Strange thing in getting objects from background

I have queryprivate var query = PFQuery(className: Ideas)query.orderByDescending(createdAt)query.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock { (data: [AnyObject]?, error) -> Void in var objects = data as! [PFObject] for tmp in objects { s

Can't receive serial data in .net 2.0, using rs232 to rs485 converter

I've done a good deal of RS232 work using the .Net 2.0 serialport class. I've never had trouble with it, until today.I'm communicating with a piece of company hardware that uses the RS485 protocol. I'm using an RS232 to RS485 converter de

Posting comment with ajax and jquery

I want to display the posted comment once the user comments. Just to add it under all of them as facebook does.I have this: // Interceptamos el evento submit $('#CommentAddForm').submit(function() { alert(entro); alert($(th

GWT Horizontal panel with horizontal scrolling

Is there a way to get horizontal scrolling implemented in a horizontal panel ?or any other panel can be used to achieve the functionality mentioned below - The requirement is that i am creating a search bar where search items are being adde

How to derive instances of Data.Messagepack 1.0.0

The previous version of Data.Messagepack, supports deriving instances via Template Haskell. The current version (1.0.0), however, doesn't.I was hence wondering if there is an alternative way to automatically derive MessagePack 1.0.0

How to listen for when sweet alert closes

I am currently working with sweetalert2 and I am trying to detect when the alert closes. However the DeleteUnsavedImages function is not firing. I thought that assigning the function to the onclose key would work but no luck. swal({

What is the best way to communicate and pass data between child polymer elements?

I have a parent polymer element baseline-policies-tab. This, on the UI, represents a tab on my website. In this tab, I have two polymer elements. One is baseline-policies-create which is a polymer element with a button. When this button is

Hmtl.DropDownList using only ViewBag for selected value

I can create a dropdown list with items from the ViewBag, but there doesn't seem to be a way to select the current item. I'm not using the model to achieve this, just want to use ViewBag, otherwise I'd have to create another model class jus

How to write a query to check if a child has any children in a table

I have two tables named User and ParentUser that there is an one to many relation between them and the many side is the ParentUser table.I wanna write a query to pass a parentId and fetch all of its children and a column name HasChildren to

Calling notifyDataSetChanged reversing the position's order, is this a bug?

I'm developing one android application in which I'm using one customized ListView which extends BaseAdapter, In which I have placed two TextView's and one button to delete the corresponding row from the list and also from the original data

How to change Y axis labels

I am using Chartjs to make line chart.How can I change the y axis labels to colours? (i.e. red for 1, green for 2, black for 3, ..) 1:UPDATE i've now added this feature into my fork of chartjs at,

Check with jQuery if a value in an input element was entered

First of all, I checked every topic similar to my problem, unfortunately, I haven't found my answer yet. I tried to combine some of the anwers, but I had no succes. (note: just started to learn jQuery)So here is my problem:I created a form

Linkedin Api: Get Groups I am a Member Of

I want to get all the groups I'm memeber of the linkedin API. I use JavaScript SDK for this: Get the Max Date / Get the last added item in DynamoDB

Hi This is my table schemaContacts table: KeySchema: [{ AttributeName: DateTimeRetrieved, KeyType: HASH},{ AttributeName: Id, KeyType: RANGE}]My primary key has DateTimeRetrieved as the primary key. I would like to retrieve the

Unique list (set) to dictionary

I'm trying a long time to remove duplicate from a list and create a dictionary with keys like php (0,1,2....).I have tried :ids = dict(set([1,2,2,2,3,4,5,4,5,6]))print idsThen I want tofor key, value in ids.iteritems(): #stuffOf course

What is the equivalent cpp function for tf.train.import_meta_graph() in tensorflow?

I need to know the equivalent C++ function for anyone please help with it? 1:There is no direct equivalent of tf.train.import_meta_graph() in C++, because its main

SET_NLS fails over Oracle

I try to execute the follwing statement from a c# program with ODP.NET:string sql = BEGIN dbms_session.set_nls('NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS','''.,'''); END;; using (OracleConnection connection = new OracleConnection(Data Source=db;User Id

Ajax not working with wunderground API (A Weather service to get information and display)

Hello there!.I am trying to use a public api from wunderground (more info in [][1]) on a web page (in fact in a widget for a phone, but for testing purposes, but is the same technically speaki

Google line chart with triple y-axis

I want to create a Google line chart to display temperature, humidity and air pressure all in one chart.Because of that there should be 3 y-axes with different ranges.The problem is that the second and third y-axis somehow overlap.I have on

Substitute Javascript this to Typescript

Recently I decided to convert my code into typescript, which lead to an issue of substituting this from JavaScript to TypeScript. here is the code I am struggling with. TypeScript:/// class FormAjaxSubm

What is spark.python.worker.memory?

Could anyone give me a more precise description of this Spark parameter and how it effects program execution? I cannot tell exactly what this parameter does under the hood from the documentation. 1:The parameter influences the memory lim

How to rearrange table in pandas in a format suitable for analysis in R?

In pandas:df = pd.DataFrame({'row1':['a','b','a','a','b','b','a','b','b','a'], 'row2':['x','x','y','y','y','x','x','y','x','y'],'col':[1,2,1,2,2,1,2,1,1,2],'val':[34,25,22,53,33,19,42,38,33,61]})p = pd.pivot

How to verify that email addresses are unique

I have a form containing 10 to 15 email addresses. How can I check whether all addresses are unique? And how can I determine which ones are duplicates?I'm looking for a JavaScript or jQuery solution. 1:To find duplicates in an array, ins

How to wait for the pipe to finish in form-data node.js module?

Using the form-data module in node.js, you can do thisform.pipe(request)to put the form data to the request. But how can you wait until it is complete? Is there a callback like thisform.pipe(request).done(function(err) {});Does anyone know?

Create Draft mail in Office 365 via Web API

I have a Web API backend with EF and use AzureAD to authenticate my (office365)users of the web application that is written in AngularJS.Now I want to create a draft mail in my Web API but I don't know where to start.Can I just call the Off

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