How to query row with lowest value, and also to kn

Question:Consider these two queries:SELECT *, 'b' AS b FROM someTable ORDER BY a ASC LIMIT 1;SELECT *, MAX(a) AS maxA FROM someTable ORDER BY a ASC LIMIT 1;The former query returns the row with the lowest value of a, as expected. The latter query

Netty 4 : Configure client certificates in SslContextBuilder

:I have a p12 format client ssl certificates.How can I configure it in Netty in SslContextBuilder class? 1:Convert the .p12 to a Java Keystore.When starting your application, make sure you set the following system properties with the path to your Java

Having problems with Restkit nested mappings

:I've been trying to create a request to a login service, but i'm having problems when receiving the response, and i don't know what i'm doing wrong.Here's my code:AppDelagate/* LOGIN RESPONSE */ RKObjectMapping *userMapping = [RKObjectMapping map

Get data from ajax request to Angular

:I have 2 requests$.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "", data: "grant_type=client_credentials", headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded', 'Authorization':'Basic SVR

Problem while capturing ALT key event in flex

:I need to enable alt- selection semantics for some Buttons in my application. If I write KeyDownEventListener for the Button, its not getting triggered when I press ALT key in the keyboard. Is there any way to enable alt key semantics for the button

create a contact in a non-default outlook contact folder

: Hi, I would like to create a contact in a non-default outlook contact folder with Excel VBA 2010. In this example, the folder name is “azerty”, located in \mypersonnal_pst\Contacts I tried unsuccessfully : Dim myolApp As Outlook.Application Dim

How to run command in the process which is executed with admin rights?

:I want to create a self signed certificate and install it using through c# program.I use makecert to make certificate i run it as administrator and i pass command in the ProcessStartInfo.argument but the command doesn't executes what is the problem in t

Using Hibernate Ejb3Configuration with Container Management

:Is there a way to use programmatic configuration provided by Ejb3Configuration with container managed entity management? I would like to dynamically add (additional) annotated classes that were discovered via ServiceLoader after the persistence.xml is p

Excel VBA paste from external program

:I need to paste into Excel from an external program them move onto the next line. I have this code so far that works when I manually run it.Sub Paste_From_External() ActiveCell.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues ActiveCell.Offset(1).SelectEnd SubMy

Why must I specify charset attributes for by tags?

:I have a bit of an odd situation:Main HTML page is served in UTF-16 character set (due to some requirements out-of-scope for this question)HTML page uses tags to load external scripts (i.e. they have src attributes)Those external scripts are in

CryptAcquireContextA fails in C++ CLR for “Aloaha Cryptographic Provider”

:I have C++ CLR project with both managed and unmanaged code. In this project I loop through list of cryptoproviders and search for suitable.So I use functions CryptEnumProvidersA CryptAcquireContextA I have C# project which uses C++ project.When I call t

VBA remove matching first & last names across 2 worksheets

:I need help modifying this code to match First and Last names across 2 worksheets, then remove matches from the Sub sheet. At the moment it only matches 2 columns across 1 sheet. Specifics:How do i change this code so Names on 'Sheet 1' Column 'B' ar

High network TTFB times on local and remote server

:I am addressing slowness in a few http calls for an Angular 1.3, NodeJS, Postgres DB app stack. Remote is hosted on AWS EC2 instances.Google's dev tools documentation gave me some good understanding of the timings, and this SO post explains things you c

Unable to add certain fonts in an iphone app

:In my app i need to add two fonts:Insight_screen_Regular-e and Insight_screen_Bold-e I have dragged and dropped them in the ttf formats to the Xcode project resources folder. In the application-info.plist file I have added the key "Fonts provided by ap

Convert word document to Google drive document

:Im building an application in nodejs that uploads documents to google drive, how can i convert the document to google docs format before uploading it or while uploading it. 1:You want to specify convert = true when doing the insert. See https://develo

Non blocking read with fixed data in input

:I want use serial port to communicate with another device txdev, the problem is that txdev is sending data asynchronously and i don't want the read function to block, the good thing is that txdev is sending data with fixed size but i don't know how to

Psycopg2 under osx works on commandline but fails in Aptana studio

:I have been developing under Python/Snowleopard happily for the part 6 months. I just upgraded Python to 2.6.5 and a whole bunch of libraries, including psycopg2 and Turbogears. I can start up tg-admin and run some queries with no problems. Similarly, I

Importing python variables of a program after its execution

:I've written two python scripts and I want to run from and get the content of the variables of script1 created during the execution of script1. Script1 has several functions in which the variables are created

Silverlight Web Part not loading until user clicks on page

:I am maintaining a Silverlight 4 application that runs as Web Part in SharePoint. However, I have an issue with loading it in Internet Explorer (versions 10 & 11). The user must click on the web page or hit tab for the Silverlight web part to actually

google map authenticate failed, after package name changed

:I have an android app with a Google map, everything works good.In order to publish it in Google play, I changed the package name (old package com.exmaple..) from project----- Android tools---Rename Application PackageSo, I going to generate a new API key

How to monitor connection pooling for .NET MySQL Data Connector in IIS

:I have googled a fair bit on this, but not been able to find an exact answer. We are seeing the following errors in our logs: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because al

Should content-transfer-encoding headers be use when downloading files via HTTP?

:I recently came across How to force file download with PHP which describes setting Content-Transfer-Encoding. Is this header applicable when used with this application when used to download a file via HTTP (it appears to be email related)? If so, what

OpenInviter contact export request rejected by Gmail

:I have installed Openinviter successfully on my shared server. I tried to get contacts from Gmail, Yahoo and Facebook, but it always return an error such as: Login failed. Please check the email and password you have provided and try again laterI also g

Rails I18n Cascading - how to get it to work

:I read in this blogpost from Sven Fuchs about the cascading possibility by I18n, but I am unable to get it to work. I tried to put the code mentioned in the blogpost into the application controller and into an initializer, I also tried to pass the cascad

IBM Mobilefirst foundation studio in Eclipse Neon.1 Release (4.6.1)

:I am new in IBM Mobilefirst. Today I have downloaded Eclipse Neon and tried to add IBM Mobilefirst studio plug in from Eclipse Marketplace.But marketplace does not show any result for IBM Mobilefirst studio.Please suggest how can I get it.Thanks in advan

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