using jquery mobile and codeigniter framework php

:I'm creating jquery mobile site using codeigniter framework.If I start my project without using jquery mobile in the head everything work but if I insert jquery mobile in the head of my page and try to start my project I receive a gray page with write o

Debugging Responsive File Manager Plugin (TinyMCE)

:Yesterday I found this great looking plugin for file and image management for tinymce however I cannot get the files to actually save to the drive. I have tried every commbination I can think - This plugin.Anyone used it befo

Deleting a file from bucket. Autodesk-forge

:There are problem with deleting a file from bucket ("errorCode": "AUTH-012"). But I can download current file by using -x GET instead of -x DELETE. I use this tutorial ->

Language selection in the combo

:I configured my servlet to support internationalization, just as I showed below:

How HTTP Server inform its clients that the response has ended

:I know that, the http clients sends 0x10 0x13 bytes to inform the http server that the request data has finished.But how the server informs the http clients that the response data has finished? (it sends -1 i.e. correct)? 1:No. HTTP Clients do n

MigLayout align center won't center JLabel component

:I am using MigLayout I find it flexible etc,but I am having a problem with centring stuff with it. I tried using gapleft 50% but it seems like the percent number needs to change on different frame sizes, because it's also depending on component's size.

How do I extract “eTag” or “x-ms-request-id” from my Astoria DataContext response?

:The Azure table whitepaper mentions that the x-ms-request-id is useful to send to Microsoft in the event there is an error working with the data. If I do have such an error, I'd like my try...catch block to take this and save it somewhere for future an

Having problems with Restkit nested mappings

:I've been trying to create a request to a login service, but i'm having problems when receiving the response, and i don't know what i'm doing wrong.Here's my code:AppDelagate/* LOGIN RESPONSE */ RKObjectMapping *userMapping = [RKObjectMapping map

Pop Under on Click for RSS Feed - Javascript

:I want to set up the site so when users click on RSS feed links (which I display in part of the site), the feed link appears in a pop under. It makes sense on the site. It's something my users want.What I can't figure out is how to populate the rss l

WAMP: Cannot Connect To Localhost

:I'm just stuck on one little thing here but here is what I've done so far using websites and video tutorials (Note: I'm Running on Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge as a browser for WAMP).Disabled SkypeI went into the little WAMP menu/apache/httpd.c

'rails server' starts thin twice, shuts both down. Cucumber still works

:My rails application fails to start up in development mode. It appears to work in both production and test mode. Here is what I get when I run 'rails server': Thin web server (v1.5.1 codename Straight Razor)Maximum connections set to 1024Listening on

Using Jquery to load one html file, delay, then another, looping

:I'd like to show one html file. Then fade to another one. Here's my code and it works, except the first time, it waits 10 seconds to switch. Then after the switch, it waits 5 seconds in between switches. I'm a little confused as to how to jquery's ha

Scheduling in is best solution?

:I want to Scheduling in I have following options to implement thisTo write SQLServer JOB(I dont want to do this.Dont want to go outside of .Net environment)Second option is I will write windows service and this window service will call

Difference in two SQL query, but same result

:i'm new here, i suppose that i will get some help.I have two queries FIRSTSELECT ename, deptno, sal, commFROM empWHERE sal IN (SELECT sal FROM emp WHERE deptno = 30)and comm IN(SELECT comm FROM emp WHERE deptno = 30)SECONDSELECT ename, dep

Is there 2 methods for declaring instance variables in Objective C?

:In most tutorials, the way to declare instance variable is to put it in .h@interface myViewController: UIViewController { UITextField *myTextField;}@property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UITextField *myTextField;and in .m@implementation myViewControll

Sort XML elements in predetermined order using XSLT

:I have to following XML: The order of a, b and c elements is random.Now I want to sort the elements in a predefined way (first b, then a, then c).I tried the

Google map marker click, display a modal

:Hi i need show the bootstrap modal on clicking the marker, the code is here:map 1:I´ve forked your code here:´ve added the following code:google.maps.event.addListener(marker_1, 'click', function() { $('#myModa

Entity Framework Code First and Oracle ODAC 12c Release 3 Error

:A bit stumped with this one...I'm receiving the following error when setting up Code First on Entity Framework and Oracle... No Entity Framework provider found for the ADO.NET provider with invariant name 'Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Client'. Make sure isn't working for multiple links in Google Chrome

:I tested this in FF, work fine but not in Chrome. For single link, I found a hack which is using redirect, but I'm still looking for ways to open multiple links in new tabs in chrome. $scope.openLi

Navigation Drawer with webview auto-closes after scrolling

:I've put a webview on the Navigation Drawer; the webview shows formatted text about the current UI so that the users can familiarize themselves with features.Unfortunately, after scrolling up or down on the webview (horizontal scrolling of the webview i

Anchor in list elements not filling available space with display:block and height/width set to 100%

:In the fiddle below i would like to the anchor elements to occupy all of the aviailable space of their parent li elements:'t see what i have done wrong :( 1:Put the padding on the a instead of the li and take the width of

JSF validation pattern for input control

:I have a JSF page and I have a inputtext in this page. I take the user keywords form this inputtext.My problem is that I want to control the number of keywords that the user enter(they separated by "-" ) and check them to not to be more than a specific

Adding a auto incremental column into existing redshift table

:I have a table in Redshift.I want to add a column which should have incremental values. I dont want to drop the table and create a new one.Please suggest the command to add a column having auto incremental values in redshift table.Thanks !!! 1:It is n

PyQtGraph with PySide producing tiny, squashed graphs (including the example code)

:I am running Python 3.3 with PySide 1.2.2 and PyQtGraph 0.9.8.The problem I am having is that every graph I try and produce returns an obviously incorrect result.This is the graph I get when I run the basic plotting example that is packaged with PyQtGrap

SecurityError: Error #2028: Local-with-filesystem SWF file

:I don't know how to tell the flash to let the swf file get connected.I used the crossdomain.xml as well but nothing have is the xml code:?xml version="1.0"?>

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