Google Directions Service w/ Waypoints returning ZERO_RESULTS

:I currently have a DirectionsRenderer function that properly routes To and From fields on my page. After the routing is done I grab the overview_path and then load elements from a Fusion Table based on the path. Once this is done I've set up a listener

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 when working with objc_setAssociatedObject

:This is the run time error log I am getting:Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_MyConstantKey", referenced from: -[LayoutViewController addLabelsAndButtonInBaseView:withLayoutObject:] in LayoutViewController.old: symbol(s) not found for a

How to read editor text before cursor position to match specific words?

:I am trying to detect when the cursor has moved somewhere immediately after a specific strings ... I can do it only for I have one string , But when I have more than one I cant't matched ... If I have one string like : "color:" then the code to match

How to import UglifyJS from Scala.js?

:I can use jQuery from Scala.js quite well:jsDependencies += "org.webjars" % "jquery" % "2.2.1" / "jquery.js" minified "jquery.min.js"Now I would like to use UglifyJS and its webjar structure seems a bit different. There seems to be no minified

how do I access variable attributes using gon (in jQuery & Rails)

:I was recently pointed to gon for passing variables from my controller to javascripts available on a page.Suppose I pass a variable @note that has attributes location, content, and tags (associated tags). How to I access these attributes in the jQuery fi

Unity & Prism Modularity - Load problems

:I need your help again please. I am working on a application with a modular concept.I want to use Prism and Unity for it. I have looked at the quickstart example from Prism and I also read this article on MSDN.My actual code looks like:public class Boots

Jquery validator plugin ajax submition not triggering

:I have a problem with my the Jquery validator ( plugins submitHandler function. The form is validated correctly and the invalid handler message triggers correctly, but the submitHandler functions will not trigger cor

Jump to next & prev image (vertical scroll) with jQuery

:I have a linear list of images (vertical) and I search to use the keyboard up & down to navigate to next or prev images.My problem is that I don't know where I'm on the scroll and where I need to scroll to go to the next or prev image.I saw this exampl

Linq subtraction sum(values) from two tables

:I have two db.Table1 and db.Table2 with columns named IdUser,ValueI think I should have some join but i miss the logicit's just a logic it's not a codehow can do something like : var total = Sum(db.Table1(Sum(Value))-db.Table2(Sum(Value)).Where(db.Tabl

Relational Query in Parse

:I have 4 classes in Parse. I am using JavaScript.1) Rangoli - Main item objects2) Categories - List of all categories3) Users - List of all users4) ItemCategories - List of categories that each items are assignedBelow is the structure of all classes.Now

Why GC does not collect an unused object

:I'm trying to understand how the GC acts when an object is not being used anymore, my test is to do nothing with the object (after used) but it didn't work, the object's destructor was never called.I've created an example program trying to wait until

Picking elements from multiple arrays

:How to get all the possible combinations of elements from multiple arrays in Swift?Here is an example :let myArray = [[2,3,4],[1,2,3,4,5],[1,2],]The count of myArray elements may vary, same goes for the arrays inside it.The code should output an array by

Using forms and POST method to get URL parameters through Javascript

:So let's say there's a URL where "hello" and "hi" are parameters.How would you use javascript and forms method POST to extract the parameters? 1:Your subject is a little bit vague. However, I thought I'd m

Node Async Looping - Why does the memory grow and just drop all of the sudden?

:I'm writing a program in Node that uses an async loop. The goal is to get this program to run on Heroku for an extended period of time. It grows in memory, as expected. But then once the memory usage hits about 57MiB, it drops back down to 22MiB (where

javascript closure in a for loop [duplicate]

: Possible Duplicate:Javascript closure inside loops - simple practical exampleJavascript: closure of loop? so I would like the results to be 1,2,3 instead of 3,3,3. How do I set the context/scope so that the jobs are using the correctly scoped "i"?f

jqGrid Advanced Search dialog - column which has dropdown selection

:I have a jqGrid 4.3.1 with Advanced filter. some of the columns which are boolean types like Yes/No types, I show a dropdown when the column type is selected when a new advanced filter row is created.E.g. Say column 2 is IsActive (Boolean) type and when

using javascript function call to play multiple swf files

:I'm using the following code to trigger the playing of a swf file when an image is clicked. It works great, but I want to have multiple swf files that are each triggered by diffent images.script language="JavaScript"> function getFlashMovieObje

HTML5 Canvas Drag and Drop Item

:Been struggling to get this work work. Here's my code:

Swift 3 - Hide Elements

:Im trying to hide a element using swift 3. The element won't hide if its in session.dataTask, but if I move it outside session.dataTask the element hides fine. Is it possible to hide a element in session.dataTask?@IBOutlet weak var login_box: UIStackV

How do I screen scrape a website and get data within div?

:How can I screen scrape a website using cURL and show the data within a specific div? 1:Download the page using cURL (There are a lot of examples in the documentation). Then use a DOM Parser, for example Simple HTML DOM or PHPs DOM to extract the valu

Move View when keyboard appears and present it in a scrollView. Swift 3

:There are several similar questions on SO but non addresses the issue below. I'm working on a simple login view with just 2 textFields for email and password. The best UX is when a user taps one of the textFields, the keyboard pops in, and the view move

Add simple validate to form file upload in AngularJS

:I have an AngularJS form whose contents are sent to a nodemailer backend. This works just fine, using the following directive to add a file upload component to the form:.directive('fileModel', ['$parse', function ($parse) { return { restrict: 'A

creating a multidimensional array (nXn) matrix using javascript

:I am trying to create a matrix table. The values to be plugged into the matrix will be user input from an html table (basically a unique pairing table which pairs two elements at a time and for each pair a user can select which he prefers and by how much

Ractive computed property

:I've got a simple test application using firebase with the following template and model in ractive. I want to access the price value in the computed newprice to format it to look like currency with 2 decimal places. I can't figure out though how to get

Toggle data based on checkbox value with morris.js

:I'm getting trouble in making what I want morris.js charts to do.My goal is to be able to toggle specific lines based on input[type=checkbox] value.So far here's what I have done:JS codevar morris = Morris.Line({ element: 'line-example', data: [

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