RTSP stream will not play with VideoView; No conte

Question:I want to open RTSP link in my android application. I used video view for it but when I run the application I receive the error "no content provider". I've read the mass of threads and tuturials but nowhere can I find the answer why. Everythin

Any refinerycms compatibale version with devise &#

Question:Guys i'm not an expert just a beginner i'm working on a rails project(rails 3.2.8) i want to integrate refinery with this existing project but the problem is when i writegem 'refinerycms', '~> 2.0.8' and run bundle update it gives an error

Firebase range query

:Im using AngularFire+Firebase and have data at firebase-database.Im trying to paginate Data with Smart TableMy problem is that I dont know how to range query without specifying any child i,e fetch records from record # 25 to 35Below query gives me first

Loading indicator with dojo XHR requests

:I only recently started using dojo and I am doing numerous ajax calls using dojo xhrGet, xhrPost,..etc. Now I have an animated gif image which i want to use to indicate "loading" to the user. I am not too sure how this can be done. Can someone please a

Read fields from text file and store them in a structure

:I am trying to read a file that looks as follows:Data Sampling Rate: 256 Hz*************************Channels in EDF Files:**********************Channel 1: FP1-F7Channel 2: F7-T7Channel 3: T7-P7Channel 4: P7-O1File Name: chb01_02.edfFile Start Time: 12:42

CGAL static_cast failing

:For my thesis I am using some CGAL code written by another student a year ago. I cannot get it to build, however.The function that is giving errors is the following:std::set originatingCurves(PL_Arrangement arrangement, VertexHandleSet vert

Launching SQL Server 2008 Express from VS2010 in SQL Server Management Studio

:My laptop has Windows 7, x64 bit, and was built this past December (2 months ago). It has Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed with SQL Server 2008 Express, but I had not used "Sql2008" before on this PC.SQL Server Management Studio has been installe

Can't install imagemagick and rmagick on OSX Mavericks

:I'm having problems to install imagemacgick and rmagick➜ scripts brew install imagemagickError: You must `brew link freetype' before imagemagick can be installed➜ scripts brew install freetypeWarning: freetype-2.5.3_1 already installed➜ scripts b

NodeJs Application on Aws Ubuntu is running on ipv6

:While running nodejs with express application on AWS ubuntu 16.04, it's running on tcp6 and due to this, i'm unable to access my application.see below screenshot.after adding IP address while creating server, it's giving below error.I'm new to linux,

Passing a string pointer to a struct in C++

:I'm trying to pass various strings into members of a Struct via pointer but I am doing something fundamentally incorrect. What I think is that it doesn't need to be dereferenced. The process below works for other types of data such as int or char. For

How to trap program crashes with HTTP error code 500

:I have a number of badly written perl programs serving up my websites. Occasionally they crash and the user sees ...Software error:Yadda yadda yadda.For help, please send mail to the webmaster (webmaster@mywebsite.com), giving this error message and the

xml parsing with simple xml [duplicate]

: Possible Duplicate:Problem with simpleXML and entity not being defined I have this tag with an entity in an xml file:ForliSimple xml in php fail to parse the file:Warning: SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [simplexmlelement.--construct]

apache is not working on xampp

:It shows the errors given bellow9:53:45 AM [Apache] Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.9:53:45 AM [Apache] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,9:53:45 AM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another met

Writing to database log in the middle of rollback

:I am using jboss5.1.x, ejb3.0I have a transaction which goes like this:MDB listen to JMS Queue.MDB takes msg from JMS writing to Database.in some of the catch clauses i throw "New EJBException(..)", in order to have rollbacks when specific exceptions o

blueimp jquery upload SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

:I'm using the jquery library blueimp upload.I want to upload images to a different directory.I just modified the /server/php/index.php file (only this file) :error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);require_once('UploadHandler.php');//$upload_handler = new U

ResultSet is not null still resultset.next() returning false

:I'm trying to access a procedure which returns a cursor, my resultset is not null still resultset.next() is returning false and that's why control is not entering into while, please see below mention my procedure and my java code and help me on this.th

What is wrong with my MySQL query?

:So, I have a form that posts to my php file using ajax, and succeeds. But the following query doesn't insert anything. Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?My php file:?phpinclude 'connect.php' ;$type = mysql_real_escape_string($

'cucumber' is not recognized as an internal or external command

:I am on Netbeans 8.0.2. I downloaded Cucumber netbeans plugin from here: https://github.com/QuBiT/cucumber-netbeans-plugin/downloadsI have my feature file inside my project. Now when I try to Right click on my feature file and generate class I get this e

SQL Injection: trying to avoid it but got an error

:So this is only a part of my code but the only relevant thing:if ($check == 0) { $host = "localhost"; $user = "root"; $pass = ""; $db = "myfirstdb";

How to enable support for class properties in the latest version BabelJS?

:Does anyone know how to enable support for properties of a class in the latest version BabelJS? import React from 'react';import {Component} from 'react';export default class Button extends Component { constructor(){ super(); } myPro

Unable to create databases when running RavenDB on IISExpress

:As the title says. (Cross post from the mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ravendb/hxP3REWVMdg)The iisexpress process is running as the currently logged in user, but I'm only getting Unauthorized error messages when trying to create d

TFS Integration Build Powershell With Elevated Privileges

:I am setting up an integration tests build where I am just trying to start up a windows service. I have used the InvokeProcess command to run the powershell scripts which just does the following Start-Service ServiceNameThe script fails when I run the bu

groovy inside ant: how to access refids from grooy that are defined by ant tags

:I'm using a groovy code snippet in an ant build file. Inside the groovy code I'm trying to reference a fileset that has been defined outside of the groovy part, like this:

How to define string parameters in C++ header file - Bridged with Swift?

:I have a Xcode project with Swift and C++ (with bridging header), and I am trying to create a function in C++ with 2 string parameters, and returning an array of integers back to Swift:.cpp file:int* example(string one, string two){ int test[3] = {7,2

ORA-00937: Not a single-group group function - Query error

:Error: ORA-00937: Not a single-group group functionQuery: select count(*) todas, sum(case when i.prioridade = 1 then 1 else 0 end) urgente, sum(case when i.prioridade = 2 then 1 else 0 end) alta, sum(case when i.prioridade = 3 then 1

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