Jquery mobile how to force target page refresh after changePage

Is there any way to refresh the target page after changePage.I really search but nothing works for me. 1:Try one of the following solutions:1 - Use $(location).attr('href',your_html.html);Example: Since you're using single page template,

Usb mass storage file system location on QNX

I need my software to be notifed that usb mass storage stick has been inserterd, also i need locationa where this stick has been mounted. Is it possible to obtain this information, especially location on fs where stick has been mounted from

Grouping results “fairly” using LINQ

I have a list of system users that are awaiting to be assigned with an account.The assignment algorithm is very simple, assigning should be as fair as possible which means that if I have 40 accounts and 20 system users I need to assign 2 ac

jQuery Validate plugin not working

This is driving me nuts. The jQuery validation plugin doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. Here's the code: http://jsfiddle.net/pkyGf/ This is the validate code which is causing the error. Devise authentication - devise_error_messages! in a view causes \"undefined method `errors

devise_error_messages! in a view causesundefined method 'errors' for nil:NilClassafter render :new in create method. This started happening after I inherited RegistrationsController from Devise::RegistrationsController instead of Applicatio

How should I think of property definitions in object literals?

let o = { x: 1, foo() { setTimeout(()=> console.log(this.x), 100); }}o.foo();This prints out 1 after 100ms.Is this because it is equivalent to the following, meaning that the lexical this binding of arrow functions works?let

Wicket basic implementation of wizard steps

is there any basic implementation wicket 6.20 provides for a step overview functionality like in this picture or like this if the other won't work?When looking at the documentation I couldn't find anything close to it, so I started by doing

In CQRS how to work with NServiceBus to update Command and Query store

In CQRS, how do you make sure a command handler is updating the write store and read store transactionally?I am not sure if these two steps are suppoed to be a transaction?Or do you rely on eventual consistency here? Meaning the read store

Django ManyToManyField error object has no attribute 'location_set'

This seems like a really trivial question, but it is killing me.models.pyclass Location(models.Model): place = models.CharField(Location, max_length=30) [...]class Person(models.Model): first = models.CharField(First Name, max_leng

std::sort getting a std::bad_alloc

class RankList {public: struct RankListComparator { bool operator()(const std::pair, double>& a, const std::pair, double>& b) { return a.second >= b.second

How to merge vectors into a list in R?

What I get is: > list(,rep(0,2)) [[1]] [1] [[2]] [1] 0 0But what I expect to get is like this: [[1]] [1] [[2]] [1] 0 [[3]] [1] 0Does anyone know how to get the merged result?Thanks! 1:You want:c(list(),rep(0,2))

Hmtl.DropDownList using only ViewBag for selected value

I can create a dropdown list with items from the ViewBag, but there doesn't seem to be a way to select the current item. I'm not using the model to achieve this, just want to use ViewBag, otherwise I'd have to create another model class jus

How to use a view controller as a side menu in Swift3

I am trying to implement the side menu in my application programatically. So I have designed a view controller with half of its view as table view. The design as well as coding is done, now i wish to use this view controller as a Side Menu

Call Javascript function after java code

I have a jsp page with some java code and jsp functions. Please find the code below. <% try { client.removeOAuthApplicationData(consumerkey); String message = resourceBundle.getString(app.removed.successfully

How to store values of a particular line of a text file in separate variables in Python

I have a text file , which reads this.a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h a,b,c,i,j,k,l,m f,kNow, I want to store the first line as a list, second list in other list. But the third two values, I want to store in some particular variables say a=f, b=k.I h

Highlighting text using Html.fromHtml

I am trying to add background color for the string inside MultiAutoCompleteTextView.I am overriding replaceText method in multipleAutocompletetextview, trying to replace charactersequence with html like this@Overrideprotected void replaceTe

Vuejs - pass data from parent to child with props

I have started playing with Vue but faced an issue when trying to pass data to a component using props. In the code below this.myData (in the Hello.vue) is undefined for some reasonApp.vue

Why is my flipview not showing any pictures?

Currently I am able to select multiple files but when I click open, the selected images are not being shown. Instead, Windows.UI.XAML.Media.Imaging.BitmapImage appears as a text. The FlipView functionality is still there though. What am I d

Map a column to be IDENTITY in db

Although I have marked my ID column with .Identity(), the generated database schema doesn't have IDENTITY set to true, which gives me problems when I'm adding records. If I manually edit the database schema (in SQL Management Studio) to hav

How to solve this ComboBox item setting problem?

This code is not setting right value to the combobox. This is because, those are from different contexts.In addition, in my actual problem, neither overloading == in nor overriding Equals() in MyClass is working as well.Any alternative way?

Using Range(Cells() Cells()).Style results in application defined or user defined error

Curretly I'm trying to style a range of cells if certain criteria are met. I am able to sucessfully apply a style to one cell, but have so far been unsuccessful in applying this to a range. Here's what I know works:ElseIf OneA / OneC > 0.

How to subset SparkR data frame

Assume we have a dataset 'people' which contains ID and Age as a 2 times 3 matrix.Id = 1 2 3Age= 21 18 30In sparkR I want to create a new dataset people2 which contains all ID who are older than 18. In this case it's ID 1 and 3. In sparkR I

Change backgroud color with color gradients

I want to change the background color from my combobox.But I would like to retain the color gradients.I've tried using this code but still does not get the effect. How can

get the position of a descendant node from ancestor, not necessarily a sibling

In the following xml snippet I have a section with a footnote, and a subsection with a footnote. I want to renumber the footnotes sequentially starting at the paper/section level, despite the fact that the fn's are not siblings<?xml version

Division of a task to threads - multi threading

I want to generate pairs from a given large pool of numbers. I am using two for loops and threads. My function getAllPairs() in the code generates apairs with a given array of numbers.I have an array of length 1000. With one thread, output

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