jQuery Validate plugin not working

This is driving me nuts. The jQuery validation plugin doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. Here's the code: http://jsfiddle.net/pkyGf/ This is the validate code which is causing the error. Getting Main Activity from Main Application

I have the following manifest.

replacing text from a paste when looping over html elements

I am trying to replace html links (and eventually other elements) with bbcode when a user does a paste from a document (like gdocs or libre office). So we are dealing with rich html already formatted (which is why it needs to copy HTML and

Laravel testing on demand notification

I have a slack notification class that sends a message inside our company slack account, in a specific channel, every time an user performs the activation process.The system works, but it's manually tested and that's not cool. The notificat

javascript custom alert box transparency issue

I'm trying to do an image-based custom alert box using CSS and Javascript. I almost have it working the way I want it to. The issue that's been plaguing me is that box is sharing the overlay's transparency. Setting the box' opacity does not

const char* in my class has junk character(s) after it's returned from function

Class:class myclass { public: myclass(void); const char* server; private: char pidchar[6]; int pidnum;};The functionmyclass parseINI(const char* file){ myclass iniOptions; CSimpleIniA ini; ini.SetUnicode(); ini.Loa

Submit URLs from a data frame column using rvest

I have a data frame called dogs that looks like this:url https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dingohttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canis_lupus_dingoI would like to submit all the urls to rvest but I am not sure how t

Rotating polygon in OpenLayers 3

I am new to OpenLayers 3 and I want to know how to rotate a polygon.I think if there is a way to do it it should be by using the applyTransform method (http://openlayers.org/en/v3.4.0/apidoc/ol.geom.Polygon.html#applyTransform)In order to t

How to subset SparkR data frame

Assume we have a dataset 'people' which contains ID and Age as a 2 times 3 matrix.Id = 1 2 3Age= 21 18 30In sparkR I want to create a new dataset people2 which contains all ID who are older than 18. In this case it's ID 1 and 3. In sparkR I

Calling notifyDataSetChanged reversing the position's order, is this a bug?

I'm developing one android application in which I'm using one customized ListView which extends BaseAdapter, In which I have placed two TextView's and one button to delete the corresponding row from the list and also from the original data

php getting array levels in the recursion

I have the next tree-array:$arr = array( 'id' => 1431, 'children' => array( 1432 => array( 'id' => 1432, 'children' => array( 1433 => array( 'id' => 1433, 'children' => array(), ), 1434 => array( 'id' => 1434,

Check with jQuery if a value in an input element was entered

First of all, I checked every topic similar to my problem, unfortunately, I haven't found my answer yet. I tried to combine some of the anwers, but I had no succes. (note: just started to learn jQuery)So here is my problem:I created a form

Custom jQuery Selector

Quick question - is it possible to extend jQuery selectors to change the resultset (for example) via traversal instead of just by filtering an existing set?To clarify - I don't want the selector equivalent of a call to $.filter() - I want s

Linkedin Api: Get Groups I am a Member Of

I want to get all the groups I'm memeber of the linkedin API. I use JavaScript SDK for this:

how to display a list of checkboxes using dynamic data

In my apps preferences screen, i want to pop up a dialog that shows a list of checkbox items that are dynamically generated. How does one do that and also, how does one get the checked values? I have made custom dialogs in the past, but for

Backtracking algorithm to create a “jumbled” but not random array [closed]

I have written this backtracking algorithm to make a jumbled-looking array of 70 items from an input array of 10 items. The rules it needs to follow are:No repeat item in each group of 5No item appears in the same position in any of 3 conse

How to make a pure javascript .css() function using variable variables [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Add a property to a JavaScript object using a variable as the name? 10 answers I have been working on a jQuer

method running on an object BEFORE the object has been initialised?

#include using namespace std;class Foo{public: Foo(): initialised(0) { cout << Foo() gets called AFTER test() ?! << endl; }; Foo test() { cout << initialised= << initialised << ?! - ; cout << but I expect it to be 0 from the

HTML+JavaScript: How to highlight a row on click of a button in Javascript?

I am using below code to generate a dynamic table- Custom view location in Aurelia

I'm trying to get Aurelia to use a Razor view(.cshtml) instead of regular .html and the proposed way to do it is to override convertOriginToViewUrl with the appropriate code. In my case a route to the action that returns PartialViews.import

Chrome Extension won't run function on button click

I have this code that scrapes the html of the website you are on and copies it to the clipboard. I currently have a working version that copies the text when you click the chrome icon, but I want to add several more options so I am trying t

Changing base URL on part of a page only

I have a page on my site that fetches and displays news items from the database of another (legacy) site on the same server. Some of the items contain relative links that should be fixed so that they direct to the external site instead of c

jQuery incrementing a cloned elements instead of cloned div

I had this HTML script which contains a drop list and a text box, and I just need to clone those two instead of the whole div, and then send the data to AJAX, and each drop list with text box will form an array that should be add as a singl

Why is a string copy function just assigning the pointer not working?

Consider this implementation of strcpy:void my_strcpy(char target[], char source[]){ target = source;}int main(void){ char target[20]; char source[] = Source String; my_strcpy(target, source); printf(Target: %s, target); return

How to verify that email addresses are unique

I have a form containing 10 to 15 email addresses. How can I check whether all addresses are unique? And how can I determine which ones are duplicates?I'm looking for a JavaScript or jQuery solution. 1:To find duplicates in an array, ins

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