Add to an uploaded images table the choice of dele

Question:I have a page where I can upload some images, see the list of images loaded in a table. I want to add the chance to delete one of the images in the list from the server. I tried but something in this code is not working. Any help?

Android how to write the query with a proper proje

Question:I have a sqlite table called TermTable with id, selected, term and type columns:static final String TermTable = "Terms";static final String ID = "id";static final String Selected = "selected";static final String Term = "term";static final

Custom editors in a property grid that uses Dictionary

:I am using a property grid that uses a dictionary using the adapter found here. I now need the ability to use a custom editor. More specifically a file chooser. If the object in the dictionary is a string it just uses the default string editor.Could I im

Debugging Laravel application on VSCode

:Has anyone successfully configured VSCode to debug Laravel-based website? After having followed numerous articles and tutorials, I have made it to the point where I can ask VSCode to "Listen to XDEBUG", but I haven't been able to do normal VS-style de

python - how to check if a variable is 'gtk.gdk.PixbufLoader'?

:I would like to know if it's possible to check if a variable is this type:with a line like:if type(var) == 'gtk.gdk.PixbufLoader': # pseudocode print "Found!"Thanks 1:You can use isinstance:if isinstance(var, gtk

php file upload error warning move_uploaded_file failed to open stream permission denied in

:Here are the two errors Warning: move_uploaded_file(/uploads53e866b24977d1.48375376.pdf): failed to open stream: Permission denied in C:\xampp\htdocs\file_upload\upload.php on line 28 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move 'C:\xampp\tmp

OpenCart mail error on mail.php line 153

:I'm getting this error on my OpenCart site while I trying to register using social media bundle plugin: Warning: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/wankersh/public_html/system/library/mail.php

jquery height returning px not vh

:Soo, Im working on an html-editor and setting vh values to div's. But when I try to use $(id).height(); or $(id).css("height"); it is always returning px value and not the vh. This should not be a problem, but I was planing on making is to a user coul

Jquery validator plugin ajax submition not triggering

:I have a problem with my the Jquery validator ( plugins submitHandler function. The form is validated correctly and the invalid handler message triggers correctly, but the submitHandler functions will not trigger cor

Create Dropdown list from API Query

:Attempting to create a script that will pull information from an API requested XML document and put it into a 2D array.Upon making the Get request An XML is produced for each use

Javascript/JQuery Textbox Values Calculations

:I was trying to make a simple computation out of these textboxes.This is my code so far: @foreach (var discount in Model.Discounts) { @

How to define string parameters in C++ header file - Bridged with Swift?

:I have a Xcode project with Swift and C++ (with bridging header), and I am trying to create a function in C++ with 2 string parameters, and returning an array of integers back to Swift:.cpp file:int* example(string one, string two){ int test[3] = {7,2

GetMember by MetadataToken

:What is the proper way of getting a member of a type using a metadata token of that member (with reflection)?I've tried:MemberInfo mi = type.GetMembers(bindingFlags).FirstOrDefault(m => m.MetadataToken == metadataToken); 1:The Module class provides a

InDesign CS5 Script: Why is `#targetengine` not working correctly?

:I understand that the declaration #targetengine "myEngineName" would be used for InDesign to remember global variables (found information on this here:, this was still not enough for it to remember global variables

How do you specify IN clause in a dynamic query using a variable?

:In PL/SQL, you can specify the values for the IN operator using concatenation:v_sql := 'select field1from table1where field2 in (' || v_list || ')';Is it possible to do the same using a variable?v_sql := 'select field1from table1where field2 in (:v_

Getting the number of documents returned to from a viewEntry

:I have a panel on which I have defined a Domino view and called it viewEntry and attached it to a view in the current database. In the Data definition I have it set to filter by Category Names, all of which it does very nicely. Now I want to know how man

How do I render a Spring view(JSP) in a tag after submit a form?

:I'm using Spring MVC for my application. I have a form for receiving start date and end date from daterangepicker. And I want to display another view, that has a table after querying, into the "dataDiv" below the form after submitting the form, but no

Python: list.sort() doesn't seem to work

:>>> x = set(['216', '217', '214', '215', '212', '213', '210', '211', '165', '264', '218', '219', '133', '132', '131', '130', '137', '136', '135', '226', '139', '138', '166', '24', '25', '26', '27', '

SSIS documentation Reference

:Where is the reference documentation for SSIS Script components? For example, Script Components inherit from a class called UserComponent and the overridden function has a local variable of type: input0buffer. I am struggling to find documentation that

How would you format/indent this piece of code?

:How would you format/indent this piece of code?int ID = Blahs.Add( new Blah( -1, -2, -3) );orint ID = Blahs.Add( new Blah(1,2,3,55) ); Edit:My class has lots of parameters actually, so that might effect your response. 1:I agree with Patrick M

How to pass data to c3 graph

:Here is my JS code:var abc = JSON.stringify(dataObject);var chart = c3.generate({ bindto: '#container', data: { json: abc, keys: { x:'_id', value: ['a', 'b','c','d'], }, axis: { x: {

PHP SoapServer formatting

:I am new to SOAP and trying to format a SOAP response using PHP's SoapServer class.It might be useful to know that this is for an EWS Push Subscription callback service and that I am using the php-ews library. I have managed to subscribe to the EWS Push

Need help changing variable value to then change a displayed message

:I am new to Javascript, HTML, and CSS so I have been playing with a lot of new functions, objects, styles, tags, etc.I was working on some basic math. functions and decided to try and create a life system for future reference if I ever made a game. I wan

Filter array in second controller

:I'm trying to filter an array in Controller2 by clicking a button with an id in controller1. This is the code i've come up with so far, but I'm confused how to pass the id parameter to the factory, filter the list and update the scope in controller2.<

Adding new Icons to Visual Composer

:I am trying to add a new font icon set to Visual Composer and although the name is appearing in the dropdown; No dropdown for the actual font icons are being loaded and I cannot figure out what's missing or wrong with my code below.Any help would be muc

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