Running a Java program that connects to a localhost database on a different computer

:I've connected my really basic Java application to the Wamp server on my computer using the following codetry { Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection( "jdbc:mysq

How to efficiently parsing large xml files on iOS in order to store the content in SQLite ?

:I'm using libxml2′s DOM parser in my iPhone app to parse a XML file with a hundred thousand lines. I store the content retrieved into a SQLite database. However, this process takes several minutes to complete, too much to be user friendly. My feeling is

How to receive a URL from my android app after being forwarded from browser.

:When a user visits the browser page for my app I am forwarding them to a url scheme like so:intent://share?id=123#Intent;;scheme=myapp;launchFlags=268435456;end;I've tested this and this works fine. Now, when the user visits m

How to tweak d3 axis attributes when transition is present?

:I'm using the d3 axis component but I want to tweak a few things after it is drawn. Specifically I would like to rotate the text labels by adding a transform to the text elements and also setting the text-anchor attribute from "middle" to "end". The

Unable to use methods from Domain Service class in WCF Ria?

:I am trying to build an silverlight application which takes user first name, last name, pass, email address in text boxes and then add these to the database.For this i am using WCF Ria Services.Steps i have followed are :Added ADO.NET Entity Data Model a

div style absolute in a table cell

:i have a div with position absolute and width:100% inside a table cell and the width is calculated to window width not to table cell width. the table cell width is also variable so i need that the width of absolute div to be the same as table cell width.

Asp.Net Chart Control - Truncated Values on X Axis

:Man I'm really stuck. I've been trying to get through this for nothing less than a week.I'm plotting a horizontal bar chart, a simple (Y) Hours vs (X) Avg. Rate.The number of hours is fixed, I must always show from 0h to 23h, in order to maintan its r

SurfaceHolder.lockCanvas returns null if the surface is not in the foreground

:I'm currently doing a test with a LiveWallpaper in Android. I am drawing something on the canvas using code that looks something like this:final SurfaceHolder holder = getSurfaceHolder();Canvas c = new Canvas();c = holder.lockCanvas(); // c becomes null

Proper ajax call for JSON data

:First time trying to retrieve data from a JSON file and honestly have no idea how to get the objects I would like to get.Can someone please tell me how I can grab values such as Family Name or familyAttributes? I just have no idea how to process the data

How redirect specific url using htaccess rewrite rules

:How can I redirect this URL:!To this One: htaccess rewrite rules? 1:For /index.html to / you need:RewriteEngine OnRewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} \ /+index\.htmlRewriteRule ^ / [R=301,L]That could incid

removing whitespace in android Switch which is devoted to text

:(we all know) There are three parts in android Switch Widget ... Text - Thumb - Track.My question is how can we completely remove this text part if we don't want to use any textbecause it's ruining the balance of the layout 1:You simply have to no

Download a thubnails of an image using Dropbox API for php

:I made a script where I download the images from a dropbox folder to my computer using PHP.What I try to do now is to download thumbnail of the images instead of the whole image.For this I use the: GetThumbNail method from the Dropbox API.Here is part of

Assign value to textbox onchange of php while select

:I'm slowly understanding PHP but this one has me stumped.I am populating a 'select' HTML element with data from PHP using..... while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) All is working fine and I understand why.I just wanted to fill in other textb

How to use mapply to calculate CCF for list of pairs of time series?

:I am trying to apply functions described here for a set of time series. For this, mapply seems to be a good approach but I guess there is some problem either in defining the function or in using mapply. Here is the example code, where I found some discre

Linq query - reading nested XML to dictionary

:I am trying to parse nested XML fileThe structure is (simplified) following: 2014-09-03T12:12:55Z 12123

Html5 input pattern

:I have this pattern .*?[a-z]([a-z])([a-z])([a-z]).*?(\s+)(\d+) from some online generator but it's not working.I need pattern which allow:"minimum 3 char length string, next single space, and next minimum 1 char integer" [abc 1] or the same but in d

How to create a new desktop? C++

:How would I create a new desktop in C++?I know the CreateDesktop() API but it does not load memus or explorer.exe for the matter.If not to much trouble would love an example to make a desktop with menus. 1:Take a look at Window Stations, this may be w

Opencv Mat vector assignment to a row of a matrix, fastest way?

:What is the fastest way of assigning a vector to a matrix row in a loop? I want to fill a data matrix along its rows with vectors. These vectors are computed in a loop. This loop last until all the entries of data matrix is filled those vectors. Currentl

Jquery, how to work with high numbers

:I need to validate some integer number which is 22 chars long. I need to divide that number and get quotient as well as remainder of divining. BUT, when I send it to modulo function, it returns 7.04406000774059e+21labas = modulo(7044060007740589212932, 9

Batch Scripting moving and renaming files

:I have another question, very similar to Batch Scripting Moving files with timestamp But i'm having problems with it.I have a file system C:\Test\Baseline - Under Baseline folder i have many folders ranging from 1 to 10+ these are all image files. I w

How to detect that an Html element is in View?

:Using Jquery preferably, how do I detect if an element is within the viewable client area of a browser?I'm dynamically creating a menu from a dataset, and when the list grows too long, the height of the resulting menu causes part of it to fall below the

How to populate the same layout inside a liner layout (Android)

:I need to create a list. The list will contain similar objects. each object will have some images, text and buttons. I can put those items in a table layout and arrange them (child). But i need to have a list of these(childs) items. And i need to populat

Magento wysiwyg editor in phtml file

:I have created one form in template file using HTML Tags like input, select, buttons etc. I have added textarea in form for address and i want to change it to wysiwyg editor.Shall i use js/css provided by magento itself? How to achieve this (change texta

Git Merge --no-ff makes copy of commits

:I had a curious git behaviour today, and I want to ask if this is normal. Now, this is the situation (new commits are added to the bottom):br1 br2 A \ B C DNow, when I make git checkout br1git merge --no-ff br2It becomes like this (at

Python YouTube Gdata API broken after small change

:I changed how my script was getting it's list and somehow I broke the Gdata-APIsys.argv[1] is a text file of urls like thisThe error starts when I comment out Part 1 & 2 and Add 3. When I Remove 3 and Uncomment Part 1 & 2 it works again.Relevant code: #

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