe

Data Analysis in Time Interval

:I am working huge amount of data which I have recently collected for my research. I would like to get to know what time of the day user activity happened. Here is the small amount of my dataset snapshot:I applied to following code to get to know time int

Doctrine 2 - Filter results by a datetime field's date part

:I have a doctrine entity called Szerzodes with a datetime field called exportalva. Is it possible somehow to get the records of which the exportalva field's date part is a given value? E.g I want to get the records that were exported on a given day, reg

How do I screen scrape a website and get data within div?

:How can I screen scrape a website using cURL and show the data within a specific div? 1:Download the page using cURL (There are a lot of examples in the documentation). Then use a DOM Parser, for example Simple HTML DOM or PHPs DOM to extract the valu

html multi array in PHP post


How do I display all the date of birth from a node?

:I have xml document with 3 dates of birth, current, approximate and just date. I want to display the 3 dates as output.My xml code Female 03/4/1956

How to use javascript to select a row of radio buttons when a checkbox is selected

:What I need to do is check to see if the checkbox is checked, and if so, select all the radio buttons located within the same element?I've set up the elements with id's, b/c that is the "physical" grouping of the elements that will be affecting eac

How to avoid duplicates when joining multiple tables

:The table contain three records, see below the temporary table :Declare @TimeStamp table (Id int, SalesMan_ID int, Module_Cdoe varchar(50),Time_In varchar(10),Time_Out varchar(10))Insert into @TimeStamp values(1,13524,'Analysis','1:30pm','1:40pm'),

Advanced MySQL Query

: Employees EmpID : int(10) Firstname: varchar(100) Lastname: varchar(100) HireDate: timestamp TerminationDate: timestamp AnnualReviews EmpID: int(10) ReviewDate: timestampWhat is query to calculate the longest period (in days) that the company h

Filling DataGridView from DataSet issue

:I'm having trouble fill up my DataGridView. I have three bits of code which are underlined blue:'SqlDataAdapter'- It says "Type 'SqlDataAdapter' is not defined"'dgv'- It says "'dgv' is not declared"'SQLCon' - It says "'SQLCon' is not de

edit model using selectbox nested_form gem

:I have a nested form gem issue and can't figure it out for days.When "edit" model, why my selectbox not filled with current value from database?my "customize" view :%= nested_form_for @order_detail, :url => create_customize_cart_path do |f| %>

Fill HTML dropdown box with external JSON file data

:I am trying to fill a HTML Dropdown menu with data from an external JSON file, which contains the following { "Destinations": [ { "destinationName": "London", "destinationID": "lon" }, { "destinationName": "N

how to store dynamically the desired value in my linqued query variable

:I have this query var empno = (from LApp in db.Employees select new { LApp.EmployeeNumber }).ToList();when executed I have this in empnowhat I want is to trim the starting zeros and store it in empnoi.e {EmployeeNumber="2"} and so

javascript On change event is not firing in Safari after selecting the dropdown value

:I have a dropdown in my page. Whenever a user is selected the option it should open a new window with the selected index url. the below code is working in all browsers except safari.Any idea to solve this issue..?