What are the options for the mediaelement player's “preload” setting?

The only setting I've come across for preload is none - what are the alternetives? I have a long-ish movie that takes a while to start (because of the size, I assume) and I'd like to be able to get it to play more quickly. I reckon that mak

Setting link href from child image src using jQuery

I am using .wrap() to create a link around each image within a certain

, and I need to set that link's href to be equal to that image's src value.I figured out how to do the selection and the substitution, but I can't figure out how to

Crop an Image to the size of an ImageView

I have an ImageView which is already resized to be a circle, and it contains an image inside, which is already fitted to fill the circle. The only problem is when I open the image in another part of my app it is not a circle but rather in i

How do you stack two Pandas Dataframe columns on top of each other?

Is there a library function or correct way of stacking two Pandas data frame columns on top of each other?For example make 4 columns into 2:a1 b1 a2 b2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8to c d1 25 63 47 8The documentation for Pandas D

How to read email (custom) header and attachments from InboundMailHandler in Google App Engine

How to read email header in Google App Engine. I am trying to search in google, but can't find any good and working example. 1:here the answer.File: app.yaml(you will send email to mymail@myapp.appspotmail.com)application: myappversion:

How to create lazy combinations

My question is very simple, how do I make this code lazy:/*input: [ [1, 2], [3, 4], [5, 6]]output: [ [1, 3, 5], [1, 3, 6], [1, 4, 5], [1, 4, 6], [2, 3, 5], [2, 3, 6], [2, 4, 5], [2, 4, 6],]*/func combination

Setting a cookie with Javascript [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How do I create and read a value from cookie? 14 answers I am trying to build my first mobile app which needs

Xcode 4 menu “Build” and “Clean” options disabled

I have a few c++ Xcode 3 projects which I need to move to Xcode 4. I have done this by simply renaming the Xcode 3 folder, loading the Xcode 3 project in Xcode 4 and then hitting the modernize button. In the case of some of these projects

How can I show all time between 2 different time parameter

I have 3 Columns in db Time Parameter(00:15) , StartTime(09:00) , EndTime (15:00)Now I want to show all time with gap of 00:15 min between 09:00 and 15:00What query should I write so that it returns values something like this:09:00 - 09:150

Webkit blur with transparent background

In CSS3, I can easily blur anything with this:-webkit-filter: blur(5px);-moz-filter: ...Right now, I am trying to create a draggable circle on top of text so that anything inside the area of that circle will be blurred:position:absolute;-we

asp.net alternate to curl uri

What would be alternative in asp.net for below curl uricurl -u MyUserName:MyPassword http://api.messaging.staging.voxeo.net/1.0/messaging -X POST -d botkey=12345&apimethod=send&msg=My%20test%20message.&user=14075555555&network=SMS&from=1407

MYSQL Searching multiple tables with different columns using LIKE

I need to be able to do a search on multiple tables and return all parts that are similar to the searched term. My problem is that the tables have varying amounts of columns. They do have columns with similar names though. First the PHP c

Content container to fit screensize?

If got a very basic layout, with a header, content container and a footer.What i need done, is to make my content container size up, so that the whole layout will fit on the screen. (unless the text in the content container extends this of

Adding mousewheel to Sencha Desktop App

So the supposed advantage to using Sencha is being able to have 1 code base for multiple platforms. I have a project I need to be on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. I have found that I can use Sencha Touch to build to mobile devices and those

Price in Cart is not correct Magento 1.8

Today I've run into a new problem and can´t find a solution.I've added some simple products and configurable products via MagMI. Everything is fine. Products are shown in the front-end as I want it. But following happens:simple product 1 ha

Twilio Threaded Messages

If I want to kick off a thread that will be sending a text message with twilio,is it better to do TwilioRestClient client = new TwilioRestClient(ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN);for each thread or should I make one client and share it with the thr

If statements and && or ||

OK so I'm a beginner with C# and I am having trouble understanding the if statement below.For this example INumber is declared as 8, dPrice is 0 and dTAX is 10. if (iNumber != 8 || iNumber != 9) { dPrice = dPrice +

Negative Lookbehind JavaScript

I know that a lot of people have posted a similar question but with the g flag, none of the hacks seem to work for me properly (meaning they don't work most of the time). Yes I want the g flag The regex I've made is:\~\![A-Za-z]+\ start(?:(

Is using util/ordering exactly the same as axiomatizing a total order in the usual way?

The util/ordering module contains a comment at the top of the file about the fact that the bound of the module parameter is constrained to have exactly the bound permitted by the scope for the said signature. I have read a few times (here f

Variable manipulation in Oracle

So I've been digging around on the net all afternoon to find the answer to this. I have a table that looks like so:CREATE TABLE ldap_domains ( domain varchar(128) NOT NULL, name varchar(16) NOT NULL, description varchar(32) NOT NUL

Django admin popup links are broken

I'm having a problem with the django admin popups: on creating a new object related to the one I'm currently working on (e.g., the User model and the Groups he belongs to), by clicking on the plus sign near the form field I expect the brows

How do I figure out what this character is?

Update: Apparently these are control characters, not Unicode characters.I'm trying to parse an XML file which has an odd character in it that makes it invalid and is causing my tools (Firefox, Nokogiri) to complain.Here's what the character

Object modelling problem

I have got class Car, and each class has list of extras (leather, abs, Folding mirrors etc...)public Extra{public bool Paid {get;set;}public string Name {get;set;}public string Code {get;set;}}And now, better is:class Car{public Extra Leath

Turning the second timeseries in a TimeseriesChart to a barchart

As the heading implies, I have a timeseries chart that displays two curves, each a TimeSeries, both part of the same TimeSeriesCollection. What I want to do is display the second TimeSeries as a barchart, but I want both TimeSeries still in

LINQ to Entities does not recognize the method … get_Item(Int32)

(Please read before marking as duplicate as my particular scenario is unique)I have the following code: // Get each treasure hunt var treasureHunts = dbContext.TreasureHunts.Where(i => i.UserName == User.Identity.Name).ToList

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