Distributed Lock Service over MySql/GigaSpaces/Netapp [closed]

Disclaimer: I already asked this question, but without the deployment requirement. I got an answer that got 3 upvotes, and when I edited the question to include the deployment requirement the answer then became irrelevant. The reason I'

CustomContent in Primefaces selectOneMenu without persisting object

I am using the Primefaces SelectOneMenu (http://www.primefaces.org/showcase-labs/ui/selectOneMenu.jsf) with the Custom content version as described in the demo.The problem is that the columns only work if the actual value of the field, whic

In numpy savetxt function, what does the 'newline' parameter do?

I'm using the savetxt function (description here) to save a matrix to a txt file, and I wonder what does the 'newline' parameter do? Also the 'header' parameter doesn't seem to work with the latest numpy version. 1:It's for setting how t

How to listen for when sweet alert closes

I am currently working with sweetalert2 and I am trying to detect when the alert closes. However the DeleteUnsavedImages function is not firing. I thought that assigning the function to the onclose key would work but no luck. swal({

How to continue after an exception? Python

I have a for loop that's parsing data being pulled from Yelp. Sometimes, I get the following exception due to some of the business names:'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xf1' in position 3: ordinal not in range(128). Since this is pr

Using post_import_function in App Engine bulkuploader yaml

I'm trying to upload some data to my App Engine datastore using the bulkuploader. For one of my entity types, I have one property that is calculated from another, so I'd really like to do some post-processing on each entity as it's importe

How to subset SparkR data frame

Assume we have a dataset 'people' which contains ID and Age as a 2 times 3 matrix.Id = 1 2 3Age= 21 18 30In sparkR I want to create a new dataset people2 which contains all ID who are older than 18. In this case it's ID 1 and 3. In sparkR I

How to order SQLite-results containing umlauts and other special characters?

I would like to order my results from SQLite according to the rules used for German. This means a character like � is treated like ae, or � like ue.At this point the solution looks like this:SELECT * FROM data ORDER BY REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLA

How to sort the result of multiple queries alternatively?

I have a query made of three select clause like this:select id, colors from table1 union allselect id, numbers from table2 union allselect id, names from table3Also here is the tables structure:// table1 // table2

ambiguous type error when using type families, and STV is not helping

{-# LANGUAGE Haskell2010 #-}{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-}{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies #-}class PoC m where type Wrapper m :: * -> * wrap :: l -> Wrapper m lI'm working with haskell-src-exts, and I want to upgrade my AST to have fr

jQuery - If the body has class rtl do this

I try to alert message with iquery when body tag has class rtl .I wrote this code :if ($('#Body')).hasclass(rtl))) { alert(RRRRRRRR TTTTTTTTTTTTTT lllllllllllll);}When I run this don't work anything. 1:You need to use tag selector, not i

WPF: How to set a dynamic range of numbers for vertical slider?

I'm currently working with an WPF MVVM project which has a user control used by several views but with a different range of values.Here is an example of what i need. As you can see, the control has to respond with a different behavior depe

How to create instance of a class when the class name is stored in another variable [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: minimal reflection in C++ Basically I have class name stored in char * , how Do i create instance of that class.Following is what I was thinking. It works when I pass Test as template parameter which is fine, but if I

General error: 1 Can't create/write to file errcode:2

I am trying to write a CSV file to /var/www/VistaMind_CMStmp and I get the error Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 Can't create/write to file '/VistaMind_CMS/tmp/app_users.csv' (Errcode: 2)I tried doing chown mysql:mysql /var/www/V

Deezer Javascript SDK pause() method doesn't work on iOS

The Deezer Javascript SDK DZ.player.pause() method doesn't seem to work on iOS, even the pause button in Deezer's InApp Demo Application doesn't do anything. Is it going to be fixed soon?In the meantime, is there any workaround to achieve t

What can I do to make this SQL return results in certain situations?

I could use some help to make this search return results in certain situations. The user has 2 fields to fill in and I would like to be able to leave either blank or fill in both. The fields are vehicle and keywords. The vehicle field is me

Check whether numpy array row is smaller than the next

Suppose i have the following array:In [1]: kOut[1]: array([[0], [1], [2], [7], [4], [5], [6]])I would like to check whether each row of k is smaller than the next. I tried the following but it did not wor

How to display an image in email in codeigniter?

$this->load->library('upload'); $this->load->library('email'); $this->email->set_newline(\r\n); $this->email->from($email); $this->email->to($cus_email); $this->email->subject($promo_name.' Offers'); $this->ema

Why doesn't css selector - 'begins with' allow double-dash at end?

In writing CSS I use BEM methodology and I've found using the CSS selector 'begins with' - [class^=classname] very useful. This is especially true when declaring styles for modifiers, i.e. .block__element--modifier.Therefore when writing CS

Angular force disable CORS

I've seen that angular (1.2.17) is sending an OPTION request if we set some custom headers on another domain in ajax (with $http).I know this is some part of an RFC somewhere (no need to point that out) but I would force to send the actual

Extract and display parameter in a dialog?

I am working on a small project and packing it into GUI. The reference source code is DrawTools(Download source code - 61.1 Kb).The reference source code demos a drawing tool in C# WinForms.The function is to draw different figures like rec

Need a little help on this regular expression

I have a Java string which looks like this, it is actually an XML tag:article-idref=527710 group=no height=267 href=pc011018.pct id=pc011018 idref=169419 print-rights=yes product=wborc rights=licensed type=photo width=322 Now I want to remo

Getting an list which contains specific text using regex

I am trying to get the list of ul which contains the term [My search Text] inside it. I have tried using the below regex but its not returning me the proper output,]*>\s*?\w+?(.|\n).*(\[My search Text\]).*(.|\n).+Input :

  • [

Duplicate file descriptor after popen

I am using popen to execute a command under linux, then 4 process wile use the same output.I am trying to duplicate the file descriptor again to pass it to each process.here is my code:FILE* file_source = (FILE*) popen(source_command, r);in

Show dates in a custom format

I'm using CakePHP 3.0.10 and I'm trying to use this date format dd/mm/yyyy everywhere in my application, instead of yyyy-mm-dd.I know from the documentation that I can use ini_set('intl.default_locale', 'it_IT'); setting in my bootstrap.php

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