How to load ace editor with requirejs from CDN?

I am trying to load the ace editor from a CDN with requirejs.Here is a plunkr which illustrates my problem. Ace is not defined in the following case:requirejs.config({ paths: { ace: ['//'] }})$('

replacing text from a paste when looping over html elements

I am trying to replace html links (and eventually other elements) with bbcode when a user does a paste from a document (like gdocs or libre office). So we are dealing with rich html already formatted (which is why it needs to copy HTML and

Retrieving records from database using eloquent with optional query parameters

i have the following block of code in my Resource Controller:$travel_company_id = Input::get('travel_company_id');$transport_type = Input::get('transport_type');$route_type = Input::get('route_type');$travelRoutes = TravelRoute::where('trav

std::sort getting a std::bad_alloc

class RankList {public: struct RankListComparator { bool operator()(const std::pair, double>& a, const std::pair, double>& b) { return a.second >= b.second

Passing a method for later evaluation

If I pass a function as an argument, and the function is a jQuery method, will calling the passed function later still correctly set this? I thought it would, but calling the function later has this = Window.Example code:var $input = $('inp

I have mixed Create view and index view codes in one view. So, How to retrieve data from a database

I have merged two views in one view(one to create and the other one to display).So the new view will be able to add and retrieve data in the same time.but it was only able to create a new row in the database without retrieve anything. There

Drawing an offscreen coloured square returns a greyscale image

I asked this question earlier and am now trying to explore the idea of making an offscreen image. Something is going wrong - I think maybe with colour space? I've boiled the code down and down and down, until I eventually can demonstrate th

Obtaining index from the Joptionpane [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to select an index value from a String Array in a JOptionPane 2 answers I want to access the index of the

Vuejs - pass data from parent to child with props

I have started playing with Vue but faced an issue when trying to pass data to a component using props. In the code below this.myData (in the Hello.vue) is undefined for some reasonApp.vue running two interdependent while loops in python?

For a web-scraping analysis I need two loops that run permanently, one returning a list with websites updated every x minutes, while the other one analyses the sites (old an new ones) every y seconds. This is the code construction that exem

How to implement that generic function with TypeTag in Scala?

Suppose I need to write a function convert[T]: String => Option[T], which works as follows: import scala.util.Try def toInt(s: String): Option[Int] = Try(s.toInt).toOption def toDouble(s: String): Option[Double] = Try(s.toDouble).toOption d

Eclipse Console Output Limit

I am using BufferReader to read log files from a game server. It does work but it just doesn't read the entire file just a small portion of it.My code:public ArrayList readFile(File file){ try (BufferedReader br = new

C Programming output text file

Hi I just started programming and have a beginner question:I would like to better understand how the fprint()function work because sometimes when I create a text file with it, I realized there are various types of file eg.(read only, append

Division of a task to threads - multi threading

I want to generate pairs from a given large pool of numbers. I am using two for loops and threads. My function getAllPairs() in the code generates apairs with a given array of numbers.I have an array of length 1000. With one thread, output

how do I collapse parent content if all children are collapsed

I would like to show/collapse a panel (Stakpanel, Grid etc) if every children is collapsed and show it back if at least one if its children is visible again.Which would be the best way to achive this? (converter, triggers, other thing?)Than

C# WebClient FormsAuthentication

EDIT: At the bottom .I've this site which uses a WebService. Authentication is enabled using this way : How to: Implement Simple Forms Authentication.I've a WinForms application who cant connect to the WebService (because this one needs an

drupal 7 custom content hook_theme output

I have a custom module created in Drupal 7 and I want it to display some HTML content. Here is how I have did. But it is not working, what I do wrong?<?php/** * Implements hook_block_info(). */function submenus_block_info() { $blocks = a

Backtracking algorithm to create a “jumbled” but not random array [closed]

I have written this backtracking algorithm to make a jumbled-looking array of 70 items from an input array of 10 items. The rules it needs to follow are:No repeat item in each group of 5No item appears in the same position in any of 3 conse

Angular: Dependency Injection with prototypal inheritance

According to Todd Motto's styleguide, Controllers chapter: Inheritance: Use prototypal inheritance when extending controller classesI try to implement it in my controllers:function BaseController(){ 'use strict'; this._path = '';

How to create instance of a class when the class name is stored in another variable [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: minimal reflection in C++ Basically I have class name stored in char * , how Do i create instance of that class.Following is what I was thinking. It works when I pass Test as template parameter which is fine, but if I

JSTL c:forEach doesn't work inside a JSF h:dataTable

I have a problem with a JSF project.GlassFish Server 3.1.2Mojarra 2.1.6I'm trying to show a table containing the request header fields. Therefor I've written this managed bean:import java.util.Collections;import java.util.LinkedHashMap;impo

Getting JSON info from PHP to android studio

This is my PHP code.<?phpini_set(display_errors, true);ini_set(html_errors, false);require conn.php;$query=mysqli_query($conn,SELECT * FROM UserData);if ($query){ while($row=mysqli_fetch_array($query)){ $flag[] =$row; } prin

Calculate Windows Form Width for Displayed Text

I need to calculate Windows Form Width for displayed text.The form width is obviously in pixels so you would just want to obtain the width of the text in pixels but this doesn't work:animationForm.Width = TextRenderer.MeasureText(_caption,

ANTLR4 mismatched input '' expecting

Currently, I've just defined simple rules in ANTLR4:// Recognizer Rulesprogram : (class_dcl)+ EOF;class_dcl: 'class' ID ('extends' ID)? '{' class_body '}';class_body: (const_dcl|var_dcl|method_dcl)*;const_dcl: ('static')? 'final' PRIMITIVE

Custom view location in Aurelia

I'm trying to get Aurelia to use a Razor view(.cshtml) instead of regular .html and the proposed way to do it is to override convertOriginToViewUrl with the appropriate code. In my case a route to the action that returns PartialViews.import

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