How instantiate a concrete class in init binder?

Question:I have to bind an abstract class to my controller request handler method.Before I instantiate the concrete class with @ModelAttribute annotated method:@ModelAttribute("obj")public AbstractObh getObj(final HttpServletRequest request){ return

How instantiate a concrete class in init binder?

Question:I have to bind an abstract class to my controller request handler method.Before I instantiate the concrete class with @ModelAttribute annotated method:@ModelAttribute("obj")public AbstractObh getObj(final HttpServletRequest request){ return

Custom editors in a property grid that uses Dictionary

:I am using a property grid that uses a dictionary using the adapter found here. I now need the ability to use a custom editor. More specifically a file chooser. If the object in the dictionary is a string it just uses the default string editor.Could I im

How to select the lastrow

:I have an excel sheet it contains data as below: A B C D E F 1 10 11 12 78 452 12 15 15 78 453 17 18 13 7 454 12 45 7 78 785 578 54 45 8

SSH key not working on git bash after closing and opening new

:Have create ssh key using following link( create ssh key using git bash and added to github. It works only for that particular git bash. If I close git bash and

Recording audio with Audio Unit with files segmented in X number of seconds each

:I've been at this for a few days now. I'm not very familiar with the Audio Unit layer of the framework. Could someone point me to some full example on how I can let user record and than write the file on the fly with x number of interval. For exampl

Parsing json into a nested ArrayList in libgdx

:I was using Jackson for all my json serialisation and deserialisation, but I'm trying to get my game working with GWT now so I'm moving over to the libgdx json parsing libraries.Everything seems ok so far except thisHashMap

MigLayout align center won't center JLabel component

:I am using MigLayout I find it flexible etc,but I am having a problem with centring stuff with it. I tried using gapleft 50% but it seems like the percent number needs to change on different frame sizes, because it's also depending on component's size.

How to import UglifyJS from Scala.js?

:I can use jQuery from Scala.js quite well:jsDependencies += "org.webjars" % "jquery" % "2.2.1" / "jquery.js" minified "jquery.min.js"Now I would like to use UglifyJS and its webjar structure seems a bit different. There seems to be no minified

SVG content of Telerik RadHtmlChart

:Currently, I have an aspx page in vb that launches a RadHTMLChart and I want to grab the SVG code of that chart. However, since the chart is rendered client-side, I have to launch this aspx page and then grab the SVG code from a second aspx page during p

How to write in the manifest file?

:My manifest file is not updated, I used the plugin maven-war-plugin to write, but nothing happened, if I change the name of the directory of the manifest file I get an error manifest file not found while packaging , but when I put it in the right place n

Get country code based on user's current location Android

:I have already tried out the following code to get country code nameTelephonyManager tm = (TelephonyManager)getActivity().getSystemService(getActivity().TELEPHONY_SERVICE); String countryCodeValue = tm.getNetworkCountryIso();But I guess this does

jQuery plugins - is it a good practice?

:Hey,I am reading about js, jquery & dom from few weeks but today i read a Tutorial in which he uses plugin for delay & ease. Is it a good practice to use plugin?Addition to it :The delay.js code is finished between four to five lines.Maybe we could also

Linux: OS support for an unprivileged interprocess bus

:I'm trying to find a simple solution for high-performance broadcast/multicast communication between unprivileged processes running on a Linux host. I'm looking for a solution that is 1) simple, 2) unprivileged (no root), 3) language-independent, 4) pac

jQuery .on click works only the first time for dynamic elements

:I have a widget that inserts dynamically into the web page using ajax and putting its own jquery in the header, everything works fine.but when in that widget I paste some extra scripts to add some dynamically added elements waiting on user input, they do

How to clear datalist input when options are opened?

:I have a html5 input with associated datalist, I want to clear the input when the options are opened so that all of them could be visible (unfiltered). How could I do this in Javascript? (with jQuery or not)For example (

using paste() in a for loop with glm

:In the code below, df.pts is a dataframe. I'd like to run about dozen glm models using different y variable (only two shown in the code). I'm using a for loop with the paste() function, but I can't seem to get the paste() function to work properly.

DOMNodeInserted behaves weird when performing DOM manipulation on body

:The following code uses DOMNodeInserted to perform DOM manipulation on the body element once it is inserted into the DOM. I know $(document).ready(function { }); is enough to do the job, but I want to test the DOMNodeInserted event.

Overloading a method in an immutable class

:Say that I have an immutable Point class with x and y parameters, and an add method defined like this:class Point: Point add(int x, int y): return new Point(this.x + x, this.y + y);Since it's immutable, it returns a new Point. This is all well and g

angular: watch for filtered value in directive

:I'm trying to implement a directive that draws a chart based on given values.I want the pass the data for the plot from the template.I have a working solution, passing the data in ng-model, for which I can then add a $ statement. But that doe

CSS3 Translate3d Mouse Events Issue

:So, I’ve got this bit of code: colored blocks are setup in a 3d scene where the colored boxes overlap a bit and have the following z-values: 10, 5, 0, -5, -10 (the numbers in the upper right corners of the boxes). When you hover ove

Hibernate Lazy Loading Proxy - GORM Static Api's `instanceOf` throws ClassCastException [duplic

: This question is an exact duplicate of: Javassist Enhancement Fails on Deployment 1 answer I am refactoring legacy code of an existing System in groovy/grails. Instead of us

Multiple Views in Xcode 4.2

:I'm having a lot of trouble finding a tutorial for implementing multiple views in Xcode 4.2 without storyboard, this is for a class so I can't use storyboard yet. I'm just trying to have a 2nd view with a UIPicker come up when a button is clicked in

div style absolute in a table cell

:i have a div with position absolute and width:100% inside a table cell and the width is calculated to window width not to table cell width. the table cell width is also variable so i need that the width of absolute div to be the same as table cell width.

Check for File in multiple directories with an IF statement Powershell

:I am facing some problems in powershell. I want to be able to let a powershell command search for multiple directories. With the name being a variable like "$VM_DISK=VM_DISK.vhdx" and let powershell search in that manor so that if that file exists in a

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