Select all Pivot Items that match list of items in another Excel sheet

:I have one Excel sheet that contains a list of people and their associated departments. In a PivotTable on another sheet, I would like to filter my results so that all items "Assigned To" any of the people in a given department will be displayed.So fa

Netty 4 : Configure client certificates in SslContextBuilder

:I have a p12 format client ssl certificates.How can I configure it in Netty in SslContextBuilder class? 1:Convert the .p12 to a Java Keystore.When starting your application, make sure you set the following system properties with the path to your Java

WCF Service calling an external web service results in timeouts in heavy load environment

:I have got the following scneario:Our .NET client calls our WCF service - which in turn calls an external third party service to retrieve some data. Once the data is retrieved, our WCF service sets some values and then returns the control back to the cli

putting html content between php function

:i need to put some html content in a variable for generating pdf using mpdf, is there any way to assign html content to a variable in a php function.this is what i am trying. function getInvoice($conn,$uid,$id,$invoice_no) { echo "some

jQuery UI Autocomplete Partial Match

:I am trying to make the jQuery UI Autocomplete search only the first few letters of my strings. I thought I could do a key/ value thing with jQuery UI, but I am not sure if that applies.I have the following string:AGREE Agreement by and between BLANK, i

Is there a way in AutoMapper to specify that all strings being mapped are to be trimmed

:I'm converting a WinForms app to ASP.NET MVC4 and trying to implement a ViewModel approach using AutoMapper to map between the domain entities and the ViewModels, mostly to flatten the more complex object graphs into ViewModels for easy binding in the v

jquery height returning px not vh

:Soo, Im working on an html-editor and setting vh values to div's. But when I try to use $(id).height(); or $(id).css("height"); it is always returning px value and not the vh. This should not be a problem, but I was planing on making is to a user coul

How to get collection item by index?

:How to access item in collection?Next code gives me error in last line. ************************************************************1 comment2 3 *************************************************

Set Soap Header ksoap2 android

:First, I apologize for asking a question that is already common here in the SOF.But I am a beginner and I'm certainly cruel.I am creating an android application that communicates with a WS. So I can make requests to the WS, I have to add a value to the

Print arguments inside thread

:void * consumer_child(void *arguments){ Range rng = *((Range *) arguments); //prinnting with the range to easily identify each thread printf("consumer_child[%d-%d] started\n", rng.start, rng.end ); pthread_exit(0);}When I print it, it prin

How to delete element from cell arrays after comparisons without causing cell arrays to get empty?

:I created 1D array which shows words and in which sentences they occur. After that I took the intersection to show which word occurs with which each of other remaining words in sentence:OccursTogether = cell(length(Out1));for ii=1:length(Out1)for jj=ii+1

create a contact in a non-default outlook contact folder

: Hi, I would like to create a contact in a non-default outlook contact folder with Excel VBA 2010. In this example, the folder name is “azerty”, located in \mypersonnal_pst\Contacts I tried unsuccessfully : Dim myolApp As Outlook.Application Dim

Spark repartition is slow and shuffles too much data

:My cluster:5 data nodeeach data node has: 8 CPUs, 45GB memoryDue to some other configuration limit, I can only start 5 executors on each data node. So I didspark-submit --num-executors 30 --executor-memory 2G ...So each executor uses 1 core.I have two da

Why isn't my UserControl keeping its initialization?

:I have a UserControl for which I think I'm initializing some of the members:// MyUserControl.csusing System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.ComponentModel;using System.Drawing;using System.Data;using System.Linq;using System.Text;using Sys

Firebase reauthenticateAndRetrieveDataWithCredential problems

:Method reauthenticateAndRetrieveDataWithCredential requires credential.I tried this and it gives me an error:const user = firebase.auth().currentUser;const credential = firebase.auth.OAuthCredential;await user.reauthenticateAndRetrieveDataWithCredential(

CryptAcquireContextA fails in C++ CLR for “Aloaha Cryptographic Provider”

:I have C++ CLR project with both managed and unmanaged code. In this project I loop through list of cryptoproviders and search for suitable.So I use functions CryptEnumProvidersA CryptAcquireContextA I have C# project which uses C++ project.When I call t

Change icon image JavaFX

:How can I change the icon image of my JavaFX application? And is possible to run my application without java installed on computer? 1:stage.getIcons().add(new Image("yourImage.extension")); 2:You can set the image of your primary stage@Overridep

How to stop `colorbar` from reshaping `networkx` plot? (Python 3)

:I am trying to change the colorbar on my networkx plot. The bar gets extra wide and also smooshes my original networkx plot (left) when I add the colorbar on there (right). How can I make my colorbar thinner and not alter my original networkx graph? My

Overwriting jetty default ciphers

:My initial problem was that when I was using IncludeCipherSuites option in jetty configuration file, only TLS 1.2 was being supported. Please see below post for details:Jetty IncludeCipherSuites enables only TLS 1.2Based on the comments it appeared that

How to tweak d3 axis attributes when transition is present?

:I'm using the d3 axis component but I want to tweak a few things after it is drawn. Specifically I would like to rotate the text labels by adding a transform to the text elements and also setting the text-anchor attribute from "middle" to "end". The

Solving linear eqn by efficient-java-matrix-library

:I am using the following library for solving linear equation . The link of that library is as follows : efficient-java-matrix-libraryI have downloaded the library file and imported in the eclipse . Then I have written the following code to solve a set o

JFreeChart x axis Format

:How to format x axis labels? I have a chart(look at attach1)I need to change x axis labels to the labels in the next attach (but with the same chart) 1:To set the label of the axis (in your example "counts") callXYPlot plot = (XYPlot) chart.getPlot(

Back button title missing with long screen title in iOS 7

:I am seeing that "Back" button title is missing when my screen title is big. I needed to show the entire title. Is there any workaround to this?Please see attached the screenshot of navigation bar I see with long title. 1:Make your screen title smal

JavaScript switch case: anyway to force the order of the elements as they are written out?

:I've got results being returned to a Google Mapping application in the div sidebar. The results are names of businesses that belong to categories that the client wants returned in a certain order. And unfortunately it's not a straight alpha sort. So

Setting NavigationController's NavigationBar translucent property to false causes extra padding

:There appears to be extra padding at the top of the root content view when the translucent = false property is set on the NavigationController's NavigationBar (programatically or via the StoryBoard).I've tried adjusting the scroll view insets but to no

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