Divide page in 2 parts so we can fill each with different source

I need to create an User guide, where I've to put the content in 2 different language but on the same page. so the first half of the page would be in English while the second part would be in French. (In future they might ask for 3rd langua

webMethods pub.client.http throws error on 401

I am using webMethods from the SAG and it seems if the servicepub.client.httpthrows an exception on status code 401 Unauthorized.This leads me to the problem that I cannot handle the status code because nothing is written to the pipeline.ge

Unfortunately cordova android App Stopped

The application stops unfortunately with the Exception as: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void org.apache.cordova.CordovaPlugin.privateInitialize(java.lang.String, org.apache.cordova.CordovaInterface, org

CORS error in PouchDB with CORS enabled in CouchDB

I have CORS enabled in CouchDB:I run the app on Windows 8.1, serving it with hapi.js.When viewing it in Chrome after a while this error message appears in the console:Uncaught (in promise) CustomPouchError {status: 500, name: unknown_error,

ASIHTTP: addOperation when other threads are running

I have a project using ASIHTTP to multi download files from a sitewhen I add a new request:[networkQueue cancelAllOperations];[networkQueue setDownloadProgressDelegate:a];[networkQueue setDelegate:self];[networkQueue setRequestDidFinish

How to map URL to port and modified URL?

How do I map www.somesite.com/api(.*) to www.somesite.com/$1:9000?(I need to map /api to Play framework application running @ port 9000)I did the following:$HTTP[url] =~ ^/api { proxy.server = ( => ( ( host =>, port => 9000

HtmlElement.InvokeMember, how wait until page loaded?

In my C# application I use WebBrowser object to read html include postbacks. To read default page by getting page I use WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventHandler, like:WebBrowser wb = new WebBrowser();wb.DocumentCompleted += new WebBrowserDoc

How can l post on facebook from android app with API wall without checking?

How can l post on facebook from android app with API wall without checking (displaying post to wall screen from facebook) 1:Just call publishStory(StringYouNeed,StringYouNeed,StringYouNeed);And implement this in your activity / Fragment

nsITraceableChannel, Intercept HTTP Traffic code

Ive been trying to get this code working for firefox, that I got fromnsITraceableChannel, Intercept HTTP Traffic and from How to get an url from nsITraceableChannel?, Ive been googling for the answer, with no luck.What I would like to do is

Yii2 BackOffice with API REST Implementation

I have developed an app in Yii2 that is as a backoffice for a Travel Agency. I have used the basic start template, and used gii (code generator) to create the CRUDS for the models (Hotels, HotelRooms, HotelImages, etc)I also want to create

import com.larmor.opencv.MatchTemplate

I am trying to develop an application which predominantly needs to do the exact thing as this as explained here. However i am not able to find the jar file needed to add in the build classpath inside eclipse which lets me import com.larmor.

What are the correct permissions for my site that is now served by NginX?

I am running a local testing server on my laptop running Ubuntu 16.10. I was running Apache2, but I've decided to switch over to NginX. Following guides like this one, I think I've got NginX up and running, along with PHP 7.0 fpm.However, w

Django 1.11 on passenger_wsgi not routing POST request

I'm trying to setup python on A2 shared hosting via passenger_wsgi. The app is working fine when I run it via 'runserver'. I tested this both in my local PC, and via SSH tunnel. However, when I try to set this up on passenger_wsgi, it can't

I'm developing a keyboard for android. How to change the text color of the keys?

How to change the text color of the keys?Here is my keyboard layout.<?xml version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?>

GET or POST when reading request body

Should I use the GET or POST method when sending information to a server in the body of the HTTP request? There are no query parameters appended to the URL, the server will inspect the body of the request for what it needs. 1:GET extrac

Cloud9 and ActionMailer / Mailgun?

I hope you can lend me a hand with this!I used to develop locally, but I'm abroad and I'm using Cloud9 to work with some projects. Currently, It's giving me a hard time with Action Mailer.My ActionMailer Initializer:ActionMailer::Base.smtp_

My frame is redirecting page !! How to stop it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to prevent IFRAME from redirecting top-level window I have a

Truncate string after certain number of substring occurrences in PHP? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to split a string in PHP at nth occurrence of needle? Let's say I have a string variable:$string = 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3;I want to cut off the end of this string starting at the fourth occurrence of the substring

Domain authentication with Kerberos fails

My app is using Grails, Spring, Kerberos. applicationContext.xml

Different results with base64 encoding in Google Apps Scripts and JavaScript

I have tested the following statements in Google Apps Scripts and were surprised that they yield different resultsvar a = Base64.encode(ciphertext); var b = Utilities.base64Encode(ciphertext);What is the reason for this?This is the source c

.htaccess Rewrite url with images from a folder to a php file

I want to rewrite all the images in my wp-content/uploads folder to a thumbs.php file in wp-content/thumb folder without changing urlThis is what I have added in my .htacccess# BEGIN imgRewriteEngine OnRewriteBase /R

ControlTemplate causeing error “The property 'content' is set more than once”

I'm just trying for the first time to use a ControlTemplate for a button that I want to create.However, as soon as I put the tag anywhere, it is coming up with an error.

how to get QR code type

I am working with Zxing library to decode QR code for android. I can get QR Code. Now, I want to catch what types of QR code it returns say (URL,Phone Nubmer,Plain Text etc). I tried to explore ResultParser class but i can't use it. Update

Can finalize be called after a constructor throws an exception?

Are there any details on whether or not an object is cleaned up using finalize() if that object's constructor thew an exception.When this method is called is notoriously ill defined. According to the manual: The Java programming language

“Access denied” while setting DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPORT

I was logged in as a normal user into the database:SQL> connectEnter user-name: myusernameEnter passwort: Connected.And then I tried to set the default http port like this:SQL> Exec DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT(3000);But I got the following error m

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