How to create a registry that allows the Silverlig

Question:I need to know how can I create a registry that allow the Silverlight applications access to camera and mic.Scenario:I have a Silverlight application that start the WebCam, before it works it shows a Silverlight dialog asking if the user allows t

WCF Web Service not working after IIS restart

:I have a web service running on IIS 7.5Whenever I restart the IIS or the AppPool of the website this web service is running I am getting the error message below. Then I found out that, if I change the complilation version (either from 4.5 to 4.0 or if it

How to use socket service in angular 6? [closed]

:I am new to sockets so i am implementing socket services in angular 6 project..?How to Use Sockets in Angular 6?May be using some cool Socket Examples?Libraries? Tutorials? Blog Articles? 1:How to use socket service in angular 6?1.First you have to cr

How to upload a picture/image from iPhone to App in ActionScript 3?

:I'm building an App with actionscript 3.0 in my Flash builder. but I'm having trouble finding code to use to upload an image in my phone to the app? can you link me/or post to sample code to achieve this task?Thanks!~Myy 1:I believe you are looking

Permission is only granted to system apps in Android Manifest

:While i am inserting this permission in manifest it shows error " Permission is only granted to system apps"Actually i used this permission for developing application based on Oauth2 token. But i cant enable this permission. Can any Help me? 1:MODI

The iPhone Game Background as Video or Animated Image?

:I need to create a very short background animation for the entire iPhone screen. I am trying to figure out whether I should use a video or animate a series of PNG files. Does anybody know the advantage of using video as an app background instead of the s

Objective-c property reinitialization

:I am creating this question to make my last question to be more specific, here is my last question:IOS:CS193p fall2013 assignment2 task2:add a button to let user to restart the gameThis is the specific error message I got:2014-07-26 10:31:55.110 Matchism

choose a db connection pool

:we want to use a db connection pool in our applicationl,however thear are so many open soure pools,like dbcp,c3p0,proxool and etc.I have no idea which is better,any one have some experience about them? 1:I'd recommend using the one that is built into

Ruby open shared memory block

:Is there a way to open shared memory block with Ruby, equivalent to shmop_open in PHP?I have one process periodically update a memory block. My Rails app needs to read those data. 1:You have a few options as gems, but I've never used them myself.sysv

Socket API will be enabled once billing is enabled

:Can anyone let me know why I am getting this message in my login screen. "The socket API will be enabled for this application once billing has been enabled in the admin console".I am building a GWT app and using's REST API.I cannot make out

Accessing a model from a controller in Ember

:I have a pretty basic setup where I'm trying to format a date in my Controller. The problem is I can't access it in the formattedStart function below, whereas I CAN access it in the summaryRowAction handler. This is baffling me, because console.logging

Meteor Cordova: Cannot get camera plugin to work, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get

:I am trying out the Meteor Cordova camera plugin and it won't work, and I have no idea what I'm missing. Here is what I did:Meteor create new projectAdded the cordova camera package meteor add the defau

Sharing Redis Sessions Across Node Apps

:I'm busy building a platform with 3 different subdomains -, and They're run with 3 separate NodeJS apps running on different ports of the server.Here is the code setting up the sessions:var session = requir

Using Google places Api in rails app

:I am making a new rails app and I need to use Google places API but I don't know the steps to do that or the best way to use this API.I have tried to search in I found the places API but I couldn't find how to use it in a rails ap

How to avoid duplicate settings when using 2 projects and 2 testing projects in Visual Studio?

:Following my previous question, now I have 2 projects: one Console Project and a Library Project. They also have their respective unit test projects. When I run a test for the console project that uses a method from the library project and the library pr

Using angularjs service ($cookies) in factory registered using couchpotato

:I'm using angularjs with couchpotato for help with lazy loading. My question is how do I reference angularjs services like $http, $cookies in my service registered using couchpotato?The normal angularjs way:factory('MyService', function($cookies) { $

Using $in in MongooseJS with nested objects

:I've been successfully using $in in my node webservice when my mongo arrays only held ids. Here is sample data.{ "_id": { "$oid": "52b1a60ce4b0f819260bc6e5" }, "title": "Sample", "team": [ { "$oid": "5

Is It possible To develop windows phone 8 apps in windows phone SDK 8.1 with Visual studio 2013

:i have windows phone 8(Nokia lumia 525)Is It possible To develop windows phone 8 apps in windows phone SDK 8.1 with Visual studio 2013?Is there any problem like emulator problem, hosting app to windows store problem, windows azure for notification proble

Passing x,y coordinates of drawCircle() to drawLine()

:I am trying to draw line between two circles. I have drawn two circles on canvas, These two circles have their cx and cy points. I want to pass these cx and cy of both circles to drawLine()'s startx,starty and stopx,stopy. So that a line should be drawn

How can I pass a filter into an angular directive to be used in an ng-repeat?

:I'm trying to set up a directive so that I can pass in both the data to be used in the directive, and the specific filter that will be used in the ng-repeat inside of it. This isn't working, so I assume I'm approaching the whole problem wrong.How do

Variable increment step in WinForm NumericUpDown control depending on whether Shift/Ctrl/etc. are pr

:What I want is somewhat similar to what happens in a WinForm designer in Visual Studio, say VS2010. If I place a button and select it and use arrow keys, it will move around by 5 pixels in whatever direction I chose by pressing the right key. Now, if I h

Adding a structure to a NSDictionary

:I am creating a CMVideoFormatDescriptionRef out of thin air using this code: CMVideoDimensions dimensions = { .width = width, .height = height }; CMVideoFormatDescriptionRef videoInfo = NULL; NSDictionary *options2 = [NSDictionary dictionaryWit

Preventing a file from deletion and change

:I have a text file. I need to the following:1. Prevent remove a file.2. Prevent changes to the file.Even if the program is not running. Is this possible? Maybe through the use of the service?Users of application can add new data to a file. General: I ne

Ruby on Rails Tutorial by M. Hartl. Chapter 10.2.1 - undefined local variable or method `micropost&#

:I keep getting the following error in chapter 10.2.1 - undefined local variable or method `micropost'. I'm trying to get all the posts to render on the show page. Here is my users controller:class UsersController < ApplicationController before_fil

Pure Layout supporting right to left

:Does iOS pure Layout support right-to-left languages? How can we implement it in the code for the arabic language without the need to go to setting and select the region and format language Thanks 1:You can test in right-to-left layouts by selecting y

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