Count number of rows in column A that have a value in a list in column B on worksheet 2

:I have a list of 3 digit phone codes in EST timezone in column A Sheet 2. I have in Column A Sheet 1 another list of 3 digit phone codes from people that have called in.What I am trying to do is in Sheet 1 "B2" count the number of inbound calls (Column

Error: Cannot convert parameter 1 from std::string to char*. Confused on why it is giving me this er

:So once again I need some help with this program for class. Maybe its that I'm tired but I can't seem to find the logic error I'm sure I've made here. Here is my code:#include "Book.h"using namespace std;void add (char*, char*, int);void remove (in

How to sort and get highest value from Java Object/ArrayList [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: How to compare objects by multiple fields 21 answers Java - getting max value from an arraylist of objects?

Writing to database log in the middle of rollback

:I am using jboss5.1.x, ejb3.0I have a transaction which goes like this:MDB listen to JMS Queue.MDB takes msg from JMS writing to some of the catch clauses i throw "New EJBException(..)", in order to have rollbacks when specific exceptions o

Complex Number Integration in Java

:I have A function Func(x) which returns a complex number.And I need to calculate Integral of I/Func(E^(I*x)) where x is from Pi/3 to Pi/2.How can i do that in Java? 1:Apache Commons library provide a good support for handling complex numbers. Have a l

How do you specify IN clause in a dynamic query using a variable?

:In PL/SQL, you can specify the values for the IN operator using concatenation:v_sql := 'select field1from table1where field2 in (' || v_list || ')';Is it possible to do the same using a variable?v_sql := 'select field1from table1where field2 in (:v_

Android contacts database giving me an exception

:Whenever I try to access the number of a contact I get an index out of bounds exception, can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong here.Members of the classprivate String[] names;private String[] number;In my onCreateContentResolver cr = getContent

How to find a specific value after a specific word in Java?

:I got a text from a BufferedReader and I need to get a specific value in a specific string.This is the text: aimtolerance = 1024; model = Araarrow; name = Bow and Arrows; range = 450; reloadtime = 3; soundhitclass = arrow; type = Bal

How would you format/indent this piece of code?

:How would you format/indent this piece of code?int ID = Blahs.Add( new Blah( -1, -2, -3) );orint ID = Blahs.Add( new Blah(1,2,3,55) ); Edit:My class has lots of parameters actually, so that might effect your response. 1:I agree with Patrick M

Jquery - Change span text color based on numeric value

:I'm trying to build a review system in WP with Advanced Custom Fields, but I can't solve this. I want to change the color of a score based on the number. For example: if the writer puts 0-40 as score it has to be changed to red; if the writer puts 40-6

perl find and replace ../ and  

:I am using Perl to replace all instances of ../../../../../../abc' and in a string with/ and , respectively.The method I am using looks like this:sub encode{ my $result = $_[0]; $result =~ s/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\//\//g; $result =~ s

Azure CDN file download statistics

:How do I see file download statistics with Azure CDN and/or get statistics using a .NET program? I want to put a file in Azure CDN and see how many times the file was downloaded, more details like country of downloaders etc would be nice too. 1:I don

Java usage of HashMap or Map with multidimensional arrays

:I would like to use HashMaps where the value type V should be a two dimensional int array (int[][]).Map map = new HashMap();int[][] a = new int[][]{ {1, 2} };map.put("test", a);System.out.println("Test:" + map.containsKey

Proper ajax call for JSON data

:First time trying to retrieve data from a JSON file and honestly have no idea how to get the objects I would like to get.Can someone please tell me how I can grab values such as Family Name or familyAttributes? I just have no idea how to process the data

MySql How to separate a telephone field in one table into prefix / number in two separate tables?

:I have this requierment: From Customers table –return the prefix for phone numbers. I tryed with strings as by splitting the fullname into first/last name but it works only the one for the number.The full nb format is (258) 1231456 1:SELECT '(258) 12

Gathering protocol from remote control helicopter

:I have a (S107G) mini helicopter, and an Arduino. The possibilities sounded quite fun. So I set off to find the protocol for the transfer of data from controller to helicopter with IR. I used this code to try to figure out something of it.void setup(){

JavaScript regular expression mobile phone number [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: A comprehensive regex for phone number validation 39 answers XXX-XXX-XXXX XXXXXXXXXX I want to use a regular expression of the

Any way to script excel to run a fancy search for multiple queries at once?

:This should be a simple task but I'm new to excel and not sure how to run a fancy search.I'm just trying to view the results of this search, I don't need it to make changes to the cells on the bases of this search.I'm using control + F to open the se

Added table view cells follow 1 custom style?

:I am wanting to create a custom UITableView cell. I would like to know how to do this. I understand how to actually create it and write code for it, but how can i create 1 style and then when i have more cells added, i want the same style. How can i do t

Split MS Access Database and store back end in Sharepoint?

:I have an MS Access database with a lot of VBA code. If I create an Access Web App I will lose the functionality provided by my code. Is there any way to store the tables of my database in SharePoint (not in lists) and link them to the front end to be ke

Challenging way of counting entries of a file dynamically

:I am facing a strange question, which despite of trying many times, i am not able to find the logic and proper code to the problem. I have a file in the format below: aa:bb:cc dd:ee:ff 100 ---------->line1aa:bb:cc dd:ee:ff 101 ---------->line2dd:ee:f

Optimize update query

:I have the following query . i am looking to update more than 350 millions of rows update t set [OC]=r.[OC]from [dbo].[Vente MPX] t with (index (idocdate )) INNER join [dbo].tempOCMPX r with (index (idoc)) on t.[Date Time] between r.[DATE DEBUT] and

How to get all pool.apply_async processes to stop once any one process has found a match in python

:I have the following code that is leveraging multiprocessing to iterate through a large list and find a match. How can I get all processes to stop once a match is found in any one processes? I have seen examples but I none of them seem to fit into what

Managed-Bean best practice

:I'm back to building my Managed-Bean of a hashMap. ( Creating a HashMap of type ) I have defined a class public class AppProperties { private String appRepID; private String helpRepID; private String ruleRepID; private Stri

numpy interpolation to increase array size

:this question is related with my previous question How to use numpy interpolation to increase a vector size, but this time I'm looking for a method to do increase the 2D array size and not a vector.The idea is that I have couples of coordinates (x;y)

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