What is the meaning of the EchoNest API's getT

Question:The EchoNestAnalyzer Documentation states the following regarding timbre:timbre is the quality of a musical note or sound that distinguishesdifferent types of musical instruments, or voices. It is a complexnotion also referred to as sound color,

Failed to enable constraints when filling datatable

:I am loading a data table from an XSD data set in C# in MSVS 2012. The standard GetData() method runs properly. However, my custom query GetDataCustom(), which returns only a few fields from the data set, throws the popular exception: Failed to enable

How to set a field's value on the view mode of a NetSuite custom record, using client script?

:I have a doubt about the nlapiSetFieldValue and nlapiGetFieldValue methods on NetSuite API.Do these methods work somehow on client script, when the record is in view mode? I'm having a hard time getting and setting any fields values without accessing th

Accessing the Custom Object Return type from ojdbc6 JDBC Thin Drivers

:I'm writing some JDBC code which calls a Oracle 11g PL/SQL procdedure which has a Custom Object return type. I can get the code to call the procedure, but how do I access the returned Custom Object to obtain it's contained values?. An example of my cod

R: Function “diff” over various groups

:While searching for a solution to my problem I found this thread: Function "diff" over various groups in R. I've got a very similar question so I'll just work with the example there. This is what my desired output should look like:name class year dif

ASP.NET 4.0 WebForms Routing Javascript not works

:I'm try to use ASP.NET 4.0 WebForms Routing. Here is my RegisterRoutes function: void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) { routes.Ignore("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}"); routes.MapPageRoute("GoodInfo", "catalog/good/{good}", "

make visible div on dropdown select in jquery

:I am developing the asp.net mvc application . my one of forms requirement is that:It has dropdown filling up with let say A,B,C values. If selected A then on UI there should be 2 text boxes should be visible and other should be invisible , if selected B,

selecting specific xml tags with SAX parser

:I'm designing an App for android and I need to parse an XML file, I've been told SAX parsers are better for mobile devices to I've been trying to use it but I've gotten stuck. Here is the XML code:

Stucture values not staying, values changed to -858993460

:I'm clearly doing something wrong or forgetting something. I have defined a structure in a header file with four variables. I then assign values to those variables in a function located in a different .cpp then I try and take the new values from the str

How to pivot_table with with duplicated index

:I have a df_ like this,name level statusyes high openno high closedno med closedyes low openno med rejectedno high openI am trying to create a pivot table with index='level',columns='status', values=sum of occurances

How to read xml attachment from TFS test case to Test method?

:We have test cases in TFS. I would like to pass test parameters in xml file to each test cases.So for that we have an 'attachment' option in each and every test case in TFS. Now how to read that xml file into our test method and make each test case aut

Loop over list and insert into table

:I want to take value from one table and throw into another table. I have function where Im doing a bulk collect into a list. A List of beans. FUNCTION get_things_info ( p_part_id IN NUMBER) RETURN bean_listIS thing_list bean_list; BEGIN SEL

JavaScript switch case: anyway to force the order of the elements as they are written out?

:I've got results being returned to a Google Mapping application in the div sidebar. The results are names of businesses that belong to categories that the client wants returned in a certain order. And unfortunately it's not a straight alpha sort. So

Get the values of a SelectedItem in wpf

:I have a ListBox in a WPF Page each Item of which consists of two Labels. I have assigned them the names FirstName, LastName:

How to persist changes in a .settings/.config file across a file version change?

:I have created an application that uses settings.settings to store some user specific settings (scope=User). Settings are loaded correctly on startup, changed during use and saved correctly for next launch. This cycle appears to have no problems.The pr

SQL Pivot Dynamic Columns STUFF function empty cells

:Doing SQL Pivot Dynamic Columns with STUFF function but not getting result I desireHere is SQL Fiddle http://sqlfiddle.com/#!3/241c2/6/0What can I do to get rid of all the null\empty cells?I would want the resulting display to be something like this w

Combining and splitting assignment in Haskell IO do block

:I /think/ I have a similar misunderstanding of the language in two places involving how variable assignment works in do blocks, involving the IO monad. Could you help me understand (1) is it the same misunderstanding, (2) how to clear it up (in an answer

Sort java script array of formatted date

:I have an javascript array of date which is formatted in a particular way like MM/DD/YYYY. How can I use javascript sort function to sort this array? 1:You can use Array.sort, but you need to pass a custom comparison function which converts the value

How to use SUMIFS function for summing values if criteria range exists in a range?

:My data:A B Ca 3 db 1 ac 8 ed 5 I want to use SUMIFS function, sum range is B1:B4, if the corresponding value in column A exists in column C, sum the values in column B,in this case the sum will be 3 + 5 = 8I tried =SUMIFS(B1:B4,

Returning value from javascript object [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: How do I return the response from an asynchronous call? 33 answers I have created a javascript object and im trying to fetch som da

SoLR - How to filter out records which do not have the field value for field listed in SORT?

:In SoLR, We can set sortMissingLast=true on a field in the schema. If the SORT is on this field, it will to push the results which have missing field values to the end.Is there a way to filter out the results whose sort field values are missing? Please a

IBM Worklight - How to set default values for the App Center client app?

:I have deployed IBM Worklight Application Center on WebSphere Liberty profile. I have then also installed the client app in my mobile device. However, the first time I open the client it asks for server login details, such as: username, password, server

How to do a proper groupby query in django

:I have a table that holds multiple tracking id's in it. What I'm trying to do is group all tracking id's and get a count for them.This is what the SQL query would look like:SELECT tracking_id, COUNT( * ) FROM trackingGROUP BY tracking_idI think I've

C#: How to set member arrays of an unsafe struct

:I am working on a VS 2015 MVC C# web application that loads a 3rd party C++ DLL I do not have source code for. The DLL requires an input param. The new spec requires a couple of array members. One is an int array and the other is a char array.My C# struc

Flex, .NET Web Service and Numeric Enums

:We're using Flex 3 to consume a .NET Web Service. The web service uses an enum and we use Flex Builder to automatically generate the web service objects. Here is the .NET web service enum definition: ///    /// User type   ///    publ

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