Check if a given path is a special folder path?

Question:On Windows, one can get any special folder path using SHGetKnownFolderPath or SHGetSpecialFolder (If I remember correctly this last one). However, I want the reverse, I have a path and want to know which special folder it belongs to, if any. I pr

JS logic - adding 2 multiselect checkboxes

:Just need help with a little JS logic as I'm pretty new to it. I have 2 seperate multiselect dropdown checkbox list user can select from. As of now they can choose no more than 5 from each. How could I set it up where it adds boths drop downs to only al

using jquery mobile and codeigniter framework php

:I'm creating jquery mobile site using codeigniter framework.If I start my project without using jquery mobile in the head everything work but if I insert jquery mobile in the head of my page and try to start my project I receive a gray page with write o

No Visible interface for 'AVAudioPlayer declares the selector initWithUrl:'

:I am trying to play a button click sound,also that i should be able to manage click sound along with volume button.What i have done is Added AVFoundationFramework to project,in .h file#import #import

jQuery Show/Hide nested divs

:I have awkward problem I cannot resolve.I have a nested divs, which I want to show / hide when user clicks on a link. All divs at once. I cannot assign ID's to my divs, so I will need to do it wiht classes.Show more

Javascript Open Window

:I'm trying to figure out how to make the javascript open the correct window.The div class .show within my javascript controls the content I want to open. However it is having trouble if multiple .show are being used. Within one page I may have many of t

Error: Cannot convert parameter 1 from std::string to char*. Confused on why it is giving me this er

:So once again I need some help with this program for class. Maybe its that I'm tired but I can't seem to find the logic error I'm sure I've made here. Here is my code:#include "Book.h"using namespace std;void add (char*, char*, int);void remove (in

How HTTP Server inform its clients that the response has ended

:I know that, the http clients sends 0x10 0x13 bytes to inform the http server that the request data has finished.But how the server informs the http clients that the response data has finished? (it sends -1 i.e. correct)? 1:No. HTTP Clients do n

iOS Google+ SignIn finishedWithAuth not called after application openURL delegate

:iOS Google+ SignIn finishedWithAuth never triggered after the application:openURL:sourceApplication:annotation: app delegate method. This was working, but now it does not. The response is: url:com.**************:/oauth2callback?state=19139956&code=4/

Using a Html file for mail.body in .net.mail

:MVC3, VB.NET. I have a function in my app that is supposed to use a html file's contents for the email body. However what I have so far is failing at the mail.body = file.readalltext(_body) line.. Any ideas?? Function

Dropbox /previews not working

:I'm trying to get the file preview using:curl " Started with Dropbox.pdf" -H "Authorization: Bearer "But it always return:{"error": "no_preview.file_content."}Please advise if ther

Python TypeError: sequence item 0: expected str instance, NoneType found

:I copied this code from a book:lyst = {'Hi':'Hello'}def changeWord(sentence): def getWord(word): lyst.get(word, word) return ''.join(map(getWord, sentence.split()))I get this error:Traceback (most recent call last): File "

Tomcat 7 + Jersey 2.0 error

:java.lang.AbstractMethodError:;)Ljavax/ws/rs/core/UriBuilder; at at org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer.service(ServletContainer.ja

Get list of top friends for facebook app

:I am Creating A facebook that Retrieves 10 Random friends.But I need some code to Retrieve Top friends using comment and like ativity.I used Following code but i get below errorInvalid argument supplied for foreach() below is the code i tried so far.$sta

Can't install imagemagick and rmagick on OSX Mavericks

:I'm having problems to install imagemacgick and rmagick➜ scripts brew install imagemagickError: You must `brew link freetype' before imagemagick can be installed➜ scripts brew install freetypeWarning: freetype-2.5.3_1 already installed➜ scripts b

Passing a string pointer to a struct in C++

:I'm trying to pass various strings into members of a Struct via pointer but I am doing something fundamentally incorrect. What I think is that it doesn't need to be dereferenced. The process below works for other types of data such as int or char. For

Locked first element in android sliding menu

:I'm designing android side sliding menu based on examples with navigation drawer pattern like this : ... ... To

How to get a view from a fragment layout in android?

:I have an xml like thisactivity_loginscreen.xml

ResultSet is not null still returning false

:I'm trying to access a procedure which returns a cursor, my resultset is not null still is returning false and that's why control is not entering into while, please see below mention my procedure and my java code and help me on

Simple SQL statement

:I've been over-thinking this too much. Let's say I have a table TEST(refnum VARCHAR(5)) |refnum| -------- | 12345| | 56873| | 63423| | 12345| | 56873| | 12345|I want my "view" to look something along the lines of this |refn

Jquery validator plugin ajax submition not triggering

:I have a problem with my the Jquery validator ( plugins submitHandler function. The form is validated correctly and the invalid handler message triggers correctly, but the submitHandler functions will not trigger cor

How to do a reinterpret_cast with Obj-C?

:Edit: I am looking for reinterpret_castin Objective-C so the following is meaningless for my intended question. Are there static casts in Objective-C? e.g. in this C++ example static_cast is used for a good reason:float rnd = static_cast (ran

Solr: FileListEntityProcessor is executing sub entities multiple times

:I have configured a dih-import.xml as shown below. The FileListEntityProcessor walks through some folders and then executes a XPathEntity and a DB-Entity for each file.When I executed a full import for ~30.000 files, the import took almost 3 hours. Back

populate dropdown is not working

:I am trying to populate the dropdown using the following code. My database connection string works fine. But the dropdown is empty for some reason.? mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "pass") mysql_select_db("mydatabase"); $

Zend Framework2 using Zfcuser & Bjyauthorize routing

:I'm a beginer zend framework programmer. I did use ZfcUser for authentification and Bjyauthorize for authorization. I have to type of users : normal users and administrator . So what i want to do is to route the user to page A and admin to page B after

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