SSH key not working on git bash after closing and opening new

:Have create ssh key using following link( create ssh key using git bash and added to github. It works only for that particular git bash. If I close git bash and

cudaTextureObject_t compatibility with Fermi

:I have implemented a kernel that process data where the input comes from an cudaTextureObject_t. To increase the throughput of my method, I call this kernel with N different stream objects. Therefore, I create N texture objects that are then passed to th

Highstock performance issue

:When use Highstock we meet a performance issue when we use the line with compare.We need to add 15 line series and each series have 800 points. And it will cause the "Stop running this scripts" issue in IE 8 or lower.And this happens not only when we a

Including external scripts with global references using Webpack

:I am working on using Webpack 2 to package some oldish javascript code. This code uses the Leaflet 1.0 library and also includes a Leaflet plugin (named Google.js) that simply references the global L variable that leaflet exposes.In the current html page

Combining spring and Java EE

:We have two modules in our project app-ui and app-services. app-ui is a portlet project follows spring based implementation and app-services has restful and soap services follows Java EE 6 based implementation. We want to enable security, logging and exc

TFS Integration Build Powershell With Elevated Privileges

:I am setting up an integration tests build where I am just trying to start up a windows service. I have used the InvokeProcess command to run the powershell scripts which just does the following Start-Service ServiceNameThe script fails when I run the bu

Media queries not work in firefox

:I have added following media query for my php project to hide an image when screen width is 1254px. @media screen and (max-width: 1255px ) { .visible-desktop { display: none; }}It works on Chrome correctly but it's not working on Firefox. C

How to receive a URL from my android app after being forwarded from browser.

:When a user visits the browser page for my app I am forwarding them to a url scheme like so:intent://share?id=123#Intent;;scheme=myapp;launchFlags=268435456;end;I've tested this and this works fine. Now, when the user visits m

Passing the weights argument to a regression function inside an R function

:I am trying to write an R function to run a weighted (optional) regressions, and I am having difficulties getting the weight variable to work. Here is a simplified version of the function.HC <- function(data, FUN, formula, tau = 0.5, weights = NULL){if(i

angular $stateprovider not working as expected

:I'm using angular $stateProvider to allow routes throughout my app. I have an index.html and I am changing the html content inside using the$stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) { $urlRouterProvider.otherwise('/app');

How to pass data to c3 graph

:Here is my JS code:var abc = JSON.stringify(dataObject);var chart = c3.generate({ bindto: '#container', data: { json: abc, keys: { x:'_id', value: ['a', 'b','c','d'], }, axis: { x: {

Is it possible to make two .click method calls in javascript

:I have the following javascript code:function ClickButtons() { document.getElementById('Button1').click(); document.getElementById('Button2').click();}only Button2 seems to be clicked. If I reverse the order of the statements then only Button1 (

AJAX call to download a CSV file

:I have a download summary page that loads after a users selects specific elements to include in the csv file. I would like to show the user the summary page and automatically start the download. Since both the summary and the csv export require much of t

Hibernate Lazy Loading Proxy - GORM Static Api's `instanceOf` throws ClassCastException [duplic

: This question is an exact duplicate of: Javassist Enhancement Fails on Deployment 1 answer I am refactoring legacy code of an existing System in groovy/grails. Instead of us

Layout not refreshing after orientation change

:I have the following Activity definition:

Solr with Jetty on LAMP server - Admin page access issue

:I have Solr with its default Jetty that came with example directory installed on Linux server which has apache2 as its web server. Now, within the same private LAN, when I open a browser and type in http://:8983/solr works ONLY when I do port

Case Insensitive URLs for wso2 Request URL

:I created an api with context MyStudents in wso2 publisher. So the Request URL is MyStudents/v1. When I publish this api, I have resource /Students/{name}. In the wso2 store, when I try out the feature, the URL is

Font-Awesome-Rails CSS spinner not working in Safari

:I'm using the font-awesome-rails gem to show a css spinner when the submit button of a form_for is clicked. The spinner works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox but doesn't appear in Safari. I'm on OSX El Capitan 10.11.15 and hosting on Heroku. I'm also

Div preview like thumbnail

:I want users on my site to see live preview of a div. For example, there is one big div where user is free to make any changes. I want the user to see a small thumbnail of the same div on the same page.I tried using jquery's clone method like this - $(

Why my Jar doesn't run unless I extract files?

:Every time I run the exported .jar file, that contains a JFrame with an image as its icon, the file doesn't run, unless I extract the file. In the compiler it is running. I dont want to make a launcher that saves both, the resources package and the jar

MySql How to separate a telephone field in one table into prefix / number in two separate tables?

:I have this requierment: From Customers table –return the prefix for phone numbers. I tryed with strings as by splitting the fullname into first/last name but it works only the one for the number.The full nb format is (258) 1231456 1:SELECT '(258) 12

Using $in in MongooseJS with nested objects

:I've been successfully using $in in my node webservice when my mongo arrays only held ids. Here is sample data.{ "_id": { "$oid": "52b1a60ce4b0f819260bc6e5" }, "title": "Sample", "team": [ { "$oid": "5

Returning value from javascript object [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: How do I return the response from an asynchronous call? 33 answers I have created a javascript object and im trying to fetch som da

Regexes work in PHP and don't in Erlang. Why?

:I tried to rewrite url parsing function written in PHP to Erlang. And I found that these regex don't work in Erlang but work fine in PHP code. Can you tell why and how to make it work with Erlang.Loose = "^(?:(?![^:@]+:[^:@\/]*@)([^:\/?#.]+):)?(?:\/ webforms dynamic routing

:I have a table in sql server with pages and each page created has a slug. What I've been doing is foreach page in the table get the slug and do this: routes.MapPageRoute(page.Slug, page.Slug, "~/page.aspx?id=" + page.Id, true, new System.Web.Routing.

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