global CSS theming combination with component specific local stylesheets

I'm creating a moduler html/js application with self contained UI components. Each of my UI component may have its own template file (structure), js files (behavior) and css files (presentation). Now I would like these components to have a

Why cant I set TextView to display incoming call phone number?

I have an app that replaces the standard incoming call screen with my own design. When someone calls, my custom screen pops up. This is good, but for some reason, my app fails to display the incoming phone number. The incoming phone number

Service stack arrayof to be removed

I have my dto defined as[DataContract(Name = Tuner, Namespace = )]public class TunerDto{ [DataMember(Name = TunerName, Order = 1)] public string TunerName { get; set; }}and I am returning an array of theses which gives my XML in the

Why my user location is always in center?

i have a map in my app,i set the center user location when map is open.I have used this code: map.delegate=Self; ......-(void)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView didUpdateUserLocation:(MKUserLocation *)userLocation {MKCoordinateRegion mapRegion;m

How can I set the StreamingContext in Silverlight DataContractSerizer?

I need to do a deep copy in Silverlight, which I can do with the tried and tested serialize/deserialize approach. The copied objects aren't exact clones - they need to have some of their properties modified on the copy.I should be able to d

Cannot view exceptions thrown during Tomcat startup from Eclipse

I'm using Eclipse to debug a web application through a local installation of Tomcat.When I start the Tomcat server through Eclipse and watch the catalina.out as the WAR file is unpacked, the Eclipse debugger will suspend and jump to a NoCla

Clean code - how to design this class?

I have been reading the Clean code book and particularly the part on Hybrid classes and the difference between data structures and objects.I have an SFTPUtil class with one method for deleting a file from an sftp server.Currently it looks l

How should I store twitter token so users don't have to go to twitter_oauth everytime?

I'm developing twitter application so I'm using twitter_oauth gem to authorize. Here's the code which is very basic one. So, if a user goes to /login it will redirect user to twitter login, once he logged in and click authorize the app, the

mysql load data local infile syntax issues with set fields

I'm trying to use mysql's LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE syntax to load a .csv file into an existing table. Here is one record from my .csv file (with headers): PROD, PLANT,PORD, REVN,A_CPN, A_CREV,BRDI, DTE, LTME 100100128144

Problem with an expect script

I'm trying to create a script to update a password in anon-interactive way. It's working on my laptop but fails on my server.Both are running the same configuration, using Etch.This is the script:#!/usr/bin/expect -f# Change user passwdset

How to get id from Add using UnitOfWork pattern?

I am using the UnitOfWork pattern to abstract database access in my Asp.Net application. Basically I follow the UnitOfWork pattern approach described here:

How to provide data to a @Component through DynamicComponentLoader?

I need to provide view-data to a Component through DynamicComponentLoader, if possible through the constructor, but for that I need to bind the data.var bindings = Injector.resolve([bind(Model).toValue(viewModel)]);this.loader.loadIntoLocat

What is the equivalent cpp function for tf.train.import_meta_graph() in tensorflow?

I need to know the equivalent C++ function for anyone please help with it? 1:There is no direct equivalent of tf.train.import_meta_graph() in C++, because its main

Jackson deserialize array with empty object

I have the following JSON:{beans:[{},{name:Will}]}and the corresponding POJO classes:public class BeanA { private BeanB[] beans; ...getters/setters}public class BeanB { private String name; ...getters/setters}I would like jackso

XSL to completely remove comments (Including the space)

I have a number of xml files that should follow this format:What is the answer?SomeAnswerTextBut it comes in from a web interfac

setting $ENV{variable} when calling python [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How do I access environment variables from Python? 11 answers I'm new to Python and would like reproduce a co

Multiple authenticaion schemes in asp .net core 2.0

I need to support two authentication types in ASP.NET Core 2.0 MVC application: AddIdentityServerAuthenticationAddOpenIdConnectIt was very easy in ASP.NET Core 1.0 version. But in version 2.0 version syntax changed. This is my code:servic

cordova unable to open fileURL returned by camera plugin after application restarted

I am using cordova version 7.0.1 and the cordova-plugin-camera version, failureFunction,options)In the options, I use destinationType: Camera.DestinationType.FILE_URIsourceType: Camera.Pictu

Mod_rewrite clarification question. Only for dynamic urls?

I've been asked to develop a mod_rewrite to change into 999 is the id and How do I lose 10kg in 12 weeks

Enumerate pc's on a workgroup using WMI (c++)

I'm trying to enumerate all the pc's in my workgroup lan (not a domain) using WMI.I can't figure out which class to use or if there is any class that offers this functionality?I've tried several classes but the one that seems that should do

UITableView delegates not getting called after NSURL delegates

I am trying to create an iOS app that gets some data from a web service and displays it in customized cells. So far i could verify via NSLog cmd that the data actually is in the corresponding array. This means the Connection delegates getti

How to define a driver for tclodbc?

I want to use tclodbc from Linux environment to connect to a MS SQL server. I have the driver (freeTDS) and the connection string. But I don't know how to configure the driver to be used by tclodbs. There is a command database configure op

C# class for specific JSON / Geckoboard / Trendline widget

For Geckoboard I want to generate a JSON like this:{item: [ { value: 274057 }, [ 38594, 39957, 35316, 35913, 36668, 45660, 41949 ] ]}I am struggling with the missing property before the a

Is there a way to run a .cmd file when a specific program is closed?

I want the program GOPHER.exe to close when I close Netflix. I already have it set so that when I open Netflix, GOPHER also opens. Right now the command in the .cmd file to close GOPHER is TASKKILL /IM gopher.exe. I want it to run when I cl

Alert dialog not moving to up when keyboard is open in fragment

i have created one alert dialog in fragment dynamically.which has one edit text and one button.what my problem is when user focus on edit text keyboard is open and its hide dialog button.and my dialog is not moving to top.private void Alert

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