Elements using CSS transitions do not appear on iP

Question:I'm working on a web page that uses a lot of CSS animations (mostly TranslateY) that are triggered at various scroll positions through JQuery. It works great across Webkit, FF, IE, etc. Unfortunately, on iPhone and iPad, some (but not all) of th

Rails/Paperclip/S3 mystery errors: undefined metho

Question:So I upgraded a Rails app from 3.0 to 4.0 last week, and ever since I've been getting strange errors that seem to point to random places that I haven't changed, and I can't reproduce them.One such error is like this:NoMethodError: undefined me

Check if a given path is a special folder path?

Question:On Windows, one can get any special folder path using SHGetKnownFolderPath or SHGetSpecialFolder (If I remember correctly this last one). However, I want the reverse, I have a path and want to know which special folder it belongs to, if any. I pr

need to get entity key to delete entity

:I am trying to delete an entity from the Datastore using a link in html. I understand that in order to do this, I need to have the entity's key so that I know which entity to "pair" the delete link with, so to speak. I can't for the life of me figu

How to make QWidget background with specified png file?

:MyDialog::MyDialog(QWidget* parent, Qt::WindowFlags f) : QWidget(parent, Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint) , _pixmap(new QPixmap(myPngFile)){ QPalette palette; palette.setBrush(this->backgroundRole(), QBrush(*_pixmap));

jQuery Show/Hide nested divs

:I have awkward problem I cannot resolve.I have a nested divs, which I want to show / hide when user clicks on a link. All divs at once. I cannot assign ID's to my divs, so I will need to do it wiht classes.Show more

AngularJS compare password fields

:I am trying to compare two password fields using a custom directive. It doesn't seem to be doing anything and I don't know how to debug this. Here is my code:directive: .directive('pwCheck', [function () { return { require: 'ngModel',

ClassNotFoundException - when running ant-junit

:I'm trying to create a Proof of concept for the actual application, The task is to run ant-junit tests without adding stuff to the global environment. I've achieved it so far in ant, but, I'm stuck with the following exception. ClassTest.java is the j

Sorting list having itemBean by date?

:how to sort a list by date in androidList listIB = new ArrayList();for(int i=0; i

How can I concatinate a ng-model value with a value from a ng-repeat

:I want to loop through an array of objects that I receive from a REST service and create a dynamic form using the ng-repeat directive. This is my form with a rating directive (taken for the UI Bootstrap library)

Using AsyncTasks as separate public classes

:this question is a continuation of what i have asked orginally here i am trying to find a better way to pass the ArrayList from AsyncTask to the Activity (any activity that calls the AsyncTask) so in my situation i have a SongsManager.java which extends

Getting error Response with status: 404 Not Found for URL

:I am facing an issue while running the angular and nodejs app which I am trying to integrate with Neo4j app. The issues are the errors that I get-POST http://localhost:7474/viewNodesStart 404 (Not Found)and EXCEPTION: Response with status: 404 Not Found

How to clone a prototype with property methods?

:I am using the Typed.React library which includes a method to extend one prototype definition with that of another:function extractPrototype(clazz) { var proto = {}; for (var key in clazz.prototype) { proto[key] = clazz.prototype[key]; }

'cucumber' is not recognized as an internal or external command

:I am on Netbeans 8.0.2. I downloaded Cucumber netbeans plugin from here: https://github.com/QuBiT/cucumber-netbeans-plugin/downloadsI have my feature file inside my project. Now when I try to Right click on my feature file and generate class I get this e

how to store value returned by a business service in a variable in spring web flow?

:Situation : I am developing a spring mvc web flow app , in that i have two tables customer and customerAdress and two corresponding models : customerModel and customerAdressModel , now following is my flow.xml :

Java element icons SWT ECLIPSE

:How to add the java element icons (e.g. class, methods, package, etc as that in the package explorer) in SWT's Tree control?e.g, I have the following tree structure: somePackage--> somePackage | |--> someClass |

UpdatePanel Timer causes all panels to update

:I have an ASP.NET web form with several UpdatePanels and I would like to have a timer that triggers only one of these UpdatePanels to update. I then want a separate UpdatePanel to update on the OnSelectedIndexChanged event of a DropDownList. The code I h

How to select an image from gallery or to capture a photo and then to display it in another activity

:I have two image buttons,for camera and gallery . If you select "camera" you can capture a photo from camera and then that photo has to be displayed in another activity in image view. If you select "gallery" then you have to select a photo from galle

How to read integers and date in binary file

:I have a binary file of records. Each record is of the following format:Each record consists of two integers, number of vehicles and number of persons involved; a floating point number, severity code; and a string which contains the date of the accident.

Azure app or cloud service, run some code before load balncer

:In case of Cloud Service in Azure (maybe also App Service), how can I run some code before the service become available in swap or in case of new instance.for example, loading data to cache before the first user have access. 1:Cloud Services with Role

Bidirectional One-To-One Relationships in Flow

:Is it possible to have One-To-One Relationships in Flow without having to set the attributes twice?I have two tables that are connected in a One-To-One Relationship, but only one of them should contain an extra column for this Relation.Doctrine clearly s

Get product name from parent element

:Here I am trying to get the product name in alert box when the "Buy now" button is clicked. Also I need to maintain the onclick event of the button for which I have placed the code in jquery.

How do I implement the ability to edit a QTableWidget's vertical and horizontal header text in-

:I have a QTableWidget that is displayed in the user interface that I can add and remove rows and columns using buttons. The problem is, when I add a row or column, I can change the data in the actual cells, but I cannot name the row or column. The name

How to schedule crawler4j crawl control to run periodically?

:I'm using crawler4j to build a simple web crawler. What I want to do is to invoke the crawl control every 10 minutes. I created a servlet that starts when my Tomcat server starts, and in the servlet I am using ScheduledExecutorService for the scheduling

NSNotification in iphone sdk

:what is the use of NSNotification in iphone sdk?Thanks 1:I know this isn't generally a good way to answer questions, but RTFM. NSNotification objects encapsulate information so that it can be broadcast to other objects by an NSNotificationCenter obj

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