Get the array elements of the last node in Firebas

Question:As shown in the image below, I have a database "table" called fridge that has a child called food. food is an array that can contain one or more elements.I want to access the last node and fetch the food elements and add them in a list, but I c

serialize javascript array

:I am using the dojo enhanced grid and the variable marked "myGrid" refers to the grid.function addtocart() { $("#additem").click(function(){ var myGrid = dojo.byId(dataGrid); var ids = []; var gridRow = myGrid.

How open default gallery app

:I know it is asked before and I have tried: Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK);intent.setType("video/*, images/*");startActivity(intent);But in my Samsung S2 it opens the gallery in selection mode (if I click an item it closes the gallery

Get list of top friends for facebook app

:I am Creating A facebook that Retrieves 10 Random friends.But I need some code to Retrieve Top friends using comment and like ativity.I used Following code but i get below errorInvalid argument supplied for foreach() below is the code i tried so far.$sta

How to structure my query in sqlite?

:I would like to retrieve today's data. At the moment I have something like SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE timeStamp>DATETIME('NOW','-1 DAY') but this gives me results from now to 24hrs back, not just today (i.e. no matter how many hours have passed s

Awk: Length of column number

:I have a (maybe) silly question. My data:File 11234.34 a 1235.34 d3456.23 b 3457.23 e2325.89 c 2327.89 f I want something likeawk '{if($1==$3) print $4}'But of course if I do this, it will print nothing. So I want to modify the "precision" of $3 (

jqgrid double headers

:Can we include two headers in jqgrid. One with a colModel and one without a colModel?Also I have an issue where when I click one row, the entire grid gets highlighted. How can I resolve this issue?CSS Code:.cssclass{ background-color : #EEEEEE

Spring Security: Running the webapp causes an exception IncompatibleClassChangeError and an error 40

:I create a simple Spring Security WebApp for learning purpose, but when I am running it, I get an error 404. Follow my config files:web.xml?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

How to bind a ListView with SelectionMode multiple to achieve MVVM using Behaviors SDK in Windows 8.

:I have a Windows 8.1 application with a ListView with SelectionMode multiple(making the ListView allow the user to select multiple entries)I am trying to use Behaviors SDK from Microsoft

converting UTC date string to local date string inspecific format

:I have a UTC date in stringString utcDate = "2014-03-05 07:09:07.0";I want to convert it to local date string of format DD-MMM-YYYY hh:mm aeg: 5-Mar-2014 12:39 PM from UTC date 2014-03-05 07:09:07.0How this can be achieved using simple java or joda API

Highstock performance issue

:When use Highstock we meet a performance issue when we use the line with compare.We need to add 15 line series and each series have 800 points. And it will cause the "Stop running this scripts" issue in IE 8 or lower.And this happens not only when we a

Replace substring with nothing

:How can I replace everything starting with the _ with just nothing?Here is a simple data framed <- data.frame(a = c("A_foo1", "B_foo2", " _foo3"))I want d to look like:aAB" " 1:a <- c("A_foo1", "B_foo2", " _foo3")gsub("_.*", "", a)#[

Javascript/JQuery Textbox Values Calculations

:I was trying to make a simple computation out of these textboxes.This is my code so far: @foreach (var discount in Model.Discounts) { @

MIgrating Virtual Columns from oracle to postgres

:What options does one have to deal with virtual columns when migrating from Oracle 11 to Postgres 9.5 - without having to change database related code in an application (which means functions and views are out of the picture and triggers are way too expe

WPF Get Item of Itemscontrol in Visualtree

:I am implementing an DragAndDrop-manager for wpf using attached properties. It works quite nice. But there is only one problem. To grab the dragged item i am using the visualtree. As example I want to have the listboxitem but the originalsource is the bo

JavaScript: flatten an array without using reduce library

:I have a nested array named $scope.instruments, its contents are:collapsed:expanded:I also have an object:This object contains 2 arrays: AttributeID and SPAttributeRefID.Currently I am flattening the $scope.instruments array using reduce function:$scope.

conda build r-ldavis/ not working

:I am new to jupyter, and I am looking to install an R package (tseries) that is available on CRANI was trying to follow a question that was raised, but I think I am getting a different problem. I was originally following this linkconda - How to install R

Unable to get posted array from jQuery

:I am trying to post a group of arrays using the jQuery post method, but I am having trouble getting the value of the arrays. How can I get the values of the array that I have sent?If somebody could help me i would be grateful....Here is what i have done:

Is it possible to make two .click method calls in javascript

:I have the following javascript code:function ClickButtons() { document.getElementById('Button1').click(); document.getElementById('Button2').click();}only Button2 seems to be clicked. If I reverse the order of the statements then only Button1 (

High network TTFB times on local and remote server

:I am addressing slowness in a few http calls for an Angular 1.3, NodeJS, Postgres DB app stack. Remote is hosted on AWS EC2 instances.Google's dev tools documentation gave me some good understanding of the timings, and this SO post explains things you c

Getting Magento Version Using SOAP API V2 and C#

:Background: I have built a tool that imports sales orders from Magento to a custom application. The function salesOrderList() worked fine on a customer's Magento Go store. Then it failed on another customer's store. The reason was the former store w

Ruby open shared memory block

:Is there a way to open shared memory block with Ruby, equivalent to shmop_open in PHP?I have one process periodically update a memory block. My Rails app needs to read those data. 1:You have a few options as gems, but I've never used them myself.sysv

Swift 3 - Hide Elements

:Im trying to hide a element using swift 3. The element won't hide if its in session.dataTask, but if I move it outside session.dataTask the element hides fine. Is it possible to hide a element in session.dataTask?@IBOutlet weak var login_box: UIStackV

Unable to use methods from Domain Service class in WCF Ria?

:I am trying to build an silverlight application which takes user first name, last name, pass, email address in text boxes and then add these to the database.For this i am using WCF Ria Services.Steps i have followed are :Added ADO.NET Entity Data Model a

How to schedule crawler4j crawl control to run periodically?

:I'm using crawler4j to build a simple web crawler. What I want to do is to invoke the crawl control every 10 minutes. I created a servlet that starts when my Tomcat server starts, and in the servlet I am using ScheduledExecutorService for the scheduling

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