using pi and e constants from Z3 API

Question:How does one use trigonometric functions like sin and cos and the constant Pi from the Z3 java API?If I use the java API like so: Solver s = context.getSolver() s.add(z3.parseSMTLIB2String( "(declare-fun theta () Real)\n"+

using pi and e constants from Z3 API

Question:How does one use trigonometric functions like sin and cos and the constant Pi from the Z3 java API?If I use the java API like so: Solver s = context.getSolver() s.add(z3.parseSMTLIB2String( "(declare-fun theta () Real)\n"+

SSH key not working on git bash after closing and opening new

:Have create ssh key using following link( create ssh key using git bash and added to github. It works only for that particular git bash. If I close git bash and

AngularJS compare password fields

:I am trying to compare two password fields using a custom directive. It doesn't seem to be doing anything and I don't know how to debug this. Here is my code:directive: .directive('pwCheck', [function () { return { require: 'ngModel',

Sorting list having itemBean by date?

:how to sort a list by date in androidList listIB = new ArrayList();for(int i=0; i

jQuery plugins - is it a good practice?

:Hey,I am reading about js, jquery & dom from few weeks but today i read a Tutorial in which he uses plugin for delay & ease. Is it a good practice to use plugin?Addition to it :The delay.js code is finished between four to five lines.Maybe we could also

make visible div on dropdown select in jquery

:I am developing the mvc application . my one of forms requirement is that:It has dropdown filling up with let say A,B,C values. If selected A then on UI there should be 2 text boxes should be visible and other should be invisible , if selected B,

Using AsyncTasks as separate public classes

:this question is a continuation of what i have asked orginally here i am trying to find a better way to pass the ArrayList from AsyncTask to the Activity (any activity that calls the AsyncTask) so in my situation i have a which extends

Lua: %b with modifiers

:I'm trying to match a string that contains Lua code.a = [[workspace.Object["Child"]:remove()]]to do this, I'm trying to create an option where either .x or ['x'] would be matched regardless of what order they are in or how many of them there are.A

Pop Under on Click for RSS Feed - Javascript

:I want to set up the site so when users click on RSS feed links (which I display in part of the site), the feed link appears in a pop under. It makes sense on the site. It's something my users want.What I can't figure out is how to populate the rss l

tkinter - Going Back and Forth Between Frames Using Buttons

:I need functions, preferably one function, that can go back and forth between pages when the next and back buttons are pressed. I imagine this could be done by assigning boolean variables to the back and next buttons (not sure if this can be done) to fig

Calling stored procedure values into the console application C#

:I have a stored procedure that its been called by a console application in C#. The stored procedure has some required parameters to be executed.What I am trying to achieve its to be able to enter one of the required parameters into the console once the c

List list always return list size() =1 Here map

:Here I am adding marker on map:hereMap.addMapObject(new MapMarker(new GeoCoordinate(lat,lng), myImage) .setTitle("marker"+geoCounter) .setDescription(" \nLatitude :" +lati+ "\nLongitude : "+ lng));adding lat lng with array list of la

Drop down arrow on mdAutocomplete (like mdSelect has)

:Is there a way to get a drop down arrow on md-autocomplete like md-select has?It provided a visual clue that the control has a drop down, AND allows the user to open the drop down without typing anything 1:Angular Material does not provide such functi

Reporting tool for Nunit 3 and Selenium C#

:I'm using Selenium with C# to create my automated tests. Now i have to use some sort of reporting tools to save the test cases whether they passed,failed...etc. I've seen a lot of tools like Allure, and Jenkins. But they require an XML file. and i can

Mapping relational DB to a List each containing a List using JdbcTemplate

:I am using Spring MVC with JdbcTemplate and a MySQL database. Say I have the following 2 tables :table_schoolID NAMEtable_studentsID NAME ADDRESS SCHOOL_IDI have a School POJO that has the following class variables :int id, String name, List<

Extract data from Excel workbook with specific procedure to report sheet

:Here is the problem in my situation:My workbook counts from the first of the month till the 15th. (sheet 1-15)Sometimes it happens that there are 3 weeks-counts in half a month.The weeks are counted from Monday till Sunday in de excell cels.NOTE: I have

Aligning components in Box

:edit: if you downvote this question, you may leave a comment to explain why, that will be more constructive.I obtain this unexpected result...... using this code:import javax.swing.Box;import javax.swing.JButton;import javax.swing.JFrame;import javax.swi

Adding new element on top of XML data via XSLT

:I am new to XML and XSLT so I need little bit of help. I have this kind of XML: BMW Sedan Wiper 1234

Firebase reauthenticateAndRetrieveDataWithCredential problems

:Method reauthenticateAndRetrieveDataWithCredential requires credential.I tried this and it gives me an error:const user = firebase.auth().currentUser;const credential = firebase.auth.OAuthCredential;await user.reauthenticateAndRetrieveDataWithCredential(

Library for handling a List of Ranges

:I have to handle a list of timestamps (Long) in a Java 8 application:If a user adds a new range, it should be merged together with the other existing ranges, like in this pseudo code:rangeList = [100, 200], [300, 400], [500, 600], [700, 800]newRangeList

angular: watch for filtered value in directive

:I'm trying to implement a directive that draws a chart based on given values.I want the pass the data for the plot from the template.I have a working solution, passing the data in ng-model, for which I can then add a $ statement. But that doe

Ruby on Rails - Data not saved. Index showing blank values

:I'm creating a Ruby on Rails application but encountered a database problem. I have controller actions and views for the 'new' action but my values never get saved to the database unless I'm using Rails Console. My Rails version is 4.0.4. Here is my

Slight loading delay with chrome extension popup

:For some reason, I have a very small delay when I click my extension before the popup is loaded.It's a 1-2 second hiccup before the popup displays, while all my other extensions display the popup html immediately. As you can see above, there is even the

Change icon image JavaFX

:How can I change the icon image of my JavaFX application? And is possible to run my application without java installed on computer? 1:stage.getIcons().add(new Image("yourImage.extension")); 2:You can set the image of your primary stage@Overridep

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