Google maps api search returns unexpected results

Question:Using the example code at: find that when I type: DePaul Universityand then choose the third one: DePaul University, North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, IL, United

Inheriting C++ project properties in VS 2010

:I have a C++ project in VS2010. I would like another C++ project to inherit its properties (e.g. include directories, external libraries, etc.). It seems the best way to do this is to use Property Sheets, but I can't figure out how to do it. When I try

How should I add my intelliJ project to an already existing Github repository?

:I already have a Github repository, but I need to add my actual project to the repository. How should I do this with IntelliJ? The project should be versioned of course. 1:IntelliJ will automatically discover and "add" your git repository as soon as

XMPP with Android [duplicate]

: Possible Duplicate:Android and XMPP: Currently available solutions I've started prototyping a multiplayer Android game using HTTP + C2DM push, but now having had a chance to reflect more on the design, I think XMPP would be a much better fit for what

SQL Parameters Inside A Loop

:i have a list that i am pulling things out of to insert into a database. This is not going to be a web app so i have just been doing as follows:string sqlStorage = (null,"asd"),for (int i = 1; i < listsize; ){sqlStorage = sqlStorage + "(null,someVaria

IBM Rational System Architect using DB2

:Currently I am looking to setting up IBM Rational System Architect, however I need to get a database setup first to connect with it. I see from the system requirements it only supports SQL Server/Oracle. Due to various restrictions, I am unable

How to change authentication endpoint to use Facebook LoginV2 URL with OWIN security

:I previously asked a question about doing this in MVC4 and found my own solution.How to use Facebook Login v2.0 with dotnetopenauth OAuthWebSecurity.RequestAuthenticationI am upgrading my project to MVC5 so I'm moving to Facebook authentication with OWI

Automating File Download of a link that looks like this:

:I am trying to write an application that will download .csv and .xls files and save them into a folder that will be accessed later by a VBA macro. I am posting this question after the unsuccessful use of the solution in the following link: How do i downl

htaccess redirect from specific urls on home page or on another page?

:I read over 20 posts, and I did not find a solution, so in my case I want to redirect in home page or on another page, but i don't want to redirect Is this possible?I hope to have a solutio

How to: Keep track of Progress on questionnaire

:Good day all, I am working on a practice app that involves fragments, keeping track of data, and SharedPreferences, Here is the scenario, I have a questionnaire-like app, it will ask the user 15 questions but for the sake of this example i'm going to sa

Unity Android created CSV file visible on device, not on PC via USB

:I have a unity application that does a simple file creation and save on a CSV file. public void WriteDataToCsv() { StreamWriter outStream = File.CreateText (Application.persistentDataPath + "/" + path);// GameObject.Find ("DebugText").Ge

How can I detect a user's computer/browser session for auth purposes

:I am trying to implement a login system that sends a confirmation email to the user in case he logs in from a new computer/browser. I am using Nodejs, AngularJS and PassportJS. Any pointers to where I could find resources for this will be greatly appreci

How can I compare two csv file in R?

:I have two csv file, A and B.I want to find the number of different column between A and B.For example, let's assume that A contains 7, 9, 0, 0, 2 and B contains 7,8,6,0,2 ( so A and B have five column each).Then, the number of different column is 2, th

SSIS documentation Reference

:Where is the reference documentation for SSIS Script components? For example, Script Components inherit from a class called UserComponent and the overridden function has a local variable of type: input0buffer. I am struggling to find documentation that

Remove Space After a Particular Character

:I have an string which is coming from a server : (555) 555-5555 I want to remove any space after teland up to 10 characters. 1:For removing only spaces between characters you can use thisNSString *strNum

How to identify date numbers corresponding to non-business days and replace them with by the next av

:I am working with time series data in MATLAB. I have got two vectors of date numbers, one of which relies on a somewhat subjective data source. If both vectors were perfectly accurate, all date numbers should correspond to trading days while one vector w

how to find server unavailable in android

:Im developing an app which has download optionLocal Server in OnState:-From My Android Emulator,I Download Audio File and Save it in Distination Path(Local Server),Then I Played the Audio File,it Working Correct,Then My ProblemLocal Server in OffState:-W

Detect whether a specific part of body collided with another body in box2d

:Kindly suggest some explanation or code regarding how can i detect collision between a specific part of one body with another body in box2d with libgdx.I am able to detect simple collision between two bodies using Contact Listener as mentioned hereBut I

Which Eclipse plugin enables using XML to define GUI

:I look for answer to that question for long time. I downloaded SWT and it is not it. How to enable XML defined GUI in Java projects in Eclipse? It is so common(many people do that) thing but a the same time I can't find place whre is said how to enable

netcat working on localhost but not from remote host

:I have two machines (Machine1 & Machine2) on the same subnet. Machine1 has a tool installed that returns some data. for example if I run the following command, it returns some data.printf "get:info\nend\n" | nc localhost 1234However if do the same on

Exporting data from local standard environment and importing it in Datastore Emulator

:We have two app engine apps, which read/save to the same datastore (that is, same project).Datastore is actually the way they "transfer data" to each other.One of the apps is running on standard environment, and the other is running in the flexible env

Error 110 (open_failed) MsiOpenDatabase - error in the loop

:I'm facing a problem in my program. I need to catch some infos about different MSIs, so I'm using the MSI Database functions from msi.dll.In a loop, I'm creating a list of objects (called PackFile). Each object must contains infos about each file inst

Exact difference between strong and weak property in ios…and if ARC is there then why to use strong

: This question already has an answer here: Objective-C ARC: strong vs retain and weak vs assign 8 answers What is Exact difference between strong and weak property in ios and

While using jenkins API, getting a failure on reconfig_job

:I am using jenkins rest API to recurse through jobs and then reconfigure this one. All methods work except one. He's is my code :def get_server_instance(): jenkins_url = 'xxxx' #server = Jenkins(jenkins_url, username = '', password = '')

Symfony2 functional test and session persistance

:Here is my problem, I add session variable from functional test controller and they don't popup on action targeted by test. I made a login method and used cookbook advice to log in. I tuned it a bit to allow 2 accounts login : admin and superadmin/**

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