Spring factory-method=“aspectOf” is not working when we deploy the application from RAD

We are using AspectJ with Spring support. I have declared my aspect in my ApplicationContext.xml as below.

spring boot not launching static web content

Am trying to launch index.html in my spring boot app but see 404. What dependency am I missing?build.gradle (multi project)project('sub-project'){apply plugin: 'spring-boot'compile ( org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-web:1.0.0

Global editable config settings in C#.NET?

I want the best of both worlds: I want to be able to persist changes during runtime, like the User scoped application settings can, and I also want these settings to be global. Is there some way to accomplish this through app.config setting

How can I get the list of function calls that are performed in each function of a program, from the

I am trying to build a simple version of a code analysis tool with LLVM.I have a few .ll files that contain the intermediate LLVM representation of certain programs. How can I get the list of function calls that are performed in each functi

How can I delete the “sheet” node keeping its content intact?

I would like to remove the node from a form view. For instance, I have this view: account.period.form account.period

How to use new scala syntax to rewrite “TowersOfHanoi”

The code is coming from https://gist.github.com/jrudolph/66925:object TowersOfHanoi { import scala.reflect.Manifest def simpleName(m:Manifest[_]):String = { val name = m.toString name.substring(name.lastIndexOf('$')+1) } trait Nat

@Resource annotation not injecting a subclass

The @Resource annotation for a service is not injecting a subclass unless I explicitly include the @Component annotation in the subclass. Is there a way to request a subclass be wired with the parent @Resource without requiring annotations

Find which button is clicked in choice Dialog in javafx

How to find which button is clicked in this dialog box and also get choice options .I need a output if click Debug and Ok get choice bok select value and which button is clicked. And i have ref this enter link description here and change my

Map a column to be IDENTITY in db

Although I have marked my ID column with .Identity(), the generated database schema doesn't have IDENTITY set to true, which gives me problems when I'm adding records. If I manually edit the database schema (in SQL Management Studio) to hav

Dagger 2: No implementation generated for component interface

I have created a demo Android Lib project and used dagger 2.0 with the following steps:Added the following jars to /libs folder: dagger-2.0.jar dagger-compiler-2.0.jar dagger-producers-2.0-beta.jar guava-18.0.jar javawriter-2.5

Execute command promt process asnyc and get result

I need to execute commandpromt process async and get the output of the execution. i currently have this codePublic Function ExecuteCommandSync(ByVal command As Object) As String Dim result As String = Nothing Try Dim procStartI

Division of a task to threads - multi threading

I want to generate pairs from a given large pool of numbers. I am using two for loops and threads. My function getAllPairs() in the code generates apairs with a given array of numbers.I have an array of length 1000. With one thread, output

Hibernate. Foreign key mapping by id

I want to create @ManyToOne mapping between Acount and Record. One account can have a lot of records. But i don't want to add Account field in Record class or vice versa. Could you please help me to describe this in annotations?@Entitypubli

Vertical scrollable div inside horizontal scrollable container

Take a look at the picture, please:I have a container which has many .items-wrapper elements that is horizontally scrollable (red line) & it works fine. The problem is that .items-wrapper divs should be vertically scrollable (green line), b

Using Jinja2 template under Knockout attr binding

I am making a project using Flask and Knockoutjs. I am using Knockout to show comments and below the commentor's name would also be displayed which is when clicked takes the person to that user profileHere is the code

WPF: How to set a dynamic range of numbers for vertical slider?

I'm currently working with an WPF MVVM project which has a user control used by several views but with a different range of values.Here is an example of what i need. As you can see, the control has to respond with a different behavior depe

how to convert a float into binary using struct.unpack?

I'm trying to convert a float into binary. I'm using the module struct. For instance, with the value of 3.5, when I execute this line :struct.pack('>f',3.5)I get this :b'@`\x00\x00'I suppose the two x00 x00 represent hexadecimal values for

Setting link href from child image src using jQuery

I am using .wrap() to create a link around each image within a certain

, and I need to set that link's href to be equal to that image's src value.I figured out how to do the selection and the substitution, but I can't figure out how to

Generate a dynamic ul li List from DB

I don't arrived to create a dynamic Menu from a DB>

Circle shape for ViewPager

Hi i have a relative layout with a viewpager.

Make all controls inside a GroupBox read-only?

I know that many individual controls have a ReadOnly property. But suppose I have a GroupBox in which there are many different controls (text boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons, etc ..), is it possible to set the ReadOnly property for all th

Unit testing a domain with transient property

I am trying to unit test a controller for User domain generated by Spring Security Core Plugin. The controller was generated with grails generate-all. The domain has a transient property called springSecurityService. In my unit test I am tr

WordPress child nav a:current styling

I'm currently working on a site for a client - It is all working fine but within the navigation I have setup of for the child links using the following code

Python game save file

I'm writing a game in Python and have come to the point where I need a way of saving the players progress. I was thinking of having the script create a text file and write a couple of lines (for storing stat variables, and the room number)

NoSuchElementException on non empty list

I have a runnable created this way:private Runnable _animationScriptRunnable = new Runnable() { public void run() { synchronized (AnimationManager.this) { while (!_stopRunning && !_animationScriptStack.isEmpty()) {

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