Can eloquent ignore irrelevant data in Laravel 4

:I have a form that accepts data which will be used to create two new database table entries. The form takes both the users details and their address. The user details will be stored using the User::create(Input::all()) method into the users table, and th

Error “A referential integrity constraint violation occurred”

:Can you please help me with my code?I have 2 models:public class Author{ public int Id { get; set; } public string AuthorName { get; set; } public IEnumerable Books { get; set; }}public class Book{ public int Id { get; set; } public

What is the hype around the Windows Phone 8 back button?

:I know how to implement the back button. My question is about the desired behaviour (as I experienced there is a hype around it that the good implementation of back button is required to sell the app in the store).There is the official source:http://msdn

Loading indicator with dojo XHR requests

:I only recently started using dojo and I am doing numerous ajax calls using dojo xhrGet, xhrPost,..etc. Now I have an animated gif image which i want to use to indicate "loading" to the user. I am not too sure how this can be done. Can someone please a

Adding a UIButton to UIScrollView

:I am trying to add the UIButton to UIScrollView.I have added the UIImageView with background image *(size: 320 * 620)*.Then I added this UIImageView to UIScrollView, and It works fine.But now I want to add UIButton at position at : (60, 500); (below scre

Incorrect data passed on first click of button

:Salutations, My problem is as follows, I have an app I am working on which contains two views. The first simply has 2 buttons labeled "Slide Show One", and "Slide Show Two". When I click on the first button, it displays the information for the second

Change div's height and set absolute position break Bootstrap responsiveness

:Bootstrap 3.x framework and jQuery 2.x library are been used.I have four divs in three different rows. I am using jQuery to change the div height when mouse hover. Use of z-index and absolute position break Bootstrap responsivness.Using z-index and absol

500 Internal Server Error on XHR Request

:Here is my code:var fd = new FormData(document.querySelector('#form-step1'));var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'POST', '/Handlers/newAccount_handler.php', true);xhr.send(fd); // this line is causing a 500 Internal Server Error and the data is

Javascript/JQuery Textbox Values Calculations

:I was trying to make a simple computation out of these textboxes.This is my code so far: @foreach (var discount in Model.Discounts) { @

how to manage the data I insert into a table using BULK INSERT

:I have a C# application which captures data from a csv file to a SQL tablethe text file looks like thisstudents.csvHeader 201501id code amount1 ab11 50002 ab11 60003 ab11 80003 wx34 25003 df21 10004

ZF2 - Doctrine ORM, Simple Table Join

:I am currently learning how to use Doctrine ORM with ZF2 and currently my goal is to retrieve data from a simple table join and display it to screen.I have read the documents and it looks pretty simple to do. These are my tables:user---------------------

C# - Download file using ftp over ssh from one remote server to another

:I have requirement to download large files (20GB+) from one remote server to another remote server in C#. We already make ssh connections for other file operations. We need to initiate ftp download from ssh session in binary mode (this is remote server r

How to explicitly set a text box in a form to dirty?

:I already saw questions like, How to set a particular field in a form to dirty in angularjs 1.3 and Angular.js programmatically setting a form field to dirty but they are not working.I am auto-filling a text box in angularjs as:$ = "S

Append field to the end of an array

:I have an array, and when i echo it i get the following output;Array[{"name":"Kat","age":"10"}]Now, i need to add an additional filed into this; so finally it should appear as;Array[{"message":"Success","name":"Kat","age":"10"}]if $ar

setContentSize is not working in cocos2dx3.0

:setContentSize is not workingi am new in cocos2dx and i want to add layer from another class to my main Splashscreen class but setContentSize use device width and height.i want to set layer size along with my sprite size.see my codeGadget.cpp#include "G

Website becomes unusable while downloading file served by PHP script

:I'm running IIS 8.0 and have a script that serves various downloads when someone clicks on a download link. However I'm running into an issue where as long as a user is downloading something the website is completely unresponsive until that download co

How to disable AMD on 4 files and load them in order with webpack

:I need to disable AMD on 4 files and load video.js first before loading the other 3 files, because they depend on it. When I tried doing it in webpack.config.js like so:const path = require('path')const webpack = require('webpack')module.exports = {

Duplicated transactionManager property in Grails service

:When implementing a specialized Grails service (inherited from another concrete service class) I'm ending up with a weird duplicated transactionManager property. Here is what I get when inspecting the specialized service class:Both service classes are a

Android - Adjust button height by checkbox height?

:I've got a ListView, one row of which contains Button, CheckBox and multiline TextView. The xml layout:

Rails nested_form inside nested_form

:I have the following models and relations:Rate fields t.string :type t.string :nameclass Rate < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :category_rate_requestsendCategoryRateRequests fields :date_from :date_toclass CategoryRateRequests < ActiveRec

Jquery Mobile non-adjustable width

:Using my JQuery Mobile results are a fixed width and will not expand out with full browser, nor will they reduce small enough for mobile? I have removed all reference to width in all the controls?The controls render as mobile a

Authorization Header appended only once in AJAX CORS request

:I'm calling my RESTful API from Javascript in a CORS scenario.I'm using JQuery to send my POST authenticated request.Here is an example:function post(settings, addAccessToken) { settings.type = 'POST'; settings.cache = false; if

shell script that send email before exiting

:i am trying to write a shell script that will send me an email before exiting itselfor as i am running this on an amazon ec2 DEBAIN spot request and it should send me an email before the instances is terminated #!/bin/bash sendEmai

Restivus authentication for Meteor methods

:I'm trying to make my meteor-app for REST services available. For this I use the package "Restivus" which also works just fine. But once I'd like to run a meteor method this.userId is undefined. Api.addRoute('addArticle', {authRequired: true}, {

Filter input from keyboard in Textbox, C#

:I want to filter the keyboard inputs into textbox based on the type of input I allow. e.g.0 for Digits only1 for Alphabets only2 for AlphanumericsSo if 0 is configured and a character 'a' is pressed on the keyboard, it is not shown in the textbox. How

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