JavaFX closing application modal dialog

:I'm using this example to create application modal dialog. When I click exit button on my dialog (red one in top right corner) everything works fine. Dialog gets closed and then I can open it normaly. But when I try to add a Button which closes my dialo

“ 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException' occurred in mscorlib.dll” while trying to create fi

:I'm doing this project where I grab some information and save it to a file. While trying to create that file, I always get an System.UnauthorizedAccesssException error. I've tried adding a manifest file and requiring admin, still doesn't work. I've a

Adding a UIButton to UIScrollView

:I am trying to add the UIButton to UIScrollView.I have added the UIImageView with background image *(size: 320 * 620)*.Then I added this UIImageView to UIScrollView, and It works fine.But now I want to add UIButton at position at : (60, 500); (below scre

How to simulate a blocking send() using WSASend() and IOCP?

:Edit:This question is not necessary, as the WSASend() function can inherently be used in a blocking mode, even if the socket has the overlapped attribute and is associated with a completion port. To use it in a blocking mode: just don't supply an overla

executing a .class from a java file with java commands in it

:import*;public class chk {String command;public String getMsg(String fileName,File Path1) { String dir,name=" "; int x; x=fileName.indexOf(".class");name=fileName.substring(0, x); command ="java " + name +" < C:\\iptest\\

Is it possible to redefine destructor?

:I've encountered a problem with "redefineing" destructor. The thing is I have been given a definition of struct that i cannot modify. It is a "leaf" of a tree. Goal is to free only a part of the tree while returning a pointer to the remaining subtre

Using AsyncTasks as separate public classes

:this question is a continuation of what i have asked orginally here i am trying to find a better way to pass the ArrayList from AsyncTask to the Activity (any activity that calls the AsyncTask) so in my situation i have a which extends

IOS - Centering UIScrollView inside UIView container programmatically with Autolayout issue

:I'm trying to replicate the safari pages scrollview, which has its frame that is slightly narrower than iPhone screen. So According to few suggestions I'm placing a the scrollview (450x280 points) inside a "clipView" (450x320 points).//viewController

Stucture values not staying, values changed to -858993460

:I'm clearly doing something wrong or forgetting something. I have defined a structure in a header file with four variables. I then assign values to those variables in a function located in a different .cpp then I try and take the new values from the str

MySql expected output not coming

:So I have this program which reads serial Input from COM port and places it in MySql database named asset.Code:import*;import java.util.*;import*;import java.sql.*;public class SimpleRead implements Runnable, SerialPortEventListener {sta

Why am I getting this error ? “unresolved external symbol” [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: What is an undefined reference/unresolved external symbol error and how do I fix it? 30 answers This is the error I have been getti

Type mismatch, cannot convert from void to char[]

:I'm testing if 2 strings are anagrams. I figured that if I make them arrays then sort them, and they turn out to be equal, they are anagrams. I'm having a type mismatch compiler error though, and I cannot figure out why.package local.random;import java

List list always return list size() =1 Here map

:Here I am adding marker on map:hereMap.addMapObject(new MapMarker(new GeoCoordinate(lat,lng), myImage) .setTitle("marker"+geoCounter) .setDescription(" \nLatitude :" +lati+ "\nLongitude : "+ lng));adding lat lng with array list of la

Restore webview scroll position?

:I want to save the state of my webView with its page scroll position when user leaves the app and restore them when user opens the app again. So that, user can continue reading the restored webview content scrolled down to the restored position.Here are

Using multiple detail views with TableView

:Im trying to implement a table view page within my tabbed bar application. I have successfully made a table view containing data, and I want this to take me to a detail view. However I want separate detail views for each Cell, to allow me to create more

Mapping relational DB to a List each containing a List using JdbcTemplate

:I am using Spring MVC with JdbcTemplate and a MySQL database. Say I have the following 2 tables :table_schoolID NAMEtable_studentsID NAME ADDRESS SCHOOL_IDI have a School POJO that has the following class variables :int id, String name, List<

SQLiteDatabase error “sqlite: (1) near ”)“: syntax error”

:sqlite: (1) near ")": syntax errorI don't understand, I thought (and still do) that I put every space (and ect.) neededmaybe someone could help me?thanks for your timepublic class DatabaseHandler extends SQLiteOpenHelper { private static final int

How to run command in the process which is executed with admin rights?

:I want to create a self signed certificate and install it using through c# program.I use makecert to make certificate i run it as administrator and i pass command in the ProcessStartInfo.argument but the command doesn't executes what is the problem in t

checkout when you close the tab

:In my application with Java EE and JSF 2.0 I would like that when the user closes the tab of the application the session ends. If this user has opened another tab in the application then the session of this other tab should not be closed. This so to not

Iteral fibonacci java code returns 0 when fibonacci sequence > 2

:the code below interates from Fibonacci 0 to 100. However after the Fibonacci number reaches 2 and moves on to 3, the resulting numbers are 0. when they should be 3, 5, 8 etc. by everything I see it should work and I am not sure why.However you will noti

presentModalViewController not responding

:I have 3 classes. First controllor is the first controllor in tabbar. I am using presentModalViewController to present a login screen and a Home screen. I have a presentModalViewController in firstcontrollor which present the login screen and in Loginscr

Java libgdx 1.20 version texture bug

:For 2 days I've been trying to fix bug with fickering and distored textures in my game. I was serching on the internet and i tried a few solutions like using scene2d, but it didn't work. What should i do ?This screenshot shows the problem: as the char

EditText in Google Android

:I want to create the EditText which allow Numeric Values, Comma and Delete and other values are ignore.So How I can achieve this by programming code ?Thanks. 1:I achieved same thing using follwing code, hope you will also find help from it.editText.a

Change icon image JavaFX

:How can I change the icon image of my JavaFX application? And is possible to run my application without java installed on computer? 1:stage.getIcons().add(new Image("yourImage.extension")); 2:You can set the image of your primary stage@Overridep

EntityManager remove throws Object: null is not a known entity type

:I am trying to delete a record in the database using EntityManager. I am using EJB JPA.It produces the error : Object: null is not a known entity type.Here is my code:public void deleteAppointment(int staffID, int appointmentID) { try { StaffAp

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