jQuery Show/Hide nested divs

:I have awkward problem I cannot resolve.I have a nested divs, which I want to show / hide when user clicks on a link. All divs at once. I cannot assign ID's to my divs, so I will need to do it wiht classes.Show more

AngularJS compare password fields

:I am trying to compare two password fields using a custom directive. It doesn't seem to be doing anything and I don't know how to debug this. Here is my code:directive: .directive('pwCheck', [function () { return { require: 'ngModel',

how to count common nodes between two nodes in sql

:How to count common nodes between two nodes in sql for this example:count tags between VGN A and VGN and the number of tags.In other words: count of li between h2 number1 and h2 number 2 in this exampl

Error “A referential integrity constraint violation occurred”

:Can you please help me with my code?I have 2 models:public class Author{ public int Id { get; set; } public string AuthorName { get; set; } public IEnumerable Books { get; set; }}public class Book{ public int Id { get; set; } public

Does a debug release of an Android app have a higher chance at being killed?

:The Android docs say: Finally, if the application is being signed in release mode, you must align the .apk with the zipalign tool. Aligning the final .apk decreases memory usage when the application is -running on a device.Does this mean memory usage

CSS background image that can scroll

:I am trying to create a background image that will have a scroll bar to scroll the image down vertically. I like the idea of using width and height percentages because it seems like this method always fits the image to any screen resolution. Unfortunat

Getting error Response with status: 404 Not Found for URL

:I am facing an issue while running the angular and nodejs app which I am trying to integrate with Neo4j app. The issues are the errors that I get-POST http://localhost:7474/viewNodesStart 404 (Not Found)and EXCEPTION: Response with status: 404 Not Found

Jquery class is not responding to .click() despite being listed within selectors

:I have some several labels on a webpage, that can be clicked, and all share the class 'btn'. In the console, if I use the selector $('.btn'); among others the following elements DO appear:​

How to explicitly set a text box in a form to dirty?

:I already saw questions like, How to set a particular field in a form to dirty in angularjs 1.3 and Angular.js programmatically setting a form field to dirty but they are not working.I am auto-filling a text box in angularjs as:$scope.address.city = "S

angular: watch for filtered value in directive

:I'm trying to implement a directive that draws a chart based on given values.I want the pass the data for the plot from the template.I have a working solution, passing the data in ng-model, for which I can then add a $scope.watch statement. But that doe

Ruby on Rails - Data not saved. Index showing blank values

:I'm creating a Ruby on Rails application but encountered a database problem. I have controller actions and views for the 'new' action but my values never get saved to the database unless I'm using Rails Console. My Rails version is 4.0.4. Here is my

Bidirectional One-To-One Relationships in Flow

:Is it possible to have One-To-One Relationships in Flow without having to set the attributes twice?I have two tables that are connected in a One-To-One Relationship, but only one of them should contain an extra column for this Relation.Doctrine clearly s

How to remove border around images? [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: How remove border around image in css? 12 answers I'm a mobile developer struggling with some HTML works in my app. It looks too e

Struggling with a series of variables

:To avoid tweets becoming caught in the twitter spam filter I have some code that goes to tinyurl and creates a new short url each time the code is run for each of the original urls. What i want is each time 'u' is printed, it's value should be passed

Why does my form in Django save successfully except for one field?

:my form in forms.py is then passed to this method in my views.py, if I go into python shell and print objects from MyProfile, all of the fields show values except for nearbyzips, which shows None. As you can see below, I am trying to manually assign a v

Need help changing variable value to then change a displayed message

:I am new to Javascript, HTML, and CSS so I have been playing with a lot of new functions, objects, styles, tags, etc.I was working on some basic math. functions and decided to try and create a life system for future reference if I ever made a game. I wan

How to make the Kendo chart on mobile responsive?

:I have created some charts in Kendo, Link HereMy problem is that I cant pinch and zoom the charts and also, if I change the orientation, the charts are not scaling to the available width.Is there a solution for this?

AngularJS - Converting Incorrect Use of Service To Directive

:I have a table with a fixed width; if the data within the table exceeds the defined width, the user that the ability to scroll left and right as i have a CSS element of overflow: auto;.What i am trying to do is introduce buttons on either side of the tab

socket.io connect to unix socket

:I want to connect to unix socket using socket.io-client, No success (mostly timeout, last sample - dns resolution error).var clientio = require('socket.io-client');// i tried all variants here//client=clientio.connect('port.io/',{'force new connect

How to send and store data to rails through jquery/ajax as a JSON object?

:{QUESTION UPDATED}I want to send some data to the server where rails is installed. My data is in JSON format such as:var JSONObject= { table1: { title: "Title of text", url: "Url of text"

Why Remove last child does not work?

:i am trying to remove the div old image and append a new one using last child(jQuery) but it does not work i get a new image appended beside the old one.here is jQuery code$(function() {$('.iconWrapper span').click(function(e){ var kleur=$(this).attr(

Chrome extensions: open link in new tab upon loading of a particular page?

:I'd like to create a Chrome extension where, when a particular URL opens, another URL opens automatically in a new tab. Note that I'd like the new tab to open as soon as the first URL begins to load, not once it's finished loading.So basically, you'd

Navigation Drawer with webview auto-closes after scrolling

:I've put a webview on the Navigation Drawer; the webview shows formatted text about the current UI so that the users can familiarize themselves with features.Unfortunately, after scrolling up or down on the webview (horizontal scrolling of the webview i

Removing jQuery UI Accordion

:I am utilizing the jQuery UI, the accordion specifically. I wanted to add a "remove" button to each accordion that would hide it. My current code just sets the visibility to hidden on the div. But, I need to completely remove the accordion. Here is how

JSF validation pattern for input control

:I have a JSF page and I have a inputtext in this page. I take the user keywords form this inputtext.My problem is that I want to control the number of keywords that the user enter(they separated by "-" ) and check them to not to be more than a specific

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