Remove duplicates in vector to next value

Question:I have a vector consisting of integers which can take a finite number of values. Consider the case where the values is 0,1,2.a<-c(0,0,0,1,1,0,0,2,2,2)I want to delete replicates of values until the next differnet value. After doing this the resul

Remove duplicates in vector to next value

Question:I have a vector consisting of integers which can take a finite number of values. Consider the case where the values is 0,1,2.a<-c(0,0,0,1,1,0,0,2,2,2)I want to delete replicates of values until the next differnet value. After doing this the resul

putting html content between php function

:i need to put some html content in a variable for generating pdf using mpdf, is there any way to assign html content to a variable in a php function.this is what i am trying. function getInvoice($conn,$uid,$id,$invoice_no) { echo "some

Usage of Parallel.For

:How can I make the code below parallel, without locksList l = new List(); foreach (var item in sourceCollection){ L.Add(Process(item));}I prefer answers for c# 3.5, but 4.0 will be also ok 1:Here's an example of taking a sequence of numbers

Contour plot legend - Matplotlib

:As the question says, I have a contour plot and I would like show a legend for if. I'm using the contour plot style that uses: dashed lines for negative levels solid lines for positive valuesI would like to have a legend for them (dashed == negative

jqgrid double headers

:Can we include two headers in jqgrid. One with a colModel and one without a colModel?Also I have an issue where when I click one row, the entire grid gets highlighted. How can I resolve this issue?CSS Code:.cssclass{ background-color : #EEEEEE

Parsing French text with simple-Framework not working

:I'm using simpleFramework for parsing an xml file in my android app.My problem is in parsing french text like lets say this tag écrite The result I will receive when parsing is something like this "écrite"This is encoding (french)

Default hash values

:I'd like to have a hash with params members with defaults default values:var defaults = { item1: "def1", item2: "def2" };var params = { item2: "param2", item3: "param3" };var result = // some clever code here...console.log(result); // { item1:

Read a file twice in C++ because of eof?

:I read numbers from a file, apply 3 functions and print out to another file:int main(int argc, char** argv) { std::ifstream fin;"input.txt"); std::ofstream fout;"output.txt", std::ios::app); char arr[50]; int a,

While loop makes applet white screen and unresponsive

:Here is my loop code (This is the only code relating to my loop):while(true) { try { Thread.sleep(20); System.out.println("1"); } catch (InterruptedException e) { // TODO Auto-generated catch block

Dynamic Bit Shifting / Unshifting

:i'd like to store multiple values of blocks into an integer in the same way as i can convert an ip into an int. My problem is that i need to do this for n blocks, not only 4. Also i need to specifiy the maximum value of each block, which is allways the

Why GC does not collect an unused object

:I'm trying to understand how the GC acts when an object is not being used anymore, my test is to do nothing with the object (after used) but it didn't work, the object's destructor was never called.I've created an example program trying to wait until

how to manage the data I insert into a table using BULK INSERT

:I have a C# application which captures data from a csv file to a SQL tablethe text file looks like thisstudents.csvHeader 201501id code amount1 ab11 50002 ab11 60003 ab11 80003 wx34 25003 df21 10004

Picking elements from multiple arrays

:How to get all the possible combinations of elements from multiple arrays in Swift?Here is an example :let myArray = [[2,3,4],[1,2,3,4,5],[1,2],]The count of myArray elements may vary, same goes for the arrays inside it.The code should output an array by

Split string in batch file

:I am new to using batch files so could someone please help me split a string i am getting from a file.I am using %USERPROFILE% to get my string.The string is: "C:\Users\nicholas"I would like to keep the C:\ part, but get rid of the \Users\nicholas

Pdf real cropping

:I need to crop a pdf document using the linux shell and then extract the text just in that cropped pdf. My idea was to crop a pdf using pdfcrop linux tool and then use a txt2pdf text extractor tool to extract the text just in the cropped area, but i've

JavaScript: flatten an array without using reduce library

:I have a nested array named $scope.instruments, its contents are:collapsed:expanded:I also have an object:This object contains 2 arrays: AttributeID and SPAttributeRefID.Currently I am flattening the $scope.instruments array using reduce function:$scope.

urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request - Python

:I'm trying to POST using urllib and urllib2 but it keeps giving me this error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/BaDRaN/Desktop/untitled", line 39, in response = urllib2.urlopen(request) File "/System/Library/Fra

ELF loading when VMA != LMA

:I have a problem on this one. I am using ARM Cortex-A9 with DS-5 to create baremetal firmware. I modified my linker file to intentionally put the .data section LMA adjacent to the text and rodata sections, because its default run-time VMA is located 1M

How would you format/indent this piece of code?

:How would you format/indent this piece of code?int ID = Blahs.Add( new Blah( -1, -2, -3) );orint ID = Blahs.Add( new Blah(1,2,3,55) ); Edit:My class has lots of parameters actually, so that might effect your response. 1:I agree with Patrick M

OpenCL: Expected identifier in kernel

:I am running the following kernel on windows 7, 64 bit, with Intel CPU and HD graphics. I get very strange error reporting by clGetProgramBuildInfo for the following code:#define BLOCK_SIZE 256__kernel void reduce4(__global uint* input, __global uint* o

Auto adjust background image using css

:I have the following code for uploading background image.The script I'm using is:function readURL(input) { if (input.files && input.files[0]) { var reader = new FileReader();

Sorting information from a file in python

:I have a .txt file that has the following information in it that displays a users name and then 3 scores that they have scored in a quiz:callum,10,7,9carl,10,10,10hollie,1,4,7brad,4,8,3kyle,7,2,0I would like to sort it into alphabetical order displaying

Postman PUT JSON Returns Null

:I have this array that I am trying to use PUT to change the value of statuses. I am using Postman (A REST client -- When I change over to the x-www-form-urlencoded tab and put the value of statuses to hello it updates accordi

Using SUMIF or SUMIFS in excel sheet

:I have data in the sheet likeEmp JID Sumt 1004 1001 21142 1001 41166 1001 61167 1001 11169 1001 41170 1030 31171 1031 61172 1031 41173 1041 31174 1041 51145 1

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