Locked first element in android sliding menu

:I'm designing android side sliding menu based on examples with navigation drawer pattern like this : ... ... To

Ruby On Rails Relationships - One to Many

:I'm a beginning to ROR, but here's what I'm trying to achieve. I have two items I want to associate: matters and people. Each matter can have many people. That is, I want to create people and matters separately and later be able to link them.For examp

Not getting all the results

:This is my question related to my previous question that I asked search stops after the first matchHere I am giving you the mapping. { "copy_order_snapshot": { "properties": { "line_item_info": { "dynamic

Why Remove last child does not work?

:i am trying to remove the div old image and append a new one using last child(jQuery) but it does not work i get a new image appended beside the old one.here is jQuery code$(function() {$('.iconWrapper span').click(function(e){ var kleur=$(this).attr(

How do I rename the Column Name on Acumatica Customers screen?

:How do I rename the Column Name on Acumatica Customers screen? I tried the below method on other screens, but for the customers page, it does not seem to be working:PXUIFieldAttribute.SetDisplayName(this.Trans

Case Insensitive URLs for wso2 Request URL

:I created an api with context MyStudents in wso2 publisher. So the Request URL is MyStudents/v1. When I publish this api, I have resource /Students/{name}. In the wso2 store, when I try out the feature, the URL is http://MyServer.com/MyStudents/v1/Stu

Generating TDB Dataset from archive containing N-TRIPLES files

:Apologies, in advance, for a possible duplicate.I have an archive containing 117,426 files (each in the N-TRIPLES format) that I wish to load into the default graph of a TDB dataset. Due to the large number of files, I need to be able to perform this imp

My binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 while having localized splash screens

:My app keeps getting rejected as an invalid binary after uploading it to iTunesConnect via ApplicationLoader. The e-mail notification I'm getting is: Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 - - New iPhone apps and app updates submitted must support t

When I want for define to set 1000000, program in process crashed [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Segmentation fault on large array sizes 5 answers When I want to #define for SIZE 1.000.000 , my program crashed before it start ma

How to use SUMIFS function for summing values if criteria range exists in a range?

:My data:A B Ca 3 db 1 ac 8 ed 5 I want to use SUMIFS function, sum range is B1:B4, if the corresponding value in column A exists in column C, sum the values in column B,in this case the sum will be 3 + 5 = 8I tried =SUMIFS(B1:B4,

How to change matplotlib axes so that that it does not display in scientific notation? [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: How to prevent numbers being changed to exponential form in Python matplotlib figure 3 answers How to change matplotlib axes so tha

Qt Assistant: How to maximize help window, when QT-Assistent is started as process

:QT4.8Hi, I am connecting to QT-Assistent using a QProcess schema. For example (from the QT doc)QProcess *process = new QProcess;QStringList args;args << QLatin1String("-collectionFile") << QLatin1String("mycollection.qhc") << QLatin1String("

MySQL query to retrieve items that have an exact match in a many-to-many relationship

:I have the following tables:Media:- mediaid- mediatitleMediaTag:- mediaid- mediatagTag:- tagid- tagnameThe following tags:Tag: (1) - PublicTag: (2) - PremiumTag: (3) - RestrictedThe following media with tags:Media: (1) - PublicMedia: (2) - Premium & Rest

Setting layout properties in code at runtime

:I am having trouble finding out how to set layout properties in my code.My controls are being generated at runtime so I can't set the layout in my xml.I would like to be able to set properties such as android:layout_alignParentBottom="true"android:lay

Network error while switching from WiFi to 3G

:My iPhone app is web based.It works fine while running in WiFi and in 3GBut the problem is when I run the app on WiFi and minimize it,and turn off the WiFi and switch to 3G-it shows no network.In user's case-when they use the app under WiFi and goes out

How to use a CASE statement within a SELECT COUNT statement?

:I need to make a case statement.Depending on what the variables value is, it needs to select the correct column from the tableStartDate and EndDate are different variables.There is a variable i created called Region which should determine what column the

BLE Number of Packet per Connection Interval in Wireshark

:I need to know exactly how many packets per interval my BLE can handle. The peripheral, as per its datasheet, handles 6 packets per interval, but I have been unable to find out how many packets the Central can handle. The Central device is a Motorola Mot

Two Facebook like buttons on the same page with two different thumbnails

:I have two different products "Prod_A" and "Prod_B" on the same page, say www.xyz.com/index1.htmlOn this page are two images for these products and small descriptions.I need two like buttons for both products, both like buttons should refer to the pa

Parse and Break: why break cannot be used for getting out of “any” or “some” rule?

:Let say I have to parse a hierarchical set of tagsWhy can't I use break inside some or any to get out of a level hierarchy ? This would a

iOS writing unit test involving Mknetworkkit

:I tried to run MKNetworkKit in my project, it seemed to be fine. I then created a unit test project and call the engine to make some requests (using the MkNetworkOperation). I get no apparent error but the completionhandler block never get called, and so

Infix to Postfix conversion c++

:I am trying to convert from infix to postfix, and then evaluating the postfix expression to get the final answer. I am having a severe problem though, because for some reason the conversion is not working at all. For example, when I input the first infix

app-script google doc copy table with inline image

:I am trying to copy the contents of a GDoc into another GDoc. This works pretty well for all the different element types. Including a table (Enum DocumentApp.ElementType.TABLE). However, if the table contains an inline image (Enum DocumentApp.ElementType

How to get degree of rotation of image

:I'm getting an image from gallery and display it in an imageView. Sometimes, image displays 90 degrees CCW.So, my question is:1- is it possible to get angle of rotation of image?2- is it possible to get angle by a face detection library? if yes, which l

Symmetric and public key encryption

:Suppose N people want to communicate with each of N- 1 other people using symmetric key encryption. All communication between any two people, i and j, is visible to all other people in this group of N, and no other person in this group should be able to

Status code 404 or 400?

:What is the status code should return when an object inside my resource is not available?for example{"Id":0,"name":"user1","scheme":{"id":15,"name":"scheme1"}}What should be the response code if the scheme with id 15 does not exist?400 or 4

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