RestSharp in Mono project (MonoDevelop)

I'm doing some Mono project (Mono 2.10.8) and trying to use RestSharp. As I saw on RestSharp page it support Mono.I'm trying to run following simple code :var client = new RestClient(;var request = new RestRequest();

How to build project with unsupported class (new feature) in xcode and swift

I'm new in Apple platform and I started with xcode 7 and swift.I want to create app for last version of iOS (9.0) but with support of 2 older versions like 8 and 7.Base SDK: Latest (iOS 9.0)Deployment: 7I used UIAlertController and it's not

UITabbarController dismiss modal UINavigationController

I got a very interesting problem here. My iPhone app has an UITabbarController as rootViewController in the AppDelegate.If the app is opened the first time, it must be configured basically. For this purpose I create an UINavigationControlle

Sorting Strings in a static array based on their length crashes? |wrong allocation/access|

I wanted to make an array of strings and sort them in order based on their length (smallest -> biggest) but the program crashes after all inputs.And also it bypasses Element 0 (starts directly from element 1 during input) #include

python pandas if column string contains word flag

I want to add a flag to my python pandas dataframe df, if an entry in the column Titlecontains the word test (upper or lower case or all Uppercase), I would like to add T in a new column test.This gives me an error and does not account for

Keras function api, setting weight manually to a layer

In keras Sequential model, one can set weight directly using set_weights method.model.layers[n].set_weights([your_wight])However I am facing problem if I am trying to set weight to a layer using functional API.Here is the code snippet:emb =

How to upgrade the project build in visual studio 2005 to visual studio 2008?

I have one OPC ( OLE for Process control ) server project which is developed into visual studio 2005. I want to run it in visual studio 2008. The coding for the OPC server project is done in VC++. I want to connect my OPC client to this OPC

apache pig - url parsing into a map

I am pretty new to pig and have a question with log parsing. I currently parse out important tags in my url string via regex_extract, but am thinking I should transform the whole string to a map. I am working on a sample set of data using

Linkedin Api: Get Groups I am a Member Of

I want to get all the groups I'm memeber of the linkedin API. I use JavaScript SDK for this: Preventing a class instantiation in Scala using Factory Pattern [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to check constructor arguments and throw an exception or make an assertion in a default constructor in Scala? 2 answers

generating web-service classes using soapUI with a WSDL over HTTPS

I'm using SoapUI to generate my web service client classes (using wsimport/jax-ws ri if it makes a difference). I've had no problem with this for several services, however, the one im working on now has a wsdl file which is served via http

Syntax error: WITH is not valid input in this position

So I have this similar request WITH customers_in_usa AS ( SELECT customerName, state FROM customers WHERE country = 'USA' ) SELECT customerName FROM customers_in_us

Angular Modal not always showing properly

We implemented a custom error-handling in our Angular 4 app, which overrides the default ErrorHandler and shows a modal with the error:@Injectable()export class GlobalErrorCatcherService implements ErrorHandler { constructor(private errorD

Unique list (set) to dictionary

I'm trying a long time to remove duplicate from a list and create a dictionary with keys like php (0,1,2....).I have tried :ids = dict(set([1,2,2,2,3,4,5,4,5,6]))print idsThen I want tofor key, value in ids.iteritems(): #stuffOf course

Java JButton actionPerformed freezing

I've been fooling around with Java and I was trying to make a program that starts to ping an address and printing out the ms.I have a JButton: JButton start = new JButton(START); start.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){ publi

SSH connection with .pub file

I am given with from client. And I was told to connect to it. I tried adding the key with ssh-copy-id user@ec2-remoteserver.comBut it gave the error. Permission denied (publickey).Then I thought of trying to connect withssh -i /c

Unit testing a domain with transient property

I am trying to unit test a controller for User domain generated by Spring Security Core Plugin. The controller was generated with grails generate-all. The domain has a transient property called springSecurityService. In my unit test I am tr

Unauthorized access was denied or security settings have expired certifi

I'm installing a v7.0.0 MobileFirst Server with Liberty with Java 1.7.0 on RedHat in Nonadminstrator mode. Steps I have followed:Successfully install Liberty, create a server and verify it starts with no errors in messages.log.Inst

Change the MySQL driver used by Joomla

When I was installing Joomla, mysqli was the default option, so I installed with mysqli driver.But the database of my client is mysqli. So when i migrate my local site to the host, i get this error: Database connection error (1): The MySQL

Linking boost_1_55_0 asio

I'm using this in my makefile to build my program:all: server.cppg++ -o server server.cpp -I ~/boost/include -L~/boost/lib -Wl,-rpath,~/boost/lib -lboost_system -lboost_thread -DBOOST_ALL_NO_LIB=1When I compile I get these warnings:/usr/

Getting error “Error loading private server key”

So I was implementing rush in Orion Context Broker Server instance, and whenever I try to start the contextBroker with the following command:contextBroker -rush localhost:1234 -https -key privkey.pem -cert cert.csr, I'm getting the followin

Python ctypes: pass argument by reference error

I have a C++ function that I want you call in Python 2.7.12, looking like this:extern C { double* myfunction(double* &y, double* &z, int &n_y, int &n_z, int a, int b) { vector _x; vector _y; vector

C creating a file with given size

I am trying to create a file with a given size using lseek() and adding a byte at the end of the file, however it creates a sparse file with 0 byte.Below is the code...any suggestions?#include #include #include

Link error when using lex and yacc output in Visual Studio

I am using this windows version of flex (lex) and bison (yacc) to port my query compiler from linux to Windows.The output files, lex.yy.c, and are getting generated properly.However, I am getting the following link error.Err

Can I read the rest of the line after a positive value of IOSTAT?

I have a file with 13 columns and 41 lines consisting of the coefficients for the Joback Method for 41 different groups. Some of the values are non-existing, though, and the table lists them as X. I saved the table as a .csv and in my code

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