groovy code to decode a base64 string and find a particular string

I am new to groovy. I am trying to decode a base64string and find out particular string is present it. This is the encoded string formateyJlbmFibGU6InRydWUiLCJhcHBOYW1lIjoiQXBwIix9while manually decoding I will get{enable:true,appName:franc

Modal Dialog Box

I have created two forms in my Windows Application.One Form acts as a Form and the other form acts as a MODAL DIALOG BOX.The Form Dialog Box contains a button and One textBox.When this button is clicked the MODAL DIALOGBOX should be display

How to scale a particular point in a video in QML?

I am using Video QML type to show a recorded video. want to implement zoom feature there such that the user clicks on an area of the video display area, then that point becomes the center o

Global editable config settings in C#.NET?

I want the best of both worlds: I want to be able to persist changes during runtime, like the User scoped application settings can, and I also want these settings to be global. Is there some way to accomplish this through app.config setting

CORS error in PouchDB with CORS enabled in CouchDB

I have CORS enabled in CouchDB:I run the app on Windows 8.1, serving it with hapi.js.When viewing it in Chrome after a while this error message appears in the console:Uncaught (in promise) CustomPouchError {status: 500, name: unknown_error,

Couldn't match expected type `Bool' with actual type `Card -> Bool'

There is my code:data Suit = Spade | Heart | Diamond | Club deriving (Eq, Show)data CVal = Ace | King | Queen | Jack | Ten | Nine | Eight | Seven | Six | Five | Four | Three | Two deriving Showdata Card = Card Suit CVal deriving ShowsameSui

running two interdependent while loops in python?

For a web-scraping analysis I need two loops that run permanently, one returning a list with websites updated every x minutes, while the other one analyses the sites (old an new ones) every y seconds. This is the code construction that exem

Using custom DataContractResolver with multiple assemblies

I have following setup in a MEF application:Assembly MyBaseAssembly:namespace My.Namespace{ [DataContract] public class Container { [DataMember] public Data Item { get; set; } } [DataContract] public class Da

Drop trigger/function at end of session in PostgreSQL?

Is it possible to create a trigger or function that gets automatically dropped at the end of the session? Or otherwise say run this SQL when I disconnect? 1:In reasonably recent Postgres versions you can create a function in pg_temp sch

Carrierwave not uploading - no error shown

I've been working on this all night and it makes no sense. I'm adapting an old photo web app to have albums in it. I made fails (basically images) a nested resource of albums. I am using carrierwave to upload files to an S3 bucket. the weir

Why Yii module does not find system views?

In app main config:'errorHandler'=>array( // use 'site/error' action to display errors 'errorAction'=>'site/default/error',),In /protected/modules/site/controllers/ I have DefaultController.php with action error:public function actio

Image rotate 90 degree using camera intent

Hello I am working on one android app where I need to capture the image using camera intent and set the bitmap in the imageview but here bitmap is rotated by 90 degree. I have checked many threads of stackoverflow like Photo rotate 90 degre

Vaadin Container.Filter using variable number of criterias

Just implemented the new Container.Filter using this code:Filter f = new Or(new SimpleStringFilter(, rpm-diastolic, true, false), new Or(new SimpleStringFilter(, rpm-systolic, true, false)),new Or(new

Calculate Windows Form Width for Displayed Text

I need to calculate Windows Form Width for displayed text.The form width is obviously in pixels so you would just want to obtain the width of the text in pixels but this doesn't work:animationForm.Width = TextRenderer.MeasureText(_caption,

(Design Support Library) CollapsingToolbarLayout How to make it scroll always?

I'm trying to make a CollapsingToolbarLayout scrolling always even if I don't need to scroll on my view.I have seen something similar in WhatsApp application.Here is a link to see what I want : My code :<?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-8?>

Swift 2 syntax error with direction .Forward

I wrote in Swift 1.2 the next:self.pageViewController.setViewControllers(viewControllers as [AnyObject], direction: .Forward, animated: true, completion: nil)but now, in Swift 2 it prints me the next error:Could not find member 'Forward'How

How to use jQuery UI DatePicker and MVC 4 with custom format (dd.MM.yyyy)

Let's say you want to use the datepicker with the custom Romanian format: dd.MM.yyyyHow can you do this without encountering jquery validation problems and misinterpreting of the date time after a postback ? 1:First of all include datepi

MultiRNN and static_rnn error: Dimensions must be equal, but are 256 and 129

I want to build an LSTM network with 3 Layers. Here's the code:num_layers=3time_steps=10num_units=128n_input=1learning_rate=0.001n_classes=1...x=tf.placeholder(float,[None,time_steps,n_input],name=x)y=tf.placeholder(float,[None,n_classes],n

CakePHP 2 : Implement CakePDF plugin by Ceeram

I'm trying to implement the CakePDF plugin designed by Ceeram.I'm using CakePHP 2 and I work locally using wamp on windows vista. I followed everything from the readme file but I got stucked at some point.What I'd firstly like to do is conv

How to setVisible a JinternalFrame in the center of the JdesktopPane?

Actually i wanna show the JinternalFrame in the center of the JDesktopPane and i used this methode as i use it in Jframes but it didn't work :Extraction ex=new Extraction();//Extraction is the name of the JintenalFrame jDesktopPane1.add(ex)

How to format a statement?

I'm new to subprocess and I'm trying to use instead of os.system. The command would look like this in os.system:os.system('cluster submit {} gs://{}/{}'.format(cluster_name, bucket, file))How would that translate into subpro

Getting error “ActiveX component can’t create object” when running testset

I'm trying to run UFT script from ALM using VBScript, but I'm getting an error on the line:set objScheduler = objTestSet.StartExecution (). Error:ActiveX component can’t create objectFull script:' Script : Run the ALM/QC Test SetsDim objTD

caught segfault error in R

I am getting a caught segfault error every time I try to run any plotting functions from the ggplot2 package (1.0.0). I have tried this with qplot, geom_dotplot, geom_histogram, etc. Data from the package (e.g. diamonds or economics) work

The ListViewItem style cant trigger Unselected

The ListViewItem style cant trigger Unselected but can trigger Selected.I want to see someThing showed when the listView item be selected and hid when unselected.But I can see that it was shown, but could not see it being hidden.I copy the

Change the color of the line between 2 waypoints

I use this function to draw my route between A and Z via the Waypoints array.Is it possible to change the line color (default blue) but just between certain waypoints ? I mean i want blue between A and B, red between C and D, ....I found ho

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