Using embeds on a child association to improve per

Question:I have a contact and a lead. They are completely two independent models. I have a leads page where I can query against leads, sort by leads and do other work on leads. Also, a contact can be created without a lead. However, a contact can has_one

STOP UIWebView bounces vertically in device

:I am using this code to stop uiwebview bounces vertically and its work fine in simulator 4.0.But when i installed my app in my first generation ipod it wont work.for (id subview in webView.subviews) if ([[subview class] isSubclassOfClass: [UIScrollView

Can I get Open Graph page with feed from the API

:What I am trying to do is programmatically create a yammer page based on other website URL (Open Graph Page) and feed information to that OG page. Which I have found out how to do. But now I want to retrieve the OG page feed programatically, is that poss

Updating CMFCRibbonBar elements from document

:I would like to update the ribbon from the CDocument derived class because the information relevant for ribbon's status is stored there. The was created by the Wizard and edited in resource managerSome elements (Buttons, checkboxes) can be updated with

No such file or directory error using mkdir

:I am encounter with a problem when i give full path to mkdir it says No such file or directory but when i am providing the same back but first going back to one directory it workI am just want to ask why this is not working$name = "4ftwx"; // dir name

jquery height returning px not vh

:Soo, Im working on an html-editor and setting vh values to div's. But when I try to use $(id).height(); or $(id).css("height"); it is always returning px value and not the vh. This should not be a problem, but I was planing on making is to a user coul

SQL Injection: trying to avoid it but got an error

:So this is only a part of my code but the only relevant thing:if ($check == 0) { $host = "localhost"; $user = "root"; $pass = ""; $db = "myfirstdb";

Zend Framework2 using Zfcuser & Bjyauthorize routing

:I'm a beginer zend framework programmer. I did use ZfcUser for authentification and Bjyauthorize for authorization. I have to type of users : normal users and administrator . So what i want to do is to route the user to page A and admin to page B after

NetStream http Video not playing on IOS device

:I am trying to play a video on iPad, my code is below : public function init_RTMP():void { videoURL = "http://rest************_iphone_high.mp4"; vid = new Video(); nc = new NetConnection(); nc.addEventListener(

SmartGWT slow images rendering

:I have a SmartGWT 2.0 application where I have to render a few hundred small images and this is taking very, very long (>20s). It's a intranet application.Do you have any idea how I could speed up the rendering?Any idea will be appreciated.Thanks in adv

Native Development tab doesn't show up

:I have no idea what's going on. I have been following some tutorials, and have properly set up my project with the NDK. I did mess around with things a bit last week, but my project still seems to work correctly. I am trying to find the NDK path but the

Pdf real cropping

:I need to crop a pdf document using the linux shell and then extract the text just in that cropped pdf. My idea was to crop a pdf using pdfcrop linux tool and then use a txt2pdf text extractor tool to extract the text just in the cropped area, but i've adding row to a table in update panel

:I'm trying to add some rows to a table control in my updatepanel. I have a button in update panel and when the button is clicked, partial postback happens, in button_click handler I add 1 row to the table. I can trigger the postback event and I am able

LESS occasionally unable to compile

:I'm currently using Web Essentials 2013 v2.5.3 in VS2013. I use LESS for building my stylesheets.Up until recently everything regards LESS was working fine, make a change, save and the resulting CSS was updated automatically.Now for some reason, I inter

angular $stateprovider not working as expected

:I'm using angular $stateProvider to allow routes throughout my app. I have an index.html and I am changing the html content inside using the$stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) { $urlRouterProvider.otherwise('/app');

Getting Magento Version Using SOAP API V2 and C#

:Background: I have built a tool that imports sales orders from Magento to a custom application. The function salesOrderList() worked fine on a customer's Magento Go store. Then it failed on another customer's store. The reason was the former store w

netcat working on localhost but not from remote host

:I have two machines (Machine1 & Machine2) on the same subnet. Machine1 has a tool installed that returns some data. for example if I run the following command, it returns some data.printf "get:info\nend\n" | nc localhost 1234However if do the same on

How to display a default image when image source is a servlet?

:In my JSP/ Servlet setup, for displaying user profile images I am directing the img tag to get the image from servlet by specifying servlet URL in src tag and then returning image in response from servlet. Sevlet does below things upon receiving an image

Encoding difficulties: £ displaying instead of £

:I am accessing data from an SQL Server database to my ASP.Net C# based website. This data is received from affiliate companies and contains #163; for the £ sign. But when I display this data inside a label, instead of £ it shows £.Note: The i

Bootstrap V4 collapsible Navbar alignment

:I got a question about BS4 and the alignment of a collapsible Menu.Here is the Code I got:

How to search for a file or directory in Linux Ubuntu machine

:I created an EC2 instance (Ubuntu 64 bit) and attached a volume from a publicly available snapshot to the instance. I successfully mounted the volume. I am supposed to be able to run a script from this attached volume using the following steps as explain

Solr with Jetty on LAMP server - Admin page access issue

:I have Solr with its default Jetty that came with example directory installed on Linux server which has apache2 as its web server. Now, within the same private LAN, when I open a browser and type in http://:8983/solr works ONLY when I do port

My binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 while having localized splash screens

:My app keeps getting rejected as an invalid binary after uploading it to iTunesConnect via ApplicationLoader. The e-mail notification I'm getting is: Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 - - New iPhone apps and app updates submitted must support t

How to see if a form element was not posted

:I have a form where e-mail is optional. To control that there is a checkbox. If that checkbox is unchecked, the e-mail textbox would be disabled and therefore not posted on submit. However, on the next page, if I have code like as shown below, it gives m

Resolving transitive dependency

:I have a simplified war project as below:my war project depends on project Bproject B has direct runtime dependency on google.guava libraryNow I have problem with resolving the dependency on the guava librarywhen I do mvn package, the guava library is no

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