Assign split string to parsed int

:i'm getting this error and i can't quite figure out how to fix it. error: incompatible types found : int required: int[] array[x] = Integer.parseInt(elements[0]); here is the code for my method. The file being used is a text file of 1000 n

Custom editors in a property grid that uses Dictionary

:I am using a property grid that uses a dictionary using the adapter found here. I now need the ability to use a custom editor. More specifically a file chooser. If the object in the dictionary is a string it just uses the default string editor.Could I im

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo{com.example.projectmobilecl

:lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo"I was searching a lot of same case and tried to fix it, but it is really hard to fix this problem for beginner of android.I am getting error like 11-14 23:42:20.624: E/AndroidRuntime(1

JavaFX closing application modal dialog

:I'm using this example to create application modal dialog. When I click exit button on my dialog (red one in top right corner) everything works fine. Dialog gets closed and then I can open it normaly. But when I try to add a Button which closes my dialo

“ 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException' occurred in mscorlib.dll” while trying to create fi

:I'm doing this project where I grab some information and save it to a file. While trying to create that file, I always get an System.UnauthorizedAccesssException error. I've tried adding a manifest file and requiring admin, still doesn't work. I've a

try catch for Scanner

:I am using Scanner to get user input. If the user inputs a name, I add that to the ArrayList. If the user does not enter a name then I want to throw an exception, but I want to continue the loop that gets the answer. for(int i = 0; i < totalLanes; i++){

CFString to string?

:I have follow code to make a String to a CFString: internal static byte[] StringToCFString(string value) { byte[] b; b = new byte[value.Length + 10]; b[4] = 0x8c; b[5] = 07; b[6] = 01; b[8] = (byte)value.Lengt

Having problems with Restkit nested mappings

:I've been trying to create a request to a login service, but i'm having problems when receiving the response, and i don't know what i'm doing wrong.Here's my code:AppDelagate/* LOGIN RESPONSE */ RKObjectMapping *userMapping = [RKObjectMapping map

Using AsyncTasks as separate public classes

:this question is a continuation of what i have asked orginally here i am trying to find a better way to pass the ArrayList from AsyncTask to the Activity (any activity that calls the AsyncTask) so in my situation i have a which extends

FileTransfer is not defined

:I am using Transfer plugin in my ionic 2 app for sending files. While testing the app, I had difficulty in mocking Transfer. Please take a look into this problem to understand the context . After that discussion , I decided to inject Transfer in my servi

Endorsement Epson TM-h6000IV Java Printing

:I need to print to an Epson Endorsement TM-h6000iv printer (usb version) with Java. However, I read the manual without hope to find sth can help. I change in printer preferences without hope also! I try with this code of java which TextPrinter class in j

Different “visibility” values in each row in a ListView

:I have developed a very simple app that uses a custom adapter for a ListView.Each row has two TextViews:?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

What is wrong with my attempts to mock a simple C++ method with googlemock?

:As per Patterns for unit testing a C++ method that makes a standard library call, I'm test-driving development of a network-abstracting class. In order to unit test code that makes standard C library calls (which I can't mock) to handle BSD sockets, I

SQLiteDatabase error “sqlite: (1) near ”)“: syntax error”

:sqlite: (1) near ")": syntax errorI don't understand, I thought (and still do) that I put every space (and ect.) neededmaybe someone could help me?thanks for your timepublic class DatabaseHandler extends SQLiteOpenHelper { private static final int

How to run command in the process which is executed with admin rights?

:I want to create a self signed certificate and install it using through c# program.I use makecert to make certificate i run it as administrator and i pass command in the ProcessStartInfo.argument but the command doesn't executes what is the problem in t

UpdatePanel Timer causes all panels to update

:I have an ASP.NET web form with several UpdatePanels and I would like to have a timer that triggers only one of these UpdatePanels to update. I then want a separate UpdatePanel to update on the OnSelectedIndexChanged event of a DropDownList. The code I h

How to read integers and date in binary file

:I have a binary file of records. Each record is of the following format:Each record consists of two integers, number of vehicles and number of persons involved; a floating point number, severity code; and a string which contains the date of the accident.

Azure app or cloud service, run some code before load balncer

:In case of Cloud Service in Azure (maybe also App Service), how can I run some code before the service become available in swap or in case of new instance.for example, loading data to cache before the first user have access. 1:Cloud Services with Role

How to schedule crawler4j crawl control to run periodically?

:I'm using crawler4j to build a simple web crawler. What I want to do is to invoke the crawl control every 10 minutes. I created a servlet that starts when my Tomcat server starts, and in the servlet I am using ScheduledExecutorService for the scheduling

How do I implement the ability to edit a QTableWidget's vertical and horizontal header text in-

:I have a QTableWidget that is displayed in the user interface that I can add and remove rows and columns using buttons. The problem is, when I add a row or column, I can change the data in the actual cells, but I cannot name the row or column. The name

Java Swing - How to get the value of text in a TextField from another class

:Okay, beginner Java coder here. I'm trying to make a multi-purpose math utility application with Java Swing. One of the things I want it to do is be able to solve basic logarithms. I have the logic all down, but I'm having trouble with the outputting i

EntityManager remove throws Object: null is not a known entity type

:I am trying to delete a record in the database using EntityManager. I am using EJB JPA.It produces the error : Object: null is not a known entity type.Here is my code:public void deleteAppointment(int staffID, int appointmentID) { try { StaffAp

get un escaped POST not magic quoted values in wordpress?

:Following the question : With "magic quotes" disabled, why does PHP/Wordpress continue to auto-escape my POST data? In wordpress, all superglobals are espaced even if magic quotes are offSo, following this answer :

Error 110 (open_failed) MsiOpenDatabase - error in the loop

:I'm facing a problem in my program. I need to catch some infos about different MSIs, so I'm using the MSI Database functions from msi.dll.In a loop, I'm creating a list of objects (called PackFile). Each object must contains infos about each file inst

How to set an object to context so that i can get it anywhere in the application with @Context

:I want to set MyObject class instance to the application context so that I can use it anywhere with the following:@Context MyObject objectI used Jedis which gives me access for the jedis through the above approach.Please help in setting the context. I am

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