Get the array elements of the last node in Firebas

Question:As shown in the image below, I have a database "table" called fridge that has a child called food. food is an array that can contain one or more elements.I want to access the last node and fetch the food elements and add them in a list, but I c

jQuery Datatable - changing data url

:Currently using the jQuery Datatables plugin.I now need to be able to change the ajax data source based on some form input values, which would be submitted on a button click?What is the recommended method for achieving this?$(document).ready(function ()

Java: wait for thread result without blocking UI?

:Let me post some code before I ask question. public Object returnSomeResult() { Object o = new Object(); Thread thread = new Thread(this); thread.start(); return o;}public void run() { // Modify o.}So, the method returnSomeResult is called

serialize javascript array

:I am using the dojo enhanced grid and the variable marked "myGrid" refers to the grid.function addtocart() { $("#additem").click(function(){ var myGrid = dojo.byId(dataGrid); var ids = []; var gridRow = myGrid.

How to select the lastrow

:I have an excel sheet it contains data as below: A B C D E F 1 10 11 12 78 452 12 15 15 78 453 17 18 13 7 454 12 45 7 78 785 578 54 45 8

jqgrid double headers

:Can we include two headers in jqgrid. One with a colModel and one without a colModel?Also I have an issue where when I click one row, the entire grid gets highlighted. How can I resolve this issue?CSS Code:.cssclass{ background-color : #EEEEEE

apache is not working on xampp

:It shows the errors given bellow9:53:45 AM [Apache] Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.9:53:45 AM [Apache] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,9:53:45 AM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another met

Is it possible to update Observable with own data in Angular2 / Typescript?

:I have an ngFor with async like that:and this is my component:private searchTerms = new Subject();googleSearchLocations:

Java element icons SWT ECLIPSE

:How to add the java element icons (e.g. class, methods, package, etc as that in the package explorer) in SWT's Tree control?e.g, I have the following tree structure: somePackage--> somePackage | |--> someClass |

Different “visibility” values in each row in a ListView

:I have developed a very simple app that uses a custom adapter for a ListView.Each row has two TextViews:?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Getting the number of documents returned to from a viewEntry

:I have a panel on which I have defined a Domino view and called it viewEntry and attached it to a view in the current database. In the Data definition I have it set to filter by Category Names, all of which it does very nicely. Now I want to know how man

JavaScript: flatten an array without using reduce library

:I have a nested array named $scope.instruments, its contents are:collapsed:expanded:I also have an object:This object contains 2 arrays: AttributeID and SPAttributeRefID.Currently I am flattening the $scope.instruments array using reduce function:$scope.

Perl: Search a pattern across array elements

:I am a Perl newbie, stuck with another bioinformatics problem that requires some help and input.The problem in brief:I have a file, which has over 40,000 unique DNA sequences. By unique, I mean unique sequence id. I am attaching a portion of it at the en

checkout when you close the tab

:In my application with Java EE and JSF 2.0 I would like that when the user closes the tab of the application the session ends. If this user has opened another tab in the application then the session of this other tab should not be closed. This so to not

Getting derived class name statically in python

:How can i implement the static method get_class_name() to get the expected results.I need to get the correct class name without instantiating. (I know this can be done with an instance). Python version is 2.6.class base_class(): @staticmethod def g

Can I use Spring @Autowired in multiple classes?

:My question is - Can I autowire an instance of a class in multiple classes? My application uses Spring MVC to communicate between the JSP front end pages and my MongoDB back end. I am using MongoDB for my repository. I have created a service which perfor

How to output to console in real time in Javascript?

:In Javascript, when you write a piece of code like the one below, it seems like the computer will first complete the entire loop 100 000 times (which can take a second or two) and THEN dump all 100 000 lines in the console in one shot. How can I make it

Sorting information from a file in python

:I have a .txt file that has the following information in it that displays a users name and then 3 scores that they have scored in a quiz:callum,10,7,9carl,10,10,10hollie,1,4,7brad,4,8,3kyle,7,2,0I would like to sort it into alphabetical order displaying

Cannot access a Java static method from Scala

:I'm having an issue with Scala and Java interoperability which Google and SO seem to be unhelpful (I've seen similar questions, but none offered a working solution for my case).I have created a jar file in Java (hosted here, if you need it to answer th

Is it possible in Spring MVC to have void handlers for requests?

:Is it possible in Spring MVC to have void handler for request?Suppose I have a simple controller, which doesn't need to interact with any view.@Controller@RequestMapping("/cursor")public class CursorController { @RequestMapping(value = "/{id}", m

Nested click in jQuery

:I have a DIV that when click on it, it will add another DIV inside itself. Then if I click the newly added DIV it will remove it.HTMLjQuery$('#container').on('click', function(e){ // Add other DIV $( this ).append('

can a MVC 3 app execute an Action in a different app on the same server

:I have two applications running on one server, one is MVC-3, the other is not. the MVC application has a POST action which sends an email and returns a JSON object. Can the plain application somehow execute the action (from server) and

Filter input from keyboard in Textbox, C#

:I want to filter the keyboard inputs into textbox based on the type of input I allow. e.g.0 for Digits only1 for Alphabets only2 for AlphanumericsSo if 0 is configured and a character 'a' is pressed on the keyboard, it is not shown in the textbox. How

function running in foreach loop

:thank you for taking time to look at this. I have been dealing with this annoying foreach loop. Here is what I am trying to do.I have the first page "form.php".On this page I have check boxes. Each check box is generated from a database table. Here is

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Must specify a valid bucketing strategy while requesting aggregatio

:I get this error while I am creating a read request object DataReadRequest class. I tried to look for the documentation but it is unclear. Here is my code: DataReadRequest readRequest = new DataReadRequest.Builder() .read(DataType.TYPE_LOCATIO

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